Sunday, August 12, 2012

Whole30 Days 11 & 12: Feeling Great

I think I finally got this under control. I have zero cravings except for a little margarita or a beer from time to time. And diet coke. I miss it a bit more than I should. But no sweets cravings. 

As a matter of fact, I have started craving.....salads! I have a friend who craves salads and I always say how jealous I am because I'd love to crave salads instead of pizzas and things. I think I'm finally getting there. And all it took was a week of torture.

Saturday, day 11

Started the day with a BIG breakfast: 3 eggs and lots o' bacon
 I mentioned last time how I was going on a road trip and was trying to be prepared. Usually a road trip for us means a stop at Whataburger and maybe a gas station for a sugar free Rock Star.  Not this time.

With my cooler packed I was completely prepared. We arrived at the memorial location a little early so I grabbed some boiled eggs and sausage patties while the kids munched on balsamic & rosemary chicken strips. It was really satisfying!
 Another option would have been to stop at a fast food place and get a garden salad and top it with my chicken strips.

After the memorial we went to my mom's house and visited a little then she fed us dinner: a big salad with bell peppers, mixed lettuces, parsley, apples and smoked brisket. She topped it with a homemade dressing using lemons from her backyard. Yum!!!
 Then it was time to head home and were treated with a beautiful sunset.
 As we got closer to Houston we notice big smoke cloud. I thought it was a refinery fire but it turned out to be a flare burning dirty. It's not good when a flare burns like that! Means there is a problem.
 Further along we were treated with a breathtaking sky. Look at those colors! So pretty.
 After being on the road so much that day we were all pretty tired and headed to bed early. BUT I found out that there is a TED app and a New Scientist app for my phone and I geeked out pretty late with that. Plus I was trying to catch the meteor shower but cloud coverage was too bad. Darn.  I stayed up until 1am reading scientific study abstracts and watching TED lectures. I'm such a party girl geek.

Sunday (day 12)

Slept until around 8am and went to the range with Chuck but I sat in the car geeking out to more science stuff. But he summoned me out there to help pick up brass to reload. Bending over and picking stuff up is a pretty decent workout on the hammies!

Back at home I had a late breakfast. I guess when you eat at noon it's called lunch. I'm trying to eat my bacon for that facebook thing I did ("for each like on this status I'll eat a strip of bacon"  what was I thinking?). I "only" need 40 pieces more now. This is one of those life lessons of things not to do. Lots of bacon and scrambled eggs with red peppers and caramelized onions.
 It goes without saying that I had a full belly the rest of the day. Got my grocery shopping done (saved $75!) and cooked up some things for the week to make my life a little easier.

I found some really good deals. Kroger had rib eyes on sale for $3.99/pound and the farmer's market had buckets of okra for $1.

Dinner: grilled rib eyes, some sweet potato with ghee and cinnamon, salad with homemade ranch dressing and fried okra.
 Fried okra using coconut flour and almond flour. This was very good!!  The recipe is from Paleo Comfort Foods. I love all of the southern dishes they have in that book.
 Omg. That steak was so tender and perfect. Don't be hatin' on it being so pink. It's good I tell ya!

Feelings: My energy has been staying level throughout the day. There's no afternoon slump and I'm happy and relaxed. I sleep soundly but have weird dreams about food. Apparently that's something that most people experience which is strange, right?
Chuck keeps saying, "I LOVE this diet!!! I feel great!"  The kids aren't complaining about the food but have been asking for my homemade tacos because, let's face it, they are the best. Haha!
I think I'm getting settled in to this way of eating and it's going smoothly now. I feel confident to go out in social situations and even go out to eat. This weekend I showed that it's not too hard to even go on a road trip and eat healthy stuff.
Rachel is now wearing a size 8 and is in the 140s.

I'll wait to give my little review of what I thought about Whole30 until after I'm finished with it but right now I'm very happy with it.

Monday starts a little thing that Kent Altena and I do called "Game On". It's just a friendly (noooo, we're not competitive at all *wink*) challenge to see who can get the most miles run/walked in a week. I'm pretty sure he's going to beat me this time but I'm going to give it my all.

This reminds me of a joke:
"You have to stay in shape. My grandmother, she started walking 5 miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is." -- Ellen DeGeneres

**If you're curious what this Whole30 thing is that I keep talking about, it's a 30 day fast track to getting healthy from Whole9 and from It Starts with Food.**


  1. Nice going with taking the cooler of food for travel...that is a huge part of why you're going to be successful with this plan! :)

    1. Being prepared. Why didn't I think of that sooner? LOL

  2. YES to what shelley said. all about setting ourselves up for success!!


  3. What lovely photos of the sunset. :) The food looks really yummi, good thing to be prepared, I'm not to good on that. I'm on my day 8 now and feel fine, do hope for aome deasant sleep son though. Can you recomend other blogs about W30 for me?

    1. Let me see what I can find. I'm not sure about others. The Clothes Make the Girl is doing it and she has a great blog.

  4. What a weekend! Your post doesn't show it, but we were BUSY. And had it not been for you planning ahead like you did, there is a good chance we could have busted our eating. Thanks for prepping for us and taking care of us.

    Blood pressure doesn't lie. After we finish this whole thing, I will schedule my yearly physical. I'll report on it here (through you).

    Thanks Hon.

    1. It was a VERY busy time but it all worked out. Thanks for your support. :)

  5. It's nice to see you getting into the groove of this thing. I like how you're doing a daily report and honestly I can't believe you're already 13 days in!

    1. LOl The first few days seemed to take forever but now I think I'm on cruise mode. It's getting easier and easier. I guess that's with almost everything. You run more and it gets easier. Like driving a car. Or riding a bike.

  6. OMG, I am loving all that bacon!! Glad you have found your mojo on this diet, but I'd want some tacos too by now. Proud of how well you are doing!

  7. Hey Kelly - saw this recipe and thought you might like it!

  8. I'm salivating with all those delicious foods you have eaten. Its making me hungry just by looking at it. A big breakfast will take you through out the day. So don't ever forget to it breakfast.
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