Thursday, August 9, 2012

Whole30 Days 8 & 9: Navigation

I've learned a lot in these last two days. A lot about how to navigate situations and how to eat and not eat.

Day 8 Wednesday:
Breakfast: Leftover Caribbean Chicken Pot with a scrambled egg on top for protein since most of the chicken was gone.
 The lesson learned here was that sweet potatoes are a little carby and I feel better if I have a little more protein to start the day.

I started getting the "shakes" around lunch time. Not good. So I grabbed some quick protein and greens and felt better.

Oooooh. Shopping! Guess I felt good enough for that!
 A quick thunderstorm. We really need the rain though. There was such a terrible drought last year.
 And my little reward for completing my first week of Whole30: A new cookbook and some ghee (clarified butter). Love getting a new cookbook!
 Snack: a few macadamia nuts
 My pork roast that I had going in the crockpot wasn't quite tender enough so Chuck made dinner. Bacon and eggs!  Here's a gun shaped bacon.
 While he was cooking I was scrolling through Facebook and noticed a bunch of posts that say things such as "like this post to save a kitten" or "like this post if satan is bad". So I told Chuck, "I should do a post that says, 'For each like I'll eat a piece of bacon.' "  Hahahaha, right? Wrong! People take that stuff seriously!

Then my good friend Kent Altena decided to share my post on his wall. (Darn it, Kent! Game on!) Long story short, I have 65 pieces of bacon to eat. I got 4 pieces out of the way at dinner.
Dinner: 4 bacon slices, 2 fried eggs.
 Oh and bacon piece number 5. Topped with a piece of fresh mango. It was ridiculously good!
 Feelings: More tired than I was the day before. I felt so great day 7! I think my eating was just off. I just didn't feel quite as great. I need to plan my meals better.

Day 9

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs over spinach, cup of black coffee with coconut milk.
 Then it was time for a haircut and I went with bangs this time. I think I like them!! What do you think? Bangs or back to the way it was off to the side?
 Lunch: tuna salad on greens and cucumber with homemade citrus dressing. Yum!
 Chuck's boss is moving to Santiago so there was a going away party at a pub called Fox and the Hound. Guess what. I can't drink. No beer. No wine. No beloved tequila. This was going to be a test! But I have to learn to navigate social situations. I can't just lock myself up all month while I'm doing this. So I thought ahead and repeated to myself, "club soda and lime, club soda and lime, club soda and lime."  I admit that I was feeling weak and considering tequila. But I don't want to report that I failed so I got a club soda and lime.
 Then they started bringing out the appetizers. Look what they set right in front of my face. Wouldn't it have been terrible if I tripped and landed face first in those chips? Oh nooooo. But I had not one chip. Good girl. Ugh.
 So by making up my mind in advance and going in with a steadfast resolve, I was able to navigate that situation. And then I was so hungry! Fortunately I had cooked sweet potatoes and pork roast the day before. Just heat and eat.

Dinner: Coconut Ginger pork, some sweet potato with ghee and pumpkin pie spice, and spinach with ghee and lemon pepper. Yum!!
Feelings: Pretty darn good, actually! Just a little sleepy. Still not that day 7 energy level. But eating was a lot better. I think I was irritated at the pub because I couldn't have what I want. Plus I don't do crowds very well. But I am so proud of myself for sticking to this.

I did learn that fat adapted means you can switch between burning glucose and fat for fuel easily. At least that's what I read. I need to read more though so don't take my word as the gospel.  IF I don't go hog wild with my carbs when I'm off of this and stick to the Whole30 plan for the most part (though I will be adding back cheese because.....cheese!!!) I will be in good shape.

Look, I love carbs. I really do. I hope people understand that I don't fear them or hate them. My body does not react properly to them. I have a bad case of insulin resistance. I'm trying to become insulin and leptin sensitive. That means cutting back on my carbs. It's just the way it has to be for now. I'm probably pushing it with the sweet potatoes. Need to start having them as a treat of after workouts I guess. I'll worry about that later. ;)

We all have to find out what's right for our bodies without judging others' choices. We're in the same boat here trying to get healthy. I appreciate the support and listen to criticism because sometimes I'm wrong. It's rare but it does happen from time to time. haha

Have a great Friday. Navigate those tough situations with ease by preparing in advance.

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  1. When I did the challenge last fall the trainer/nutritionist we worked with recommended that I eat a sweet potato for breakfast every Wednesday. But here's the thing on Monday and Tuesday I had double workouts with running in the morning and Muay Thai at night. Then run again on Wednesday morning. I was not feeling well - very shaky. Once I added that potato in I felt much better and I think it worked because if followed some real hard working out.

    Well Fed Paleo is the cookbook my sister gave me for my birthday. It's the only Paleo cookbook I own and I use it regularly. You are going to enjoy it! (I don't care for her recipe for Roasted Cumin Carrots though. Yuck.)

  2. Your bangs are adorable! Cute, cute. :)

    Good going not falling into the food and drink at the pub - that is when diet willpower really comes into play!

    I haven't read it yet, but thought of you when I stumbled onto this guy's blog:

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Lol, good luck with your bacon, bacon with mango on top looks and sound yummy, I have to try that. I think the bangs really suits you. :) How funny you just read about Norway to your children.

    I'm now on my day 5, the hardest so far.

    Have a nice weekend.


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