Saturday, August 25, 2012

Whole30 Days 24 & 25: birthdays & cravings

I really can't believe I'm so far into this Whole30 thing. Wow, this month flew by.

So I've been doing really good with this. Yeah, there have been some cravings from time to time but nothing too terrible and then Friday it hit hard. I was ready to just give up but the thought of doing that when I'm so close.....well, I just couldn't do it. I know I would be disappointed with myself.


Breakfast started with some eggs of bacon, of course
 Then we took Rachel and her friends to an indoor pool but it was closed for another hour. Grrr. So we took them for pizza. Ok, guys, I can't be allowed around pizza right now. It wouldn't be pretty. So Chuck went in and paid for their food and we sat in the car while they ate.  And you know, it's not even that I was hungry. I just love pizza.

And back to the pool. Look how cool this place is!
 Then back to the house for temptation Rachel's birthday cookie. Her b-day was in June but this is a belated birthday party.
 Hmmm..... maybe I am starting to see why cravings came back in full force. I had to go inside a cookie store, watch Rachel eat cookie, smell the cookie, and go by a pizza place. And, dang it, those teens smelled like cheap pizza when they got back in the car. There's my problem! Too much stimulation.

My lunch was some leftover stir fry crap. Nothing sounds good when people are munching cookie around you. But it did fill me up.
 Deviled eggs are such tasty little snacks. I devoured a few of these.
 Exercise: Chuck and I went for an evening bike ride and got to see a pretty sunset. Just a leisurely 5 mile ride. 5.03 to be exact. :)
 Dinner was some easy pulled pork over sweet tater. Was actually a pretty tasty combo!
Saturday started out wanna guess......

You got it! Bacon and eggs. And hot sauce.
 Chuck's shooting match was rained out so he escorted me to the farmer's market. I got some pineapple balsamic vinegar, a couple of jars of Indian sauces, and a big bundle of this stuff called water spinach. I like trying new things so why not?!
 I sauteed it with some coconut oil and garlic then added some pulled pork (I have a ton of this stuff) and some brown Indian sauce. Good flavor!!! I liked it.  Have you ever heard of water spinach?
 Ran around town and needed a little snack. I had a bit of this blurry Larabar and gave the rest to Chuck. A little carby but that sweetness sure was tasty.
Since watching this stupid video I've been craving a bacon burger.

So I made my own bacon burger...low carb style. Yum!! Hit the spot.
Feelings: I'm pretty ticked off about these cravings coming back! I'm mad. Here I am minding my own business and doing great then BAM! Not fair. But I was told this is normal and will go away in a couple of days.

My back is still spasming which is all kinds of not fun. But hey, muscle relaxers at night for good sleep and funky @ss dreams. Yeah, they're messed up.

Let's end this on a positive note. I've been 100% faithful to this Whole30 and my bod is slimming down and looking good. I feel good overall.

And......I signed up for a butt load of races. I'll tell you all about it on Monday.

Have a happy weekend. :)


  1. I have discovered I love the coconut oil, I was so afraid of the calories it took me forever to get over that fear, but I use it on the regular now :)

    yeah those cravings are nasty little devils :(

  2. I loves me some hot sauce on my eggs! I've never heard of water spinach before - I lucked out and got a big bag of thai basil at my farmers market, since it was at the end he said "fit whatever you can in this gallon size bag for $2!"

    I made thai basil chicken - I'll post the recipe later this week but its pretty amazing!


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