Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Whole30 Day 21: 3 week results

I will not complain about being boring again. Don't tempt the universe to add some drama to your life. It's a bad idea. It's kind of like if my kids say they're bored. I give them something to do and it's never what they wanted. You're bored? Cool. Go weed the landscaping and clean all the bathrooms. Not bored anymore. Problem solved. :)  They rarely complain. Wonder why.

Someone left the freezer door cracked open pretty wide the night before. so everything near the door had defrosted. It's an upright. We're talking fish, veggies, some small steaks, and a ribeye roast, ground pork. The list goes on.  Ugh!

Did you know defrosted meat bleeds everywhere? Yeah, it looked like a massacre in my laundry room. So I had the offending party clean up the mess and figured it was a good time to work out and relieve a little stress.

Exercise: it's back to my routine from EPLifeFit. It's kind of like Crossfit but not exactly. I'm still on beginner mode because of my weak butt. Once I get these squats done perfectly then I can move forward. Frustrating.
5 minute walk
3x15 "good girl/bad girl" with a band around the knees
2x10 deep squats (gotta keep that back straight!)
2x10 pushups (most on knees, some "real" ones)
2x10 sit ups (easy)

Guess what I got in the mail!!! You'll never guess so I'll just tell you: coconut aminos!! Use it in place of soy sauce for those avoiding soy and/or wheat.
 These guys were supposed to arrive Monday but UPS said I rescheduled delivery. So I called them and the local center called me back. Apparently the rain in Dallas had destroyed my box so they had to repackage it. Glad they made it in one piece.

Lunch: The kids loved the tuna patties so much that they asked me to make some for lunch. Rachel wrote down the recipe for her files as I made it. I had 3 tuna patties, some baby carrots, and a salad with peach balsamic vinaigrette.
 Chuck was hungry and had at least 4 more hours of work so I packed up some tuna patties and carrots and brought him some munchies at work.

Then headed out to the store for more coconut milk and magnesium. And while out I hit up Barnes and Noble. I love that place! And look what they had in the magazine section!
 I had to cook up all of that defrosted food so I made sausage patties, a huge amount of pulled pork and the most massive fried "rice". With ribeye. Yeah it was good. I just started dumping stuff in and lucky for me it turned out pretty tasty though very ugly looking. Not my best work but oh well.

Dinner: Toss everything in a pot fried "rice"
Hey, guess what!!! Defrosted cauliflower does not grate the same as fresh cauliflower. It tends to want to make a paste. Don't do it. Doesn't work. Learn form my mistakes.

OK. 3 week results.
Well, at the last minute my scale decided to go UP 1.4 pounds to make my result look pretty crappy. Thanks, scale. I think this may be why they tell you don't weight.

In one week I lost 1.3 pounds. I walked 39.53 miles. Sleeping very hard. Clothes fitting much better and tummy going down. Cravings gone except yesterday I really wanted a Diet Coke. Like bad. Scale says body fat dropping. Feeling good and waking up on my own without alarm clock.

Cumulative results for 3 weeks:  11.2 pounds down. Dropped several inches. Feeling good about the results. Plus feeling good overall!

One more week of Whole30. It went by much faster than I thought it would!


  1. Thanks for bringing me food! I don't know if I would have made it yesterday.
    The dinner last night was SO very good. And, the good thing from all of this, you won't have to cook for a few days!

    In addition to all of that, my body fat has gone from 31.2 down to 27.9!

    1. Good job! And I'm glad I could help. Nobody needs to go all day being hungry when you don't have to.

      Congratulations on the loss!!! Doinng great.

  2. Have you heard about the controversy regarding the person on the front cover of Paleo Magazine? Cindy from Cindy's Table was accused of being a fake paleo person and using fake pictures that she bought. Check out IPMG facebook (International Paleo Movement Group) page and scroll around for more details.

    1. No! I had never even heard of her before. I was hoping the magazine would have a few more recipes in it. I'll have to go check out the controversy.

  3. You have to let me know how the aminos taste. I've been moving completely over to the wheat free lifestyle (well with the exception my golden nectar when I'm camping ... I know, oxymoron being wheat free and drinking beer all in the same sentence).... anyway...where was I..? Oh yeah, :) I would love to drop the soy as well. Using Bragg's right now as it was as natural as I could find.
    I also just found that magazine online and downloaded it to my phone. Yes... it is to freakin small to read. So I bored an iPad and can read it from there... but haven't yet.
    1.3lbs in a week is really good, and when you add everything else up, the weight isn't as important as the rest of the benefits. It will all catch up.

    1. They're pretty good but not as strong as regular soy. I like them anyway.

      Beer. Why can't beer be really, really good for you, right? You'd be fun to go camping with. :)

  4. I wanted to comment on your progress pics, but couldn't so I am commenting here. You look FANTASTIC! Congrats! So sorry about the cracked freezer door and the meat juice everywhere.

    1. Thank you!!! That means a LOT to me. Still working on it.

      Meat juice. LOL I don't think that will catch on at Jamba Juice.

  5. Yes I did know about bleeding meat!!! Also did you know that if you forget a bag with meat on top of the fridge it will start bleeding and smelling really bed!? I can send my dad over there and he could give you a free lesson :P

    Btw, as soon as you asked 'guess what I got in the mail' I immediately thought coconut aminos!! Hahaha (almost)

    Have a good week!


    1. Oh gross! LOL I bet that smelled bad.

      You guess coconut aminos? Come on. ;)

      Have a good week yourself! Almost the weekend. Woot!

  6. Oh no!!! What a defrosted mess!!! Way to go on the your plan Kelly, you're doing well.

  7. Our power was out last summer for four days and I ended up grilling up a bunch of meat and bringing it to my office - and yes, I've had meat blood spill all over my freezer too - not fun to clean up!

    I could spend hours in a book store - so many magazines!!

    1. The power should NEVER break during the summer. That's wrong.

      YES! On "date nights" I'm always asking to go to the bookstore. :)


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