Thursday, August 30, 2012

Whole 30 days 28 & 29: snakes and pigs

Seriously? We're almost done with this Whole30 thing?

I'm looking forward to giving you my results and review of these past 30 days. Thanks to those who have followed along. I know some days it was boring as hell but I wanted to document this for future reference and for anyone who might be struggling to work her/his way through it.

I'm rarely hungry in the mornings now. We're supposed to eat a breakfast whether we're hungry or not but it just seems so counter-intuitive. Shouldn't I eat when I'm hungry regardless of time? If I'm hungry, I'm hungry!

Started the day off with a nice walk and the skies were just beautiful.
 There was a pretty decent breeze blowing the whole time. I guess it was from the hurricane hitting my neighbors.

After my walk, I took a bike ride. It wasn't a long ride but I sure do enjoy my bike time. I have a little bag on the front of it where I keep my phone and I put on some music and pedal along enjoying the ride. It's therapeutic and calming.
Exercise: 3.25 mile walk and 5.54 mile bike ride

Lunch: tuna salad with boiled egg and chopped apple and pineapple balsamic vinegar. This was so good!!! The apple added a nice little sweet crunch to it all.
 Dinner: Pad Thai from Well Fed cookbook. It uses spaghetti squash as the noodles. I was surprised that everyone enjoyed it so much. Was really tasty. I topped it with chopped cashews, lime juice, cilantro and some fresh chives.
 I saw a picture on Instagram of blueberry pancakes, tracked down the recipe and thought, "Oh sure. Let's make some pancakes at 8pm. That's normal."
 Um, these tasted like ass. I tried putting a little of my sweet pineapple balsamic vinegar which made them only slightly less ass-like. 

Rachel ate a couple topped with real maple syrup and said they were terrific. Well, yeah! Maple syrup. Pancakes without sweetener is not good. Don't try it.

Breakfast: I heated up a couple of nasty pancakes and a homemade sausage patty and made a McGriddle fake. It was halfway decent. The blueberries added a little sweetness. Still not my favorite.
 Rachel's boyfriend brought over a young wild hog a couple of weeks ago. It was nicely wrapped in plastic so I never got to see the little thing. It went straight to the freezer.

Wednesday I had carnitas on the menu so it was time to defrost my little piggy.

Oh lawd have mercy! You could see where it was sawed in half. Even where it's little piggy tail used to be!
 I am SUCH a wimp. I broke out in cold sweats, my hands were shaking and I got queasy. Sweat was running down my back and my legs. It was just a bad situation. But somehow I carved up the thing. Afterwards it looked like a murder had occurred in the kitchen.

I put piggy meat aside and sat down with a glass of water until I could recover. Some paleo chick I am! *shiver* I thought meat came from the grocery store neatly packaged not from animals. (You know I'm joking.)

So got carnitas cooking, went to the library, then to the farmer's market and came back to a shipment on my door. Yippee!!!! My order from Hot Topic! Glow in the dark skull shoes and a zombie shirt.
 Why? Why do women's tee shirts not equal the right size? Large? Nay nay. This was not large. Do they measure these sizes on girls without any boobs? I managed to get it on and over the hills but it looked like I had been covered in black shrink wrap. Won't be wearing this out for a while. Sadness.  BUT the shoes are totally adorable.

Late lunch: leftover pad thai. Oh I love this stuff!
 So the carnitas recipe says "at two hours the magic happens." They weren't kidding! I checked on the meat at two hours and there was a little liquid left so I went about doing something else. I swear it wasn't ten minutes and that stuff was burning! I managed to save it. I present to you carnitas!!!
 I really had trouble eating this. It tasted good but all I could think about was that pig carcass. I ate one lettuce wrap topped with sunshine sauce (recipe in Well Fed).  Ok, it really was tasty.
 And a side of sweet cantaloupe.
 I was pretty tired after dinner but Chuck had a stressful day at work and I knew it would do us both good to get out and enjoy some nature, even if it was in the burbs.

Off on the bikes we went. Got to see a pretty sunset.
 Then the moon came out in all its glory.
 Did you know Friday will be a blue moon? Ever hear that expression, "Once in a blue moon"? The moon isn't literally blue. It just means there will be two full moons in one month. Our first full moon was August 1 and this one will be August 31.  I think the next blue moon will be in 2015.

Saw a snake trying to cross the road. The little guy was almost leaping in the air trying to get away and tried striking at me. Oh, he was tough. Just a little harmless ribbon snake.
 Omg, my nails! Didn't realize they were growing so fast. Cool!

Look at the cute little guy. I helped him across the street.
I guess we rode a little over 2 miles. I didn't wear my garmin (shock!). Was a perfect little ride.

The rest of the evening I spent watching TED talks. I love that stuff. I know, I know. I lead such an exciting life. Try not to be jealous.

Nothing new on the diet front. Losing inches, feeling good, etc. I was a bit tired most the day Wednesday. Not sure why.

OH! And my back is feeling better. YAY! That thing hurt pretty darn bad. Glad it's getting better.

See you tomorrow for my Whole30 review/recap/results. :)


  1. I'm with you on having to deal with meat like that. Mr. Helen is a butcher and once in a while I'll ask him about a cut and he starts to give me an animal anatomy lesson and then I'm all "Stop. Just stop. I don't care anymore!"

    My guess is that your shirt is a "Junior" large not a women's large - at least if your Hot Topic is like the one we have here... all junior sizes in there.


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