Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Adventures: Tubing in San Marcos & Geocaching Cemeteries

Road trip! Road trip! How I love road trips!

We got off to a late start Friday. I had errands to run, bills to pay, etc. But eventually we did get on the road and made it to our destination before 5pm.

Leisure Resort in San Marcos was to be our home for the weekend and it was packed. I got a deal off Living Social that included a weekend stay in a duplex cabin, a s'mores kit (which we didn't use because it's too darn hot to start a fire and roast anything over it), and 4 tube rentals. Not bad.

The cabin. I'm not a high maintenance chick but I was not thrilled with my accommodations. The beds are covered in nasty plastic. Everything was kind of nasty. My feet were even black from walking on the floor. Ewwwww. That's the kitchen/bathroom sink in the picture.
 The rest of the cabin included a mini fridge, a two-burner stove, a microwave, sofa and a tiny bathroom on the left side. Oh and there's a window unit to cool the whole thing. Only one outlet worked in the place and the porch light wouldn't work even when we replaced the bulb.
 But we didn't come for the cabin. We came to have fun as a family. We took a walk to the river and it was so good to see the kids laughing and talking together.
 Took a trip into town for some food and saw informative signs.
 Downtown San Marcos was just adorable with old buildings and cute shops. Loved it!
 That evening we walked to the river and listened to the crickets, watched fireflies and laughed and had a great time.

Sleeping was interesting that night. Our neighbor kept his cooler on the porch and must have been thirsty until around 2am because he kept opening that squeaky cooler lid which we could hear through the paper thin walls.

Also, to add interest, anytime one of us turned over in bed the plastic on the mattresses was so loud that it woke everyone up. Just so you know we did bring our own sheets and pillows and stuff.

Saturday morning we got our gear on and got ready for some tubing fun!
 We were packed into the shuttle bus and headed off to our starting location.
 Let's do this! It's 11am. Time to hit the water. To the back of the bus with you.
 Ahhhh. The water was just right. Chuck doesn't seem to be enjoying himself at all. Poor guy should learn to relax a little.
 Rachel had a good time. We kept telling her there were gar in the river. She has an insane fear of gar.
 Charlie? Nothing bothers him unless a weed touches his foot in the water. Then he can walk on water.
 Just chillin. This is my kind of vacation. Tubing down the river.

 This is a picture from our second trip down the river. We stopped for a while to skip stones and relax and enjoy the sounds. I took this picture only seconds before I realized I had a huge spider on my arm (the kind with abnormally long front legs that they hold out in front of them) and I squealed and squirmed and jumped around while my family laughed at me and Chuck warned me not to drop my phone. Not funny!
 The river was shaded by pretty cypress trees right before we reached out take-out place by the campground. So pretty and serene.
 Chuck in deep thought. Wondering how much this cost him maybe. My secret.

The rapids are very tame but still a lot of fun and the river moved at a nice pace so we never had to paddle much except to avoid a few fallen trees.
I was surprised the kids didn't want to go tubing all day! Chuck and I were ready for a third trip but they wanted to get cleaned up and head to Gruene for some food.

So we ate a Gruene River Grill and came back to our little cabin and called it a night. What a great day!!!

Sunday it was already time to go home. Wow, that was over fast!!

We decided to take our time on the way home and stop at some historical markers and a few cemeteries where geocaches were located.

There's always so much history at the cemeteries.
 Rachel enjoys trying to find the oldest graves. Charlie hunts for bugs.
We found a total of three geocaches at 4 stops. One stop had some hidden around some rocks but when I moved a rock to try to locate it there were two huge (!) spider under it. I lost my enthusiasm for that cache immediately and we left.

It was a great trip. We all had a fantastic time and look forward to going tubing again. I'd like to bring my own travel trailed though.

When I got home I had a package waiting for me. My LED light-up motion activated ice bucket was here!!!! Did you know that I have a thing for lights and sparkles? It's true. I used to try to hide it but no longer. It's just who I am. Isn't it the coolest?!
Wish you could have been there to go tubing with us. :) 


  1. I've never tried a Living Social travel deal simply because I'm afraid of just the situation you described! Maybe because they seem too good to be true? But it seems that you guys overcame and spent most of the day out of the cabin anyway so good for you. The tubing definitely looks like a blast.

    1. ALL of the bed and breakfasts I've posted on here have been living social deals. They have been wonderful. This place was just my least favorite but we still had a wonderful time. I LOVE Living Social! We've stayed at some truly beautiful places using it.

  2. Wow....tubing looks great and SOOOO relaxing. I'm going to have to google "gar". Have a great Tuesday Kelly.

    1. Alligator gar and spotted gar. They're big and scary with lots of teeth. The Native Americans used to use their scales as arrows!
      But tubing really is a lolt of fun.

      PS: Gar aren't aggressive. They just look mean. ;) But Rachel has had many hit the boat while we were out paddling and it freaks her out.

  3. I can't believe you brought your phone on the river - that took guts! Looks like a fun weekend, even though the cabin wasn't the greatest. Like you said, you weren't there for that, anyway. :)

    1. I had a water prood camera bag for it. I would take it out of the bag for picures then promptly put it back up. It was a battle of self control when that spider was on me though!

  4. Looks fun...sorry about the cabin!

  5. Come to SATX!!!! You guys were so close to us! Looks like an excellent time, though that sucks about the room being not great.

  6. Ha! I caught the typo- own travel trailed though :)

    Nice cabin, now I'm ready to sign up for Living Social LOL


    1. I include a typo for people who like to search for things that are wrong. LOL You win! Can't believe I didn't catch that one. Oh well.

      LOVE Living Social's getaway deals.


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