Thursday, August 2, 2012

Whole30 Day 1

Yeah. I'm really doing this Whole30 thing for 30 days. I must get myself back on track. I  must shed off a few extra pounds that attached themselves to me when I wasn't looking. They're sneaky like that!

More important to me than the number on the scale is my health. I want to be healthy and feel good. I haven't felt very good lately and there's only one person that can change that: Don Julio. Nooo. I'm joking. It's me! I'm in control. But I've felt a bit out of control with the eats and life in general. Enough of that nonsense.

I believe there are stages to new eating plans (aka diets):
Stage 1 is excitement! Yay!!! Something new. I am Wonder Woman! I can do anything.

Stage 2 is sadness. Everyone is eating whatever they want. I miss brownies and I'm pretty sure they miss me. Why can't we just be together?! We love each other so much. Why did it have to end like this?! My head hurts. I'm tired. I just want to cry for a while.

Stage 3 is anger. I am so &*#$^@ pissed off at everyone and I hate eating like this. Don't speak to me. I hate wanting what I can't have. Healthy food sucks and my life is over. I'd rather die than eat another friggin vegetable. I hate you, eggs! Set me on fire now because it would be less painful than this.

Stage 4 is acceptance. Fine. I'll do it. This is just going to be my lot in life. Whatever.

Stage 5 is happiness. Wow! I feel pretty darn good. My clothes fit better, I can see a few muscles, and I have the energy to keep going all day. And I'm trying new recipes. Awesome. Maybe I should wear a shirt saying, "Ask me about my diet." There's nothing creepy about that at all.

Day 1 is all about stage 1: excitement. I got up when normal people do around 6am. Oh, look! A sunrise! Life is good.  I made Chuck 4 scrambled eggs and 3 strips of bacon. It goes without saying that he loves eating this way.

The eats for the day:
Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with coconut oil, salsa and bacon; cup of coffee with a splash of canned coconut milk
 Lunch: Tuna on salad greens with cucumbers, homemade vinaigrette and a sprinkling of Italian seasoning and paprika. I tried to make it look pretty but I may have failed.
Snack: Snacking is not encouraged but I was a little hungry around 3 so I had a few sweet potato/beet crisps and a piece of beef jerky. Perhaps not the best snack but not too bad either.
Dinner: My enthusiasm had diminished by dinner and I didn't feel like cooking. I started tossing stuff in a pot. Frozen broccoli, green beans, cauliflower....everybody get in there. Chuck watched and then decided to help with the cooking by stabbing the frozen broccoli with a knife. Thanks, hon. You have mad cooking skillz.
 Then magic happened. You add a can of coconut milk, a butt load of red curry paste and some curry powder, a little bit of garam masala, a dash of orange juice for sweetness (not sure if we are supposed to use OJ as sweetener but it IS acceptable as a sweetener on store-bought items so I went for it. It's just a little bit anyway.) and a sprinkle of ginger. Oh and chicken sauteed in coconut oil. And some tomato paste. It was incredibly good. Surprisingly good. Charlie went back for more later. That's how good.Like lick the bowl clean good.
 It Starts With Food has "master recipes" in the back that makes cooking simple. They give you some helpful guidelines and you just make it however you like. I need simple during the week.

The master curry recipe goes like this:
1/4-1/2 cup coconut milk per person; 1-2 Tbs yellow, green or red curry paste; protein portion; 2 cups cooked vegetables per person

Place coconut milk and curry in large skillet over medium heat. Stir until combined, then simmer 5 minutes. Add protein (cooked) and vegetables to skillet then simmer until heated through, about 5-10 minutes. I simmered longer to thicken the sauce.

I topped mine with some unsweetened coconut.

The book has a chart where you pick a protein and they give you some veggie selections and garnish selections. It's pick and choose. Pretty helpful stuff!

Snack: I wanted a few cherries. No reason. Cherries are tasty. I had 5 cherries. No biggie.

Feelings: I felt pretty enthusiastic most the day. I wanted a Diet Coke once but it wasn't too bad. I did get hungry once. My lunch just didn't stay with me. But all day I had a headache. I think it's a little early for "carb flu" so I'm thinking hormones must be off. Who knows? It sucks to have a headache though.

And I'm drinking lots of water. Lots!
Wednesday was my little Charlie's 12th birthday! It's his party and he can cry if he wants to.
O.m.g. I love this picture.

Chuck helped me do our routine of decorating the stairway for his birthday so when he wakes up *surprise!* it's decorated and waiting for him. It's a tradition.
Charlie got an Xbox Kinect and a few games. He was thrilled. After he opens each gift he runs to give us both hugs and tells us thank you. What a sweet kid.

Later that day I took him to a friend's house to swim and play games over there. It was a good day for the boy. This Saturday he'll be getting his cake and having a sleepover. Love that boy.
As I mentioned yesterday, I'm doing this whole 30 day thing in his honor. I want to be a role model for him and teach him how to eat better. And since he'll be eating my cooking he'll be getting healthier too!

Day 1 was a success. No slip ups and no wicked bad cravings. Ready for day 2. Bring it!


  1. You are already a wonderful role model. Teaching the kids to think for themselves is one gift that is hard to give.
    Showing them how to eat right is just icing on the cake. Even though we aren't eating cake....


    1. Thanks. And no. No cake here. Please don't even get my mind wandering in that direction!

  2. So yesterday I told you I couldn't do this but today I am eating this:

    Scrambled eggs with veggies for breakfast
    Green salad with tuna salad on top for lunch
    Cherries and watermelon for snacks.

    Haven't decided on dinner yet but how funny is that?!!

    I know you read paleOMG and she's got some great ideas for cravings as she has been doing that sugar detox. Sweet potatoes are her new best friend.

    1. LOL Funny. See? You CAN do it. :)

      I just love her sense of humor at PaleOMG. And her recipes are YUM! I've been stalking her sweet potato recipes. And that pumpkin thing she made the other day. Seemed like I was missing one key ingredient. Obviously I wont be using chocolate fluff on it though. Darn.

    2. Well, I can do it at least until dinner, right? LOLOL! Yeah, the pumpkin thing didn't appeal to me at all but I think it's because I'm not a fan of Paleo "baked" goods. The only Paleo-like thing that is similar to a baked good that I eat regularly is Lori Kimball's Banana Bread Breakfast Pudding. THAT is delicious and I eat it at least once a week. I bet that would fit into your Whole 30 guidelines.

  3. That dinner looks yummy. I'm going to have to try that. You are going to rock the Whole 30!

    1. Thanks, Beth! These first few days I need a cheerleader. ;)

      Oh that dinner was SO good. And you can customize it so easily. That's what I love about it. Oh darn! I forgot to mention that I added tomato paste too.

  4. You are so funny - yesterday with the FTC disclaimer and today with the stages of acceptance. LOVE IT, especially #1. And 2, 3, 4, and 5. So perfect!

  5. OMG, that picture of Baby Charlie is hilarious. Sad little man!!!! Love that you used my new favorite expression "butt load" again!!!!! Have a great day Kelly

    1. I'm going to use butt load a butt load of times now that I know you like it. Every time will be just for you.

  6. I saw that picture on FB of Charlie - its awesome!! I love your birthday tradition with the balloons. :D

    Hooray for Day 1 done! And I love your stages of dieting!

    I am planning on getting in 100 miles this month - 2 down yesterday, 3.1 down today - we can do this! :D

    1. 100 miles?! WOW!!!! You go, girl! You got this. We can do anything. :) Except I'm really not sure I'd resist a chocolate chip cookie if someone waved it in front of my face right now. There are limits.

  7. I love your take on the phases of diets. So true!


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