Monday, July 2, 2012

State Match Weekend

What a weekend. After working out as a family Friday morning, Chuck and I got cleaned up and headed northeast of Dallas to Greenville, TX. It's only about a 5 and a half hour drive so there were a few stops at rest areas like this one.
 There's always something interesting to see on these long trips. This is one blade from those big windmills that produce electricity. I didn't realize they were so large! Wow!
 Along the way, Chuck and I chatted and then I would read from my nook or play on Facebook.  We finally arrive at the Holiday Inn Express (we always have great luck with these hotels) a bit after 5pm. I stock the mini fridge like a good girl.
 We were both tired and didn't feel like going anywhere so we ordered the oh-so-healthy dinner of pizza and garlic parmesan wings and had it delivered to our room. The wings were certainly nothing compared to the ones we make at home. But when you're tired you take what you can get.

The next morning we get up at 5:30am (even though somebody (!) set the alarm for pm instead of am) and eat breakfast in the hotel then head out to the gun range for Chuck's State IDPA shooting match.

This place was truly out in the middle of nowhere. We're driving through corn fields when suddenly there is a cut out section of the field and a cemetery right there in the corn. What's in that corn that's killing all of those people?!

We find the range. There were 200 shooters (maybe more) at the match and very little shade. It has been extremely hot lately.
 People huddled inn little patches of shade all day and we were constantly reminded to drink plenty of water. I brought Endurolyte electrolyte capsules as well. They were certainly needed. I only got a bit overheated once and thought I saw unicorns coming at me but other than that we both did ok. Byt the end of the day Chuckk had salt deposits on his shirt from sweating so much.

I thought Christian Grey had flown in to "spank" the competition but it was just an emergency helicopter in case anyone needed a quick flight to a hospital.
Chuck was very disappointed with his shooting. I think he had a bad case of nerves. Here's a video of him shooting one of the 12 stages.
In his division he came in 10th place but if he hadn't overlooked one target he would have taken 3rd place and received a nice trophy. Next year!! I'm still very proud of him.

The hosts of the match had a big tent set up and provided lunch for us: bacon cheeseburger, chips, and some potato salad. When you're hungry it tastes even better.
 Grasshoppers had reached level plague. They were everywhere. This guy watched me eat on a chair next to me.
 We arrived at the range at 7:10am and left at 7:30pm. To say we were sweaty and stinky would be an understatement. We made our way back to the hotel where the mini fridge had turned some of the beers into an adult slushy. I'm not sure I've ever had a beer that good and cold.

After drinking a beer and having a toast and getting cleaned up we sat around for a bit until our stomachs reminded us that it was way past time to eat. So we headed to a local Mexican restaurant and drank back several glasses of iced tea and Diet Coke. Then it was back to the hotel where my heart pounded and reminded me of how much it dislikes carbs (even though my tastebuds love them). It didn't take long for both of us to pass out into a deep coma.

Sunday it was time to go home. We took our time packing and headed to Temple, TX to visit Chuck's uncle Tom who is having a tough time in the VA Hospital with a broken femur that can't be repaired. His diabetes has really done a lot of bad things to his body and his lungs are damaged. It's tough to see him in so much pain. We delivered some cards, visited and headed on our way home.

As if I needed yet another reminder to eat right so I don't develop diabetes, I am reading It Starts with Food.
I haven't finished the entire book so I don't want to review it yet but I will tell you that it explains the role of hormones better than anything I've read to date and I read a lot. It's been fascinating. I read a lot of it out loud to Chuck on the way home and it really lit a fire under my fanny to eat better.  Chuck said, "What more do you need to convince you?" The book has received rave reviews on from readers. I'm anxious to read the rest of it and learn more.

After 7 hours on the road (because of our detour through Temple) we finally made it home, unpacked, and relaxed a little before passing out in bed.

It was a great weekend. And let me show you what arrived while I was gone:
A new purse!!! It's a soft leather Carlos Santana purse I saw online. It's such a big deal for me because I rarely buy purses. The one that this will replace was purchased at the end of 2007 in a clearance at Coldwater Creek. Yeah, it's been a while and I'm long overdue.

Today was my workout day but I'm giving myself one more day off because I'm still sore from Friday's workout.

Hope you had a great weekend as well. I'll see you tomorrow to report on the workout and share my eats with you. :)


  1. What a great weekend! I love road trips too - my husband has a business meeting for a week in Orlando in September - I may tag along for a few days before hand, visit my in-laws and then fly home - looking forward to it!

  2. Looks like a great weekend. Road trips are the BEST.

  3. Now that's a great weekend! Sorry about Chuck's Uncle...bodies are so fragile.

    This is always the question isn't it? "What more do you need to convince you?"

    Did you ever go to see Dr. Osborne?

  4. Hi Kelly, just catching up on your adventures. Glad to see you are doing great! I've been crazy busy and unable to find anything interesting to talk about hence no blog posts... ah well. I'm still keeping up on you and Helen though :)
    Stalker that I am.... hee hee....

  5. Hi Kelly, Just found your blog and I enjoyed browsing. I guess you've found yourself another stalker. I love that weight loss ticker. Undergoing my weight loss journey myself, I am using Roca Labs Formula to control my food intake. Congratulations. Hope to read more of your adventures.


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