Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whole30 Days 26 & 27: Are you Ready to Change?

Last time we talked I was having issues with nasty, strong cravings. I asked around about this (aren't we supposed to be over these cravings by now?!) and I was told it's perfectly normal for you to have one last burst of cravings towards the end. Stick it out and they will go away.

Guess what. They went away!!! Back to feeling great and having energy.

I've mentioned it here before and I'll say it again: I have trouble during the summer. I just want to kick back and take life easy. I tend to gain during the summer and this one was no different.

Yeah, you can tell that clothes aren't fitting quite as nicely. The back may hurt a little. May not be sleeping as well. Even feel a little down. Something has to spark inside of you (me!) to make a change.

Supposedly, there are stages of change.

  • Precontemplation. "There's no problem. Everything is fine. I don't need to change. I'll argue with you if you tell me I need to do something different!" In other words, denial.
  • Contemplation. "There may be a little problem. I should probably look into changing some things. But I'm just not sure I want to. I'm having a great time! I just don't know. I'll worry about it tomorrow. Pass the cheesecake."
  • Preparation/Determination. "OK. This is getting bad. I need to do something. But what?! What will work?! I need to gather some information and read some books and stuff. I can't keep doing this."  
  • Action/Willpower. "I am doing this. I have the willpower to make a change. I have a plan. I am really going to stick to this and see some results! Let's do this!"  This is like the first couple of weeks of trying to start a new habit.
  • Maintenance. "Look at me go! I'm developing new habits. Yeah, eating that entire pan of brownies is tempting but look how far I've come. I'm feeling great. I need to keep doing this. When I go out, I need to plan ahead. Sure there's temptation, but I am making lifestyle changes. I can do this. Get thee behind me, temptation."
(Adapted from a daily email from Whole30 folks)

Where are you right now? Let's face it, if you're in precontemplation then you're not ready. And the sad fact is no one can do it for you. It has to come from within. Something has to trigger a response from you.

My trigger for doing this Whole30 thing was my clothes and workout and seeing a video of myself. My clothes were fitting tighter. I was having a really tough time with my workout. And I saw a video of myself and thought, "Holy party girl, Batman! Time to do something."

But when I tried I'd have these mind numbing cravings. They were intense folks. Like a druggie jonesing for a hit. Yeah, I'm serious. And I'd be so frustrated with myself that I couldn't overcome them. I needed something to keep me accountable so I could work through it and get back on track.

What I didn't realize at the time was that changing my eating habits would have so many other benefits other than weight loss. My skin is so soft and smooth. I sleep like a rock and wake up without an alarm clock. I have energy to go all day. My hunger is gone. Cravings gone. Things taste more intense. I'm happier overall and can handle stress easier. My heart doesn't race or skip. My fingernails are stronger and growing faster. I have mental clarity.

I'm tickled pink over the progress so far. Out of the stages I'd say I'm in maintenance. I'm still working on making this a lifelong habit. Don't get me wrong....I'm not going to give up splurges completely. But they have to be occasional instead of daily.

Breakfast: eggs and bacon and hot sauce
 Chuck had to go to work on a Sunday, which is very rare, and made a couple of comments about me perhaps going with him. Sure, why not?! Field trip!
 This is where he does things I have no clue about.
 I did sudoku, learned how to use the passkey to unlock the door (only took me like 15 tries), read stuff, and munched on this. I shared. Honestly, how many of you have tried a Larabar and thought, "I bet I can make this!"
 Lunch: Stopped by Chipotle on the way home and got a salad. I got carnitas and guacamole. Did you know Tabasco makes a very spicy dressing?! Don't use so much next time, Kelly. I was sniffling and snorking through lunch. Now that's spicy!
 There was a Jazz apple in the kitchen calling my name. Sprinkled with cinnamon it's like eating apple pie. It was so sweet that I could only eat a few slices and shared the rest. Wow, my taste buds are changing.
 Dinner: Fend for yourself night. The kids had pizza and I had some leftover pulled pork with water spinach.
The morning got away from me. I was busy and totally forgot about breakfast. Finally had something to eat around 11:30.  Just some the last of the leftover pulled pork and water spinach.
 Cooked up some homemade sausage patties and some biscuits. The biscuit recipe is from Paleo Comfort Foods.  These are for Chuck's breakfasts. All he has to do is scramble an egg to top it off.
 Lunch: Well, I had to try one! Oh yum!!!! I really liked this. I think it needs cheese to put it over the top but it's not allowed right now.
 Dinner: Macadamia crusted cod with basil/coconut sauce topped with cilantro, spinach, sweet potato with cinnamon. Mmmm.....perfectly satisfying.
 Hey, did you know that mayo made from extra virgin olive oil is kinda nasty? I learned that. And it's green. Lesson learned.

Snack: some blurry blueberries because the blurry ones are the tastiest.
Feelings: I'm kind of on auto pilot right now. I feel good except that my back is still giving me all kinds of trouble.
I was thinking about what I would want right now if I could have a splurge. It was so weird because I couldn't think of anything that I'm just dying to have. That's a good sign, right?

Have yourself a wonderful day. This Whole30 thing is almost over so you won't have to be subjected to what I stuff in my mouth every single day. I'm sure it gets old but I really want to document this.

See y'all back here tomorrow!


  1. Do you think after the Whole 30 is done, the key for you will be controlling the splurges? Not that I think you're going to go off the deep end but some day, something is going to look good to you again... and then what?

  2. I have a race tradition: go out for a little fun celebration and a drink after a race. September 1 will be that day and I plan on going out for our usual celebration.

    I just can't make it a daily thing. I can find a reason to celebrate every day! LOL It's just a matter of keeping the splurges to a minimum or once a week type thing.

    I'm sure I'll be tinkering with finding my balance.

  3. You've done so well on this challenge Kelly. Yay you. I cracked up at your like "the blurry berries are the tastiest". Have a great day!!!

    1. Thank you, thank you.

      It's true about the blueberries. Try the blurry ones. Yum!

  4. Kelly, what si the difference between this eating plan and atkins. I am really interested in trying this bit it seems to be just like atkins. And I did atkins for 2 months and then just went CRAZY!!!!!! And where is there a good site to get all the info on eating PALEO???

    1. I really liked Atkins! Cheese, sweeteners, and goodies like that. But I needed something to get rid of my cravings. I was having some issues with carbs.

      Paleo is more about whole foods or what some people call clean eating. No grains though. No legumes. And it's pretty individual: some stay away from dairy/some have it. Some stay away from alcohol and others have it.

      Think healthy fats, TONS of veggies, moderate protein, little bit of fruit. Eating things without a lot of labels.

      In my opinion, the best places to learn more would be :
      http://whole9life.com/ (though at the end of the Whole30 they help you add back things to see if you tolerate them. Things that paleo folks would shake their heads at. It's up to you)

      How many carbs you have is an individual preference. You have to know how you handle them. I have insulin resistance so I try to watch them. But find what works for you.

  5. Hi Kelly, make your mayo with "light tasting olive oil" and rice wine vinegar(not sweetened). It is great. We use Julia Child's recipe. We once made mayo with lard...hence the family motto "just because you can do something doesn't mean you should." The yellow lab wouldn't eat it. Good luck.

    1. I usually do make it with light tasting oil but after reading that so many of the olive oils in the store aren't 100% olive oil, I thought I'd try some oil I knew was legit. Did not come out as hoped. :/

  6. Did you make your own olive oil mayo? If so you are awesome, but I must say I've bought 2 different store brands of it now and LOVE them, not weird tasting or green at all! Great job on all the good work btw!

    1. It's SO easy to make, Amanda. No weird ingredients. Just stuff from my kitchen. But don't use extra virgin olive oil. It just doesn't work out.

      This is the recipe I use:

  7. Thanks for taking the time to document what you stuffed in your mouth every day. It didn't get old and actually inspired me to buy It Starts With Food and I'm going to jump in and do the Whole 30 starting September 1.

    1. That's great!!! Very happy for you. Please understand how terrible the first week is. You will have headaches, fatigue and even some anger. It's normal and gets better. Promise. Just be patient.

  8. Kelly- Helen got me to your blog. I am dying laughing. I am on Day 3 and normally and a nice, well spoken person. I am ready to start kicking puppies. It sucks. I just keep reading the part in the book where it said if you have a reaction that's good-- it means it's working. It's apparently working REALLY well for me.

    Thanks for inspiring me... 30 days is feeling really, really long....

    1. OMG, yes!! There is so much anger at first. Try having PMS on day 3. Yeah, that wasn't fun. I was tired and angry and.....it was a bad thing. Very bad. BUT it does get better. Just hang in there! There's a facebook group called "Whole30 and Paleo" you may want to join for support. Also, be sure to check out the timeline to know what to expect:

      30 days seems really long right now but it goes by pretty quick. Just get past that first week then it's pretty smooth sailing.
      Be warned: it's normal for the cravings to come back VERY strong near the end. Just don't give in.
      Also, you may start having weird dreams about food soon. It's cool. Lots of folks do. I dreamed of cookies and one I was baking a huge turkey. Some folks even eat things like pop tarts in their dreams and feel guilty the next day. Very strange stuff. Week 1 SUCKS!!


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