Saturday, August 11, 2012

Whole30 Day 10: In the Kitchen

Day 10. 1/3 done!! 33%!  I'm happy to be sticking with it but sometimes I'm wondering what I was thinking. But it's for the best. Just 30 days.

Saturday I have a road trip two hours away for a memorial service. I can't exactly stop and get a burger and fries if I get hungry (mmmmm.....fries) so I have to be prepared. That means cooking up some stuff in the kitchen.

But first person in the kitchen this morning was Chuck cooking up some bacon.
 Breakfast: two eggs, hot sauce and bacon. I only have 55 pieces left to eat.
 I figured some little bison breakfast patties would be an easy finger food if the hunger monster strikes. These turned out great! LOVE the flavor. As a matter of fact, I had two of them for lunch. Recipe is from Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy cookbook.
 Also cooked up some Balsamic and rosemary chicken from Make it Paleo cookbook. Smelled so good and was very easy to make. Both the sausage and chicken was easy!
 I put the patties in a zip loc bag and cut the chicken in strip and put in storage bowl. All ready for the trip. I also got some baby carrots and a few nuts to bring along. I think I'm ready! Plus I'll start the day off with a big breakfast.

After the memorial is a pool party with food and drinks. Like good drinks. Drinks I can't have. I want a diet coke so bad. Oh well.

Dinner: Meatza!!! Like pizza but with a meat crust. How funny is that? Man pizza. It was pretty darn good. I liked it. From Well Fed cookbook.
Sorry for the crappy pizza. I really should use something other than a camera phone.

Also had a big salad with vinaigrette. Yum!

Feelings: Wasn't hungry at all today. Cravings were nothing except for a Diet Coke. Belly feels like it's gone down a little. I had energy. In a great mood. Clear headed. Slept like a rock and went instantly to sleep.

OH! Almost forgot to tell you. Chuck had to go to the doctor today and his blood pressure has been borderline hypertension. Today it was 110/88. The nurse checked his previous reading and looked back and said, "Yeah, that's what it is." So that's good. First time it's dropped like this and we're only on day 10.  He goes to the doctor once a month because of his neck so he has been tracking blood pressure for a while.

Things are going great! I hope I lose a lot of weight this month but I'm really impressed with what this is doing for my health and my skin. My skin is practically glowing. Love it. :)

Have yourself a wonderful Saturday. I'll see ya tomorrow.

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  1. That is great news about Chuck's doctors visit. Hooah for eating healthier...


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