Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whole30 Days 13 & 14: 2 week results

Monday started a little "friendly" competition (I'm lying. It's fierce. For real though.) between Kent Altena and I called "game on." I think it's meant to encourage us to get off our butts and get in some mileage but I'm not sure at this point as I do wonder if he is trying to sabotage me. Whatevs.

Seriously, he's a nice guy and a gentleman. He'd never sabotage me (right?!) and he will let me win because he doesn't want to be known as a woman beater. Oh yeah. I just went there. Don't be that guy, Kent.

All of this means that I get out there and walk and walk and walk. Stop by the house because it's frackin' hot outside and get a drink of water. Then walk some more. BUT I do get to jam to some cool music which always makes me happy.

So Monday was Game On.
 I'm more of a night owl than an early bird. What's the deal with birds? Anyway, that means that I prefer getting up later in the morning. That does not mesh well with our Texas heat. I took a little shade break under some palm trees by the waterfall.
 Cool! Raccoon tracks.
 After a 5k, I went back to the house because I was hawngry. A little melon and some bacon because I have this crazy bacon challenge going on. Lesson learned! Not doing that again. But hey, bacon. So all is good. Bacon!!!
 Then back in the 100* temps because I not only like to walk every day but prove I'm a bad ass while I'm doing it. Dehydration? Bring it! Heat exhaustion? I fear it not!
 Eventually I woke from the heat induced coma and had some medicine bacon. Mmmm.....perfectly baked.
 Must.complete.challenge.  Everyone wants to be remembered for something. Einstein for his formulas. Tesla for his awesomeness, etc. Me? Noooo. I'm known for bacon. I always get posts on my Facebook wall about bacon. Hey, I'm glad to be known for something.

Lunch: salad with veggies, tuna, bacon (duh), tuna and homemade ranch dressing. So tasty. Who is this girl that craves salads? That's twisted. Oh but what I'd do to a diet coke. mmmmmmm
 Tossed some onions into the crockpot with some coconut oil (could also use a stick of melted butter if that's your thing) and put it on low all night for some caramelized onions in the morning. Seriously, why aren't you doing this? It's so easy. Then you have tasty onion ready all the time. I use them instead of raw onions in recipes because raw onions are gross and that's a FACT.
 I'm ashamed to admit that my walk made my feet, hips, legs and back hurt. Geez, I'm out of shape.

I tossed some stuff together that I had cooked in the fridge then mixed it with my little curry concoction (can coconut milk, red curry paste, curry powder, little tomato paste) and dinner was served! This is crazy good even if it doesn't look too appetizing.
 Exercise: 6 miles walking

Feelings: Everything is coming up roses. Great energy. And sleeping great. My mental clarity has really been given a boost. Loving it and the food.


OK, Monday two jogger chicks were assaulted in Galveston on two separate occasions. That stuff scares me. It's not that I think I'm so hot that everyone wants a piece of me but there are crazy people lurking about. I don't want to be a victim so I brought a buddy with me on the walk.
 Go ahead, make my day, punk! Fortunately I didn't even have to threaten anyone. I was safe as usual. Felt like a total dork walking with a HUGE fanny pack though. Ugh. Safety or style? Can't I have both?  By the way, that's the gun I got for Valentine's Day. Shiny and pretty and sleek.

Did my 5k then water break thing again because dang it's hot! Stopped by the house for a couple of bites of ice cold melon and water and electrolytes then headed back out. And took a break in some shade. &^@%$* heat!

Lunch: leftover curry. I really love this stuff.

Are you ready for Fifty Shades of Ewwww?

 I like to think that I'm somewhat adventurous and like to try new things. I also hate to eat meat off the bone. Ewwww. Those two worlds collided when I decided to cook up bone marrow bones. I heard they're a delicacy and they're good for you. And you can use the leftover bones to make bone broth. Bonus.

With great trepidation, I roasted some garlic then roasted the marrow bones with some salt and pepper.
 Topped it with some roasted garlic.
 Ugh. I'm not sure about this. It looks like an oyster. But it's bone marrow. Gag! And that's a piece of garlic on that spoon with it.
 Well, what do you know?! It was actually pretty darn good but very rich. Charlie even tried it. He said it was ok.

Dinner: steak, sauteed peppers, caramelized onions, salad greens with cilantro, and cucumber drizzled with homemade creamy Italian dressing. Now that's a good salad!!
Exercise: 6 miles walking

Feelings: great! Little sleepy that afternoon and my body is so angry with me for these daily walks. I could really go for a foot rub but I don't think anyone wants to touch these nasty dogs.

OK!!!! Two weeks into Whole30! How about a little progress report? Things I've noticed:
  • 9.9 pounds lost
  • skin is glowing
  • no acne!
  • face moisturizes itself so none needed
  • eyes look clearer
  • mind is clear and sharp (or at least as sharp as it can be)
  • sleeping like a friggin rock
  • lots of energy
  • not hungry at all
  • tummy a little flatter
  • cravings gone except for occasional diet coke desire
  • actually wanting salads
  • takes smaller amounts of food to fill me up
  • happy like all the time! :)
The weight loss is super nice because I gained a bit over last two months. What I'm most surprised about is how good I feel! Chuck has remarked about the same thing. He says I feel good too. LOL Joking. He says he feels great and not stressed and very happy. So that's a big bonus. And neither of us is very hungry.

PS: Bacon challenge completed!! 65 pieces of bacon eaten since Friday and I lost 3 pounds doing it. YAY bacon!

So one question I had gotten was, "What about the kids?" They eat what I cook. They should be healthy too. Charlie isn't always seeking sugar in the house and Rachel has lost weight and her skin is clearing up.

I look forward to the next two weeks and getting my blood tested.

Game on, folks! :)


  1. LOVE it all.... love that marrow... it's good!
    And you look wonderful.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you thank you!!! Congratulations on all the cool stuff going on in your life too. :)

  3. Hot or not, you have some fabulous looking views there on your walk. I envy that.....
    Bone Marrow - nah not for me.
    Really enjoying your 30day challenge reviews.
    I am doing something similiar, but rather messed up on my two week camping vacation. Back on track this week.... it was the beer... I'll admit it (it's my problem for sure).
    I may not be blogging right now but I am stalking :)
    Glad to read all is well!

    1. Girl, I've had some nasty beer cravings. They're mostly gone but sometimes when sitting outside in the evening it just seems like a perfect time for a beer.

      Glad you are doing well too. So what are you doing that's similar? You know I love hearing about these things.

    2. Trying to remove all diary, sugar, and grains out of my diet. I did it really strict before my holiday and I not only lost weight, my hip didn't hurt as much, and my sinuses cleared up. I was full of inflamation.
      But of course, 2 weeks camping equalled a bit of snacking and a lot of beer. A friend of mine swears that beer is not a grain and therefore is allowed. I only wish. So now I'm back this week and struggling a bit with wanting the beer because you are right there is nothing like sitting outside in the evening partaking in a golden beverage. ... :)

  4. You ARE hot enough to pique someone's interest. You have certainly grabbed mine! A see a foot rub in your immediate future. As well as a pedicure.

    Bring to me your feet!

    1. Wow! Thank you! But you said I was hot when I was 250 pounds. ;) I think you may be biased. But thank you very much anyway.

      Thanks for the foot rub. I really needed it.

    2. Ah... Chuck... you coming our way anytime soon? I'd like you to have a talk with my other half and give him some man to man advice on how to treat a woman :)

  5. You ARE hot enough to pique someone's interest. You have certainly grabbed mine! A see a foot rub in your immediate future. As well as a pedicure.

    Bring to me your feet!

  6. You may think raw onions are gross, but they are actually nature's miracle veg for runners. Packed with sulfur and polyphenols (spelling is atrocious), they help rebuild muscles and damage caused by running. They also feature some of the most quercetin, which helps endurance, in any food. Much of that is lost when you cook it.

    PS - I hope you have your walking shoes on for this weekend. I have a long long run on Saturday. The schedule says 18 miles. Since the heat and dreaded leaf spiders didn't work, maybe the immensity of the distance will.

    1. Raw onions rebuild muscles damaged from running? Oh! I won't run! Problem solved. :D I can't stand the texture. Or raw tomatoes. Trust me I tried. Bleck.

      Dang it!!! I thought I was doing good. 18 miles? You're going to win for sure. Yes, the immense distance will get you a gold medal. I may have to be happy with a silver. Still going to try though.

  7. You are rocking this Whole 30!

  8. & miles in that heat, well done. Caramelised onions sound real good, have to try it. I walked about a mile uphill yesterday in my MBT shoes, o.m.g. that was really hard, I don't think those shoes are designed to walk uphill. You have amazing results after 2 weeks, keep up the good work.


    1. What are MBT shoes? A mile uphill is no small feat! Good job! I bet you could really feel that.

    2. Here is a description of MBT shoes, and oh yes I felt it, but only when walking.

      MBT stands for "Masai Barefoot Technology," and the shoes are designed to simulate walking in sand. It's a multi-layered, curved sole that accomplishes this by creating a natural but uneven walking surface. This technology is meant to make the core strengthening muscles more active, creating better posture and increasing shock absorbtion for all of the joints. It also makes wearing the shoes quite a unique experience, and a bit of a workout.

      I walk a lot uphill, but I dont think I will walk uphill with those shoes again in a while.

      Do you have a receipe for the chili you mention on day 16?

  9. On thing I've noticed with you is that you seem to do really well when you actually challenge yourself. Maybe that's something to keep in mind for the future?

    As I was doing a 5K this morning you actually popped into my head as I remembered your 5K for 30 days challenge. You rocked that.

    See what I mean about challenges?

    1. You're so right, Helen. I thrive when people don't think I can do something. I hate to have limitations put on me. And there may be a little competitve streak too. ;)


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