Friday, August 24, 2012

Whole30 Days 22 & 23: Pulled Pork & Creamy Chicken Tomato Soup

Well, those two days sure went by quickly!

My little indulgence is getting eyelash extensions. I just like them so it's my thing I do for myself. But my back across my shoulders has been having muscle spasms for a couple of days and lying on that table for almost an hour was pretty killer.

Breakfast was on the run. A couple of homemade sausage patties. These are SO good!!!
 Super Easy Sausage
1 pound ground pork
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sage
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp cayenne
1/2 tsp nutmeg

Mix dry ingredients then mix with pork. Pan fry as patties. Easy!

Lunch: Leftover stir fried rice stuff. Very tasty and filling though not very pretty.
 Dinner: I made pulled pork in advance so all I had to do was heat up dinner. But Charlie asked if we could have cauliflower-rice! Wha? Seriously?! Hell yeah I'll make that boy some veggies!

Holy moly this is good stuff. I'm serious. You want to make this. You really do. So dinner was pulled pork over cauli-rice, sugar snap peas and a little sweet tater.
Pulled Pork recipe HERE.

Feelings: I'm not even sure I need to keep going over these. I did have a sudden craving for Asian sweet chili sauce. Mmm....I had Filipino neighbors who introduced me to that and lumpias. I introduced them to tequila. :) Fun times. 
My back is hurting pretty friggin bad on the left side but it seems to be migrating to the right side. It's so bad that my left hand is tingling and goes to sleep. WTH?!

Exercise: No thanks
 Thursday: I get to go to the doctor and find out what's wrong with those back muscles. I need some sleep! Back keeps waking me up.

Breakfast: a sausage patty and a couple of eggs with hot sauce.
 OK, doctor thinks it's just muscle issues and give anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer. So we'll see.

Hey, do you know what happens to your weight when you have inflammation?! Word of advice: stay away from the scale. It's not pretty. But clothes are fitting better so whatever.

Rachel is having a belated birthday party so I had to walk into the hall of temptation that is Great American Cookie Company to order a cookie cake.

Omg. Good thing there is glass separating me from those brownies. I tried to fall face first into them. That glass must be bullet proof.
 Oh, and not just cookies and brownies, but pretzels! My other favorite!! And not only that but they had Icees! My favorite sugar drink!
 I made it out a bit shaky but I didn't indulge. Mission accomplished.

Had to stop by pharmacy to get meds so I had Chuck buy me flowers. He even got them on sale! Ok, he wasn't there. I picked them out and sent him a pick and said, "These are from you. Thank you! I love them!"
 Lunch: Finally!! Pulled pork over cauli-rice. I couldn't eat it all but it sure was perfect.
 Surely you know by now that I do things wrong. So many things seem like a good idea but turn out to be bad ideas.

Muscle relaxers say to take at night. But I want to be relaxed right now!! Sooooo.....I wonder what would happen if I take half of one then exercise.

The world is a happy place on muscle relaxers. I went on an 8 mile bike ride with a smile on my face:
 Stopped by the playground to try some exercises. Well what do you know? I still can't do a pullup! *shock!*
 Admired the pretty, yet foreboding, clouds. Oooooh, pretty.
 And after the 8 miles I did my strength training exercises: deep squats, push ups, sit ups, "good girl/bad girl" with a band.

Dinner: I had a soup cooking in the crockpot all day. YUM! Creamy Chicken Tomato Soup! Tasty.
 Then back out to pick up Rachel's cookie. But first I stopped and got her some birthday goodies from Hot Topic including this!! How could I resist? Fortunately she's a lot like me so I know exactly what to get her: anything I'd like!
 I swear the smell of this cookie is killing me. KILLING ME! How do they make it smell so good. I want to lick it.
 I wanted a little something tasty to end my day so I made this up and it was incredible!!!! I put some raspberries and strawberries in a bowl, topped with a little coconut cream (the thick stuff in the top of the coconut milk can), added coconut, peach balsamic vinegar, and toasted pecans.  That's the stuff. Very good. Loved it.
I finally got some good sleep. Back is still not back to normal and I'm avoiding the scale for a while. But I really am losing inches. Clothes are fitting so much better and I really feel good. And strangely very happy. It's weird. Like I am so happy and relaxed and just at peace. I mean, people can still say things that irritate me but I'm doing great.

Exercise: 8 mile bike ride; strength training

I'm shocked how fast this Whole30 thing has gone by! I'm on my last week now. I really am loving how I'm feeling but I do look forward to a glass of wine.

Happy weekend to you all! Make it a good one and smile. :)

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  1. Good job making it out of that sugar temptation alive!! Not easy when it seems like it's everywhere, and they're pumping the air full of that sweet smell!


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