Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Whole30 Day 6: Better!!

Got up bright and early at 5:30am to make breakfast for Chuck. I was in zombie mode at that hour so I don't even remember what I made. Hope it was good! I'm sure it involved eggs.

I really didn't want eggs so I had some curry I made with ground beef. It looks terrible but it's cheap and tasty and quick to make.

Breakfast: ground beef curry. The master recipe is included in It Starts with Food.
 Lunch: tuna salad made with some homemade mayo, a couple of deviled eggs for extra flavor and protein, cucumber and vinaigrette. Was a HUGE salad and kept me full for hours.
 Dinner: I got the crazy idea to make some chili con carne and start with my own homemade chili powder. I got 3 ancho and 3 New Mexican chiles.
 You toast them in the oven at 350* for about 6 minutes then rip them up (mines the veins and seeds) and put them in a spice grinder. I used my blender. And guess what: They stain! I looked like an oompa loompa. And the powder in the air made my lungs a little spicy. Fun and adventure in the kitchen!
 I added some cumin and oregano and voila! Chili powder. You could add other seasoning like onion powder and garlic powder but my chili was going to have that in it so I didn't add anything else.
 And 2 hours later I had a big bowl of red. Was the best I've had. Yum! I adapted the recipe from one in Cook's Illustrated The Best Slow & Easy Recipes. I had to use coconut flour as a thickener instead of masa harina and it worked out just fine. Everybody loved it. Success!

Feelings: I had WAY more energy and that mental fog thing is passing. Soooo glad to be feeling better. I actually felt good. No hunger at all. The cravings are also subsiding. I don't think I craved anything sweet all day. What a nice change.

So I have energy, feel "light", stomach gone down a little, no hunger, no cravings. I do have a craving for a beer sometimes. And having weird food dreams where I eat something I shouldn't then wake up feeling guilty. Strange!!!

OK. I am not supposed to weigh myself during this whole thing. But I'm curious so I step on the scale. 6.4 pounds in the first 6 days. I know some is water weight but I don't care. I'm happy. And Rachel has even lost about 3 pounds. She's pretty happy. She's 5'8" and almost in the 140s now. And her acne is clearing up.  So this is agreeing with our bodies. YAY!!!!!

Have a great day. I'm a Happy Texan now that I'm not so sleepy and headache-y. :)


  1. No doubt it's agreeing with us!
    I've lost almost five pounds, and I am eating like a horse.

    Thanks Kelly!

    1. Congratulations!You've always loved eating low carb. I'm hoping to get there. I'd still prefer an all soft pretzel, beer, pizza and french fry diet. But I HATE the way it feels. I feel really good today.

  2. You looked like an oompa loompa??? OMG Kelly, you are HILARIOUS. glad things are going well for you. Have a great Tuesday.

    1. It's true! I was orange! LOL You have a great day too. :)


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