Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Whole30 Day 7: Energy, Baby!!

Oh, happy day! Energy. How I've missed you. It didn't come from Rock Star. It didn't come in a pill. It came from feeding my body right. I felt so good.

Breakfast: leftover chili. What a novel idea: breakfast can be any food, not just "breakfast" food. And I wanted my bad @ss chili.  Why even use an "@" for the a? You know what I'm talking about. Recipe from Cook's Illustrated Best Slow and Easy Recipes.
 Since I was feeling so good I decided to go for a bike ride. Plus it helps relieve any stress that may be going on in life and is a great time to think and contemplate. I was so deep in thought once that I kind of "zoned out". When I snapped out of it I was in the back of the neighborhood but didn't know where I was. I was in my own little world.

I took little breaks here and there just to get a sip of water.
 Passed a field filled with dodder.
 What is dodder? Damn good question. Glad you asked. Dodder is a nasty ass plant.
"After a dodder attaches itself to a plant, it wraps itself around it. If the host contains food beneficial to dodder, the dodder produces haustoria that insert themselves into the vascular system of the host. The original root of the dodder in the soil then dies. The dodder can grow and attach itself to multiple plants. In tropical areas it can grow more or less continuously, and may reach high into the canopy of shrubs and trees; in temperate regions it is an annual plant and is restricted to relatively low vegetation that can be reached by new seedlings each spring.
Dodder is parasitic on a very wide variety of plants, including a number of agricultural and horticultural crop species"
"Dodder ranges in severity based on its species and the species of the host, the time of attack, and whether any viruses are also present in the host plant. By debilitating the host plant, dodder decreases the ability of plants to resist viral diseases, and dodder can also spread plant diseases from one host to another if it is attached to more than one plant." Thanks to Wikipedia for that info.

 Isn't that some crazy stuff?!

After a nice 6.5 mile ride, I was nice and sweaty. I had to force myself to eat lunch. Just wasn't hungry all day.

Lunch: Ground beef curry from a master recipe in It Starts with Food.
 Dinner: Caribbean Chicken Pot. This was surprisingly good. I wasn't too sure the kids were going to like it (or me) when I started assembling it but the flavor was kind of like a gumbo. It had chicken, sweet potato, onion, seasonings, garlic, okra, collard greens and a scotch bonnet. If you know your peppers you know those things are HOT. Picked straight from satan's garden in hell.
The recipe is from America's Test Kitchen's Simple Weeknight Favorites cookbook. I didn't even have to make any adjustments to fit this Whole30 thing!

Feelings: I felt so good! No headache. No mental fog. I felt really good. And I slept hard the night before. No waking up through the night. No hunger at all and no cravings to speak of. Yay! "They" promised it would get better and they were right.

Speaking of sleep, did you know an adult needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep? Here is some info I got in my Whole30 Daily email:
  • Getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night increases your risk of heart attack by 100%.
  • You could lose 14 pounds a year if you just traded one hour of TV for one hour of sleep.
  • 23% of people get less than 6 hours of sleep a night.
  • Women spend 32% more time awake each night than men.
  • 1 in 3 women report being too sleepy for sex.
Did you see that first one? Get some rest, folks. That's some serious stuff!

One week down. Rachel has lost some weight and her face is clearing up. I'm down a little over 6 pounds. More importantly, I feel great.

I will not be eating this way forever, in case you were wondering. So why do it if I don't plan on sticking with it? You are just full of good questions! I'll tell you!
Without getting all sciency (even though I love that kind of thing) the body craves carbs when you eat carbs. It's hard to talk about this stuff without getting deeper and deeper. There are books that can explain it better than I. Why We Get FatIt Starts with Food. Good Calories Bad Calories. Those explain it all clearly. But when your body runs on carbs and the hormones get whacked out the messages your brain receives are messed up. Your blood is also messed up. Everything is getting messed up. And your weight....oh boy...yeah it gets messed up. I'm trying to change my body from glucose adapted to fat adapted so I burn fat for fuel. When the body switches over to fat the cravings also subside.  The hormones begin to level out. All becomes in balance.

That is way simplified. There is a LOT more going on than that. And I eat carbs! Hello, sweet potato and a little bit of fruit. But eating a bunch of them? Nope. I'm allergic to them. I break out in fat. It's true. I've proved it several times. There's all kinds of arguments people can throw out there: a candy bar is different than fruit, pasta is different than a sweet potato. And that's true to an extent. But glucose is glucose in the body. (Fruit has fructose and that is processed in the liver instead) I'm not against carbs. I'm against processed carbs and carbs in large amounts. I prefer proteins and fat because it makes me feel so good and lose weight and my blood tests happy. And I'm never hungry as opposed to having a bowl of pasta or rice and being hungry in a couple of hours.

So, if I haven't bored you to tears yet, I'm doing this to get back on track and change to a fat adapted body.

Is it hard? It really was at first. Those first 6 days were tough!! There was anger, moodiness, fatigue, headaches, hunger, and a mental fog. They said after day 7 I'd get a boost of energy. It happened on day 7 for me. Yay!

Happy Thursday Wednesday to you all. Onward and downward.


  1. Hurray for a clear mind and energy! The Caribbean dish looks and sounds delicious - right up my alley.

    1. It's REALLY good, Helen. I'm surprised how Charlie has taken a liking to sweet potatoes. That boy hates potatoes.

  2. First off, I hate those sleep studies. If they are correct, Ima have a heart attack and get fat. Seven hours in one night? Hah! No matter what time I go to bed, I'm awake a couple hours later. :(

    Glad you explained dodder - I'd never heard of it, but I'm sure I've seen it around here.

    I get what you are saying about changing your body into a fat adapted one, but won't that stop if you change how you're eating?

    1. Darn those sleep studies. It's like asking Dr Google something. It's never good news. :/

      Good question! I'm not going hog wild afterwards. They suggest adding in one thing at a time and see how I react. Every body is different. And yet all the same. Hmmm... So I'll add in dairy. I probably won't add in legumes except for special treats (Hi, refried beans!). They say if you don't miss it, don't worry about adding it back. It's truly about balance. Going off on a little splurge and having a special occasion pizza and a beer is not frowned upon and won't put your system back into a glucose machine. Eating like I had been doing WILL set me back though. So if I start eating carbilicious goodies every day then, yeah, it's going back to the old ways.

  3. I am glad things are going so well for you Kelly! But you scared me when you said happy Thursday, it's Wednesday and I thought I missed a day this week!

    And I think I'll make that ground beef curry for me and my SIL next week - looks delish!

    1. Ha! Sorry about that. Should never right a blog post right before bed. I fixed that.

      LOVE the curry. Yummy.

  4. You should be feeling great for the rest of the challenge!

    1. Girl, I sure hope so. Days 1-6 were awful. Terrible, I tell ya!

  5. Glad this is working well for you. I need to make some chili - that looks pretty darn tasty!

    1. Me too, Lori. I needed this to get me back on track. I was dealing with some wicked cravings. Which wouldn't have been so bad had I not given in to them.

      Love a good bowl of chili!

  6. It was very interesting reading your blog, I'm on my third day now on the Whole30. You make so much yummy food, so thank you for your inspiration. I live in Norway and not many here have heard about this diet, so feel a little on my own. Do visit my blog, I also write about my experience with the Whole30, would be really nice with some feed back.


    1. Cool! I have a cousin named Kari. Pretty name. I'll check out your blog. There is also a facebook group for support and the forum at

  7. I laughed out loud on this post! Very funny about being allergic to processed food and sugar. Break out in fat! Love it. great post. Keeping on trucking momma!

  8. Things are going so well Kelly. And my day has not been wasted...I now know what a Dodder is. I wonder if the "expression doddering old person" means they are annoying. for thought there. Happy Thursday!!


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