Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whole30 Days 19 & 20: Game On Challenge Results

As I've mentioned, Kent and I were doing this "game on" challenge where we heckle each other about who will get the most miles in a week. It was all in good fun but there was a little competitiveness too.

Sunday I got up and it was threatening to rain but Kent was 3 miles ahead of me so I didn't care. I was heading out there anyway. Chuck said he'd join me for my first 3 miles (which I stretched out to 3.5 miles). There was a light breeze and the clouds blocked the sun so it felt great!! Why couldn't it have been like that all week?
 Chuck left me at mile 3.5 but I was feeling fantastic so I kept going after a little water break. Got to see lots of birdies and some foreboding clouds. This girl better hurry.
 Too late. It started to sprinkle but it felt GREAT! Loved it. I always feel like a little bit more of a bad ass when I exercise in the rain. Yeah, that's right! I'm so dedicated to exercise that no weather will stop me! Spiders, on the other hand......

I sent Chuck a text when I was almost finished and he made me breakfast. Mmmm.....eggs and bacon.
 Sunday was a pretty lazy day. So not much fun or drama to report. Sorry. I know, I know. Boring.

Dinner time came around and I was pretty hungry but didn't want to cook so tossed together a quick ground pork curry using green, red and yellow curry, pineapples, carrots, coconut milk, broccoli, and green beans. Was very good even though it looks like dog food.
 So it's after dinner and I check my mileage. 39? I can not end the week on such a horribly odd number. OCD much?  I went out that night around 8:30pm for that last mile.

Now the results: Kent ran 33 miles (which is a respectable distance!) and I walked 40 miles though stupid Dailymile says it was 39.5.

Kent and I both had handicaps that week. He had some knee issues and stress going on. I had the tremendous heat and lack of desire to actually do anything. Well, done, Kent. I see another "game on" in the future. :) Maybe I'll fit in my Game On Nike shirt by then.

Monday: With all of that challenging out of the way, I enjoyed a rest day. It felt kind of strange like I was forgetting to do something.

I got busy clipping coupons and making menus, etc and running errands that I skipped breakfast.

Hey, I did get flirted with by a guy that looked like Rick Perry at the toll road store which was kind of creepy. But whatever. It was nice that the governor thought I was attractive. Nice little score for the ego. It must have been my sparkly flip flops and race tee shirt. Riiiiiggght.

Anyway, moving on.

Lunch: Some kick butt tuna salad with peach balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Oh boy this was good. Like lick the plate good.
 I'm going to say this and please don't judge me: I'm getting sick of cooking and just want to go out. Seriously, the dishes and prep time. This was new and fun at first but dang it gets old. The food is great, don't get me wrong. I'm just lazy.

Back in the day, a common meal would be tuna croquettes and macaroni & cheese. Obviously that isn't happening right now and I'm probably still carrying a few pounds from the mac and cheese I've consumed. What's a girl to do? Make some healthier tuna patties!

Dinner: tuna patties, some mashed sweet tater with cinnamon and coconut oil, steamed broccoli with lemon pepper. These tasted almost exactly like my tuna patties from back in the day. We devoured them.
Here's what I did and it's not an exact recipe:
took 4-6 packets of tuna and put in bowl. Mixed in 2 eggs, a couple of dollops of homemade mayo, some dried parsley, pepper, salt, some onion powder, a squirt of mustard and a little coconut flour and almond flour to bind.

Put some almond flour in a bowl with salt and pepper.

Heated some oil in a skillet. Was less than an inch.

Formed tuna patties and dredged in almond flour and cooked them in the oil. These were really good. So good that I'll be making them again very soon.

Observation: I'm not eating enough. The pictures really point it out. So I'm going to start making myself have breakfast again.

Feelings: Again, I know I'm boring. There's really nothing much new to report. Same old stuff: lots of energy, sleeping great, yada yada yada. 

I'll give my 3 week report tomorrow. :)

PS: as soon as I finish documenting this Whole30 thing I promise I'll only post when I have something interesting to say.


  1. IMHO, the challenge with Paleo style eating IS the huge amount of time it takes to prep and cook. Nothing is convenient - lots and lots of prep and slicing and dicing required. As I'm still mostly eating this way I believe I'm entitled to say this.

    Others know it too otherwise Dallas and Melissa Hartwing wouldn't be promoting and partnering with Premade Paleo Meal Delivery.

    1. I agree 100%, Helen. There was one week where I took a Sunday and prepped a nunch of proteins and veggies and the rest of the week was so much easier.

      Hehe I priced the premade stuff but way out of mmy range. I can feed all 4 of us for $130 for the week.

  2. All the prep and cooking does get tiring, I agree. I bet you could eat out, IF you were really really careful about what you ordered. Sometimes that's more trouble than it's worth though...and of course, there's also the temptation of all that good stuff being right on the menu, practically begging you to order it.

    Good job keeping on with this!

    1. I've also become a bit of a tight wad because of so many race entries I want. Those things aren't cheap! The 4 of us can drop some cash when going out.

      Thank you, thank you. :)

  3. I don't know if I could give up my Greek yogurt, is the only reason I haven't tried Paleo... good for you :)

  4. You are not boring! I look up to you and want to do stuff like you! You have so much fun with hubby and kids, you go places, you enjoy nature, hiking, good and beer!!! Never change!


    1. THANKS, HS! I'm sure it gets old reading about my eats day in and day out. But I just want to keep track of all this Whole30 stuff. Not much drama here.

      Me? Change? Never! LOL Unless it's to lose some weight.


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