Friday, July 20, 2012

Paleo Biscuits, Easy Crockpot Chicken Curry and Exercising

Happy Friday! A very happy Friday, indeed, because I'm going on a mini road trip/vacation! The family is headed to San Marcos to go tubing and swimming all weekend. I also expect there to be a heavy dose of relaxing and listening to crickets down by the river. The cabin is super small with both beds in the same room and,'s small. I'll post pictures Monday.

Wednesday was kind of an uneventful day. I drove to pick up Rachel from a friend's house and then went to the grocery store. It poured on me and I got soaked taking the groceries to the car. Nothing like being soaking wet. Ugh.
 It turns out it was just one huge raincloud over the grocery store because as soon as I got on the highway it was all sunshine. Don't you just hate that?!

I started dinner with a pack of venison and two strip steaks...
 And made a totally kick butt beef stew. I wasn't too impressed with the venison chunks. They were a bit gamy. But the stew was great as always. Beef stew recipe HERE.
 My family has this idea that you can't have stew without biscuits. Ok, it's my idea too. But I'm trying to eat better and lose my pudge! Enter paleo biscuits!

These are made with almond flour and coconut flour. They are a little more crumbly than your regular biscuits and have a slight coconut flavor but they were pretty darn good for a weekday substitute. And when you put a big pat of butter on them....mmmmmmm.
Paleo Biscuit recipe HERE.

Thursday I was such a good girl. I give myself a pat on the back. You can can give me a pat too. Go ahead. We're friends. It's not awkward at all.

I got up at some crazy early hour (for me) and made fresh ground coffee, eggs, and bacon for Chuck before he went to work. He was soooo sleepy and I felt guilty because it was my fault he didn't get much sleep. I was in such a good mood and couldn't go to sleep and wanted to chat which means I needed someone to chat with. Sorry, Chuck. Four hours really isn't enough sleep. But hey! I made him breakfast. Then went back to bed. hahahaha

When I got up again, I made the kids and I eggs and bacon. Yum!
 Lunch was leftover cheesesteak meat and onions and peppers wrapped in lettuce leaves.
 Dinner was a Crockpot Chicken Curry with Peppers and Cabbage. Cabbage? Ewwww. I'm not a big cabbage fan.

I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome this was! It doesn't even look good but the flavor was fantastic. Seriously, you need to try this. If you don't I'll still like you but you'll be missing out. Add a dash of salt. It makes the dish.
I know it doesn't look great but it is. Even Charlie ate his and said how great it was. We had a friend over and he liked it too. You can find the recipe HERE. It's just so easy to make it's ridiculous.

Wednesday was a rest day.

Thursday I took a quick 5.5 mile bike ride.

Wait, that's not all! I did my strength training. I really thought I was doing better with those evil squats  but after watching a video of me doing squats I realize I'm just as terrible at them as before. Ahhhhh! I could scream. This is so frustrating.

I sent in the video clip to Coach Jason Seib at EPLifeFit and he told me my glutes aren't strong and that's why I'm getting a forward lean and having trouble getting low enough. He gave me some glute activation exercises and tips so I'll just keep working at it. I must get this right! I'm going crazy with these fracking squats!

*deep breath* Ok. No more rants. :)

Have yourself a great weekend. I'll be thinking about you as I sit in a tube lazily drifting down a river and watching the stars at night.


  1. As I said on Facebook, I'm not a fan of Paleo baked goods, I'm just not. So, I save them for treat meal and have the real thing.

    Your weekend sounds like it will be fun and relaxing even if the cabin is small!

  2. You gotta do what works for you. My family really enjoyed them though. :D

  3. I actually love a crumbly biscuit - I'll have to give those a try! And I am now loving Indian type foods, I avoided them for so long, but the flavor combinations are amaze balls!

    Have fun this weekend!!

  4. I've not done paleoo--just can't give up my oatmeal! But I know it works well for others. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Kelly, I'm looking forward to hearing about your weekend. Hope the week ahead is a good one.


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