Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Skinny Dippers and Day 0

Oh, I see I got your attention with that title, you naughty thing, you! It's a popsicle. Now don't you feel bad? Or are you mad that I put a title out there that a blog post didn't live up to? LOL  Either way, thanks for stopping by.

Skinny Dippers! LOVE the flirty name.
 I was given a couple of boxes of these to try and write a review. I love any company that sends me free stuff so I happily agreed to give it a test drive.

I popped them in the freezer yesterday morning and by evening we had ourselves a cold treat. I've been jonesing for a snow cone lately and these guys helped satisfy that and at ZERO calories. That's pretty huge.
The texture is soft and yum and they are super sweet so they'll definitely kick any sweets craving you may be having. Did I mention zero calories?

OK, let's talk pros and cons because that's what a review is supposed to do.

  • Uh, zero calories!
  • So tasty. I really did like these. They're sweet and tart.
  • Great size
  • No aspartame, no sugar, no net carbs
  • Soft texture
  • Easily satisfies cravings for sweets
  • It's not at my store so I'd have to order it online
  • The 6 count package like I got would cost $5.99 which is a bit much for popsicles for me
  • Ingredient list isn't exactly "clean": water, erythritol, polydextrose, citric acid, ascorbic acid, sodium citrate, preservatives, sucralose, natural flavors, and yellow #5.
So while I really did enjoy them, it's probably not something I'd go out and order again. Sorry, guys. But love the name!

Tuesday was Day 0 or T minus 1. The day before the Whole30 Challenge. There are two ways to treat a new venture into eating:
1. Start right then and don't wait for the big day. You want a head start with this.
2. Treat it as a last meal and have all of the things you love and say a tearful goodbye to them.

Do you want to guess which one I chose?? Ohhhh. You know me so well. That's scary. Yes, #2. Am I that predictable?

Anywho, I may have had a piece of leftover pizza for breakfast. Macaroni and cheese for lunch. And for dinner hot dogs, chips and french onion dip, and a diet coke. Of all things for a last meal! And then a beer. Had to make room in the fridge for veggies, people! Thinking ahead. Oh, and a little bit of ice cream. The devil came up with mint chocolate chip brownie ice cream! Fact. Look it up.

So it was with great excitement and a stomach ache that I ended the day. I know exactly what to expect that first week. Headache, fatigue, irritability, moodiness. It's like food PMS. Terrible.

But after that first week the clouds will part and unicorns will frolic over rainbows and all will be well with the world.

I will be giving you the naked truth during this whole thing. Feelings, the eats....all of it.

Why am I doing this? Glad you asked. Because I have been having some wicked cravings lately and I need the accountability of this Whole30 challenge to get my butt back on track. I've gained some weight, folks. I'm not happy about it but instead of crying about it I'm going to DO something about it.

I'm starting on Charlie's birthday, August 1, and will be dedicating this all to him. I want to be a good role model to him and want to be healthy and active to play with my future grandkids.

Here it goes! I'm about to go jump in with both feet. Maybe even skinny dip!

**For any government agency that cares, I received two boxes of Skinny Dippers (stop giggling) and I agreed to give them a try and a review. No money was exchanged but I'd really dig it if someone offered me cash to eat their stuff. How awesome would that be? Dream job, I tell you! So no money exchanged. All free stuff. And the opinions I expressed were obviously my own because my opinion can't be bought. BUT if you'd like to try to buy my opinion I will consider offers for large sums of money. Just saying.


  1. Food PMS!!!

    Good luck with your challenge. I mean that sincerely as I've looked at that challenge myself and don't think I could last through 30 whole days.

    Oh, and I read that title as Day O and in "Dey-O, Dey ey ey ey O. Daylight come and me 'wan go home." LOL!

    1. LOL Now that song is stuck in my head.

      Thanks! I'll do just fine. I can say that right now. It's only day 1. ;)

  2. Best. Disclaimer. Ever. :)

    I have a review coming up on the Skinny Dippers but really should just link to yours as I'm pretty much on the same page. Twinsies!!!

    1. LOL I have no idea what the legaleze are on these things. I just wanted to try a popsicle. Tasty little things!


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