Friday, August 17, 2012

Whole30 Days 15 & 16: I'm a Streetwalker

What a tacky title, right? But that's what my days have been filled with. Walking. Take a water break at the house. Walking.  Also lots of showers.

You're probably getting sick of hearing me talk about the heat but it's hot out there, people! My heart rate goes through the roof pretty darn fast and I'm only walking.  I've had a couple of episodes where I felt pretty bad. So if I feel I need a break I take it.

Started my day with a cup of coffee and......walking!  kept meeting a little birdy friend at the gazebo as I made my rounds. Cute little cormorant. Unfortunately he left some "artwork" all over the benches of the gazebo. Nasty.
 I did have a few bites of melon (not shown) during a water break.

Finally I was done and it was time for lunch: salad with red pepper, steak and vinaigrette.
 When it was dinner time I really didn't feel like cooking so I tossed together a smoky taco soup. Just made it up. Look at me acting like a chef. I even added a squeeze of lime juice. The sour cream looking stuff is mayo. Meh. Didn't like that. So the idea is add some stock, browned ground beef, onion, a butt load of veggies, cilantro and chili powder and cumin and......smoked paprika. OMG! Have you tried smoked paprika? Why didn't I know about this sooner. Get yourself some. It's good stuff.
 Exercise: 6 miles walking

Feelings: Happy and energetic. Not hungry at all. But when I'm ready to go to bed I want to go to sleep instantly and I sleep hard. My feet and legs and back and butt are hurting. Walking shouldn't cause problems. I must have really let myself get out of shape. Happens fast.
Thursday day 16

Helen said something that kind of stuck with me. She said I do best when I'm faced with a challenge. She's sooo right. I thrive on challenges. It brings out the competitive nature in me.
When I was a kid I could be stubborn. I hated being told what I had to do which caused some problems for me and my parents. Pick up my toys right now. I would get spankings but still wouldn't pick up those toys until it was my idea. OK, I may have been spoiled a little.

I still don't like being told what I can and can't do. So if someone tells me I can't do something or it's too hard so I shouldn't, it means I will do it. I think that's why challenges work for me. I would hate to let myself down.

And that's why it's not hard for me to stick to Whole30 while others may say it's just too difficult. I need that challenge. Plus I'm feeling pretty darn good!!

So this "Game on" challenge with Kent was just what I needed to get me back moving. Maybe I shouldn't have jumped in with 6 miles a day but whatev. I'm doing it.

Today's walk I passed a tire. You may see trash but I was thinking gym equipment! Sweating pretty profusely and needing water, I headed back to the house and told Chuck I was bringing home a tire to flip and beat with a sledgehammer. I'm so glad he goes along with my little whims. His request: don't hurt yourself.
When I got close to the tire I saw it was much, much bigger than I thought. Ugh. I tried and tried to move that damn tire but it wouldn't budge at all which frustrated me to no end! I was so mad! This was one challenge I couldn't complete. I felt so weak and defeated.
 I told Chuck I was mad and frustrated that I was a weakling who couldn't lift a tire. Not only could I not lift it but I couldn't even get it to move even a little. Like nothing!

He looked up the weight of the tire online. These things weigh 400-500 pounds. Well no wonder I couldn't lift it. But still....I'm going to find a way now. I'm thinking a lever will do it. We'll see. I'm not going to bring it home but I have to prove to myself that I can at least lift the thing. Hardheaded much?

All of the walking has brought about a little blister. Ouch! Hurts pretty bad.
 It was so hot that the visor I usually wear got soaked with sweat and stopped preventing the sweat from running into my eyes. So I headed back to the house for my Buff. Look at me being all gangsta. Or dorky. Your pick. At least the sweat wasn't getting in my eyes.
 Walking. Walking. Still thinking about that tire so I take a dirt road looking for a discarded tire. A smaller discarded tire! Nothing.
 But when I came around a corner 3 deer about scared the pee out of me. My heart was really pounding after that. Stupid deer. They almost became venison.

Finally time for some eats. Leftover curry!  Oh how I love this stuff.
 With a big side salad. I keep craving salads.
 Dinner was Carl's Jr low carb burger with pickles and mustard only. I hate one and a half of those things. I got the meal so it came with fries but I got sweet potato fries instead. I figure that since I can sweet potatoes it's not a big deal. I popped a few in my mouth and realized that those tasty devils were covered in some sort of light batter. CRAP! Darn! Oh well. Not the end of the world. Small slip. The only one I've had during this Whole30 thing.
After it got dark, Chuck, Rachel and I headed out for a walk. Yes, my second walk of the day. We had a nice time and laughed. It was still hot but nothing like it was earlier in the day.

Exercise: 7.1 miles in the morning and 3.1 miles in the evening.

Feelings: I have been in such a good mood! My heart isn't racing after I eat. I sleep good. Skin is glowing. Muscles are sore from walking but that's ok. Hunger is zilch. I'm loving all of the energy I have though the heat is sapping some of it after my walks.

I'm pretty sure I won't when this "game on" challenge but that's ok. It has gotten me moving a lot more and I've lost 4.8 pounds since I started. Not bad.

Look for more streetwalker news tomorrow. :)  And have a great Friday!


  1. I can tell you why you're craving salads. Because vegetables do have some carbohydrates! Your body is wanting some carbs. That's all.

    Yeah, mayonnaise on soup doesn't sound good to me either!

    1. Not so sure about that theory, Helen. Salads are VERY low in carbs. I think if I were craving carbs I'd crave something that actually had a decent amount of carbs. Like fruit or sweet potato or something. But who knows?

    2. I was just curious so I looked it up:
      1 cup lettuce has .4 carbs
      1 cup mashed sweet potatoes has 36 carbs.

      Hmmmm......think I'm just craving greens.

    3. I didn't know you were only eating lettuce. When I make a big salad I load it up with all sorts of vegetables and end up with around 18 or 20 grams of carbs per salad.

    4. There are other things in there. A few cucumbers. Maybe some celery. Still not enough to be considered a carb load though. I keep it low carb paleo for my health.

  2. Ahhh.... the love affair with carbs.
    Personally, I am LOVING this low carb diet. True, the smell of french fries makes me happy, but I KNOW how they make me feel. Without them I feel healthier, happier... and for some reason, lighter.

    Not to mention my blood pressure dropping from 133/93 to 110/88. Even the doc was impressed with that. And that is without one bit of exercise.

    Besides, you are losing weight and inches like gangbusters.
    Well done, Kel.
    And thanks for taking care of me. I feel like a million bucks.

  3. There is a trick to lifting a tire like that...we used to do them at Brad's and it would feel like a ton of bricks until you got into *just* the right position. But, it's freaking heavy, and many times we double-teamed it to lift and flip. Good on ya for giving it a try by yourself!


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