Monday, July 16, 2012

Of Exercising, Family, Kegs and Running

(Title list not in order of importance)

I don't have any recipes or yummy food pics to post because I totally derailed this weekend. Are you getting as tired of hearing that as I am of saying it?

My mom is an excellent cook and when we come for a visit (Why the visit? More on that in a moment.) she cooks all kind of yummy not-good-for-any-diet-ever-unless-you-want-to-set-a-world-record-for-obesity food. We're talking chicken fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted potatoes (Yes! Two kinds of potatoes at one meal), corn, fruit, and some other stuff I don't remember. So basically a carb fest.

And what do you eat on a road trip? Crap. McCrap. Burger Crap. For my Texas peeps, Whatacrap. Crap's Jr. Crap-in-the-Box. Crap-fil-A. I should stop now. You get the picture. Yes, I am fully aware that they have salads but the last thing I am looking for is a salad when I got to McDonalds. I only eat a salad at a fast food joint when I'm in a super focused mode of losing weight. That should be an indicator of where my brain is now.

But I did see this and it was a nice slap in the face reminder that it's time to watch my health again.
If you noticed, I didn't say I need to get back to losing weight. Nay nay. I said watch my health. I'm starting to finally get it through my thick skull that the scale is not the end all, be all of life.  Check out this lovely lady named Deb Hunter. She is the exact same weight in both pictures.

Same story HERE.

My clothes and my body will be my guide in my progress towards a total bad ass. Right now I'm just a soft ass.

Which brings us to......
I did my EPLifeFit beginner module 1 for the sixth time this weekend. If I can only perfect my squats form I'll be ready to move on to take my test and move on to module 2!

5 minute walk
10 deep squats
10 push ups (knees)
10 sit ups
1 minute rest between each, then repeat
5 minute walk

I am very happy to report that the squat form has improved exponentially. The next time I work out (Tuesday) I'll send in a video to make sure I'm doing it right. *Fingers crossed and glutes contracted*
Friday we went on a road trip to visit my parents. My not-so-little-anymore Charlie:
It was good to see my folks and my brother and his wife came over too. We laughed and caught up. Lots of fun. Chuck got to hold his favorite dog. She's a mini (I mean size of a rabbit) schnauzer named Xena.
Ate some deliciously unhealthy food and were spoiled. Good times.

Saturday we braved the rain to pick something up which brings me to........

Chuck and I have this grand idea of brewing our own beer. But do we want to bottle it? No! We want that nectar in a kegerator so it's always cold and on tap. We're going to make our own kegerator from a mini fridge and a friend just happened to have a 2 week old mini fridge for sale dirt cheap. Yes, we'll brave the weather for that little gem.
 We're one step closer to brewing our first batch.

While we were out we drove past the house where Chuck grew up. They always seem larger when you're a kid.
Then time to head back home.

Sunday was a lazy day. Chuck and Charlie picked up a TV from his parents for the media room upstairs. It's a starter TV for there.

I got in the decorating mood and  started looking for colors and ideas for the bedroom. It's in desperate need of an overhaul.  This is the color scheme I finally decided on.
I also got a Groupon email for a race entry which brings me to........

Sunday there was a Groupon for the Firefly night run 5K entry so I just had to get it. I entered the whole family. I wonder if they know yet. Hmmmm......

Of course I had to post the link on Facebook so other folks could sign up for the race. Such a great deal! Then the owner of another event organization posted that it was the same day as his race in Galveston. So I had to go check that out too! Which led to me checking out more races.

It was a huge snowball effect. It didn't take long before I had signed up for the Purple Monkey 5k (my first 5k I ever ran so lots of memories there), Beach Dash, and Firefly 5K. As soon as I have more entry fee money I'll be signing up for WW3.5 (obstacle course), Color Run, Gritty Goddess, and End of the World Half Marathon. There may be others but this is a good "start".

New recipe coming to you soon.  It's super good and easy. You'll want to make this.


  1. I appreciate that "same weight" picture because I know that was true for me - I couldn't believe how much I weighed and how good I looked, when I was working out a lot (ok, and eating really well, too). :)

  2. Wow, that photo of Deb you have there really points out how much it's about health and less about a number!

    It's hard to keep focus and order a salad at a fast food restaurant--after all, Tony Robbins points out that one of our basic human needs is for variety and change, and no one wants to eat the same stuff day in and day out. However, by trying to fill that need with things like food, we create unhealthy habits. Check out this video: It goes over our different needs, and how we can fix the dysfunction that can develop around them.

    Best of luck--both on your journey to health and on your kegerator brewing!


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