Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Foot Races and Car Races

OMG, a post that isn't about Whole30 and pics of my food?! Yup. You're welcome.

It was a crazy whirlwind of weekend. Let me share some fun highlights.

Friday night I got the race packets for the Purple Monkey 5k in Alvin. This was my first 5K back in 2008 so it's kind of special to me. I think I've changed shape a little since then.
Everyone in the family was running this race so we all got our gear ready for the morning because brain function isn't 100% at 5:00am.
 Saturday morning we're up and stumbling around. I think we had some coffee and maybe a couple of scrambled eggs.

By 7am it was Charlie's time to do the kid's 1k race. He hasn't been running but he said he wanted to do it so we tossed him out there. He did great.
 Congratulations, Charlie. Nice medal!
 The 5k/10K started at 7:30am. Heavy clouds and lightning had been threatening us all morning but it cleared up enough that we could have the run. Pretty good turn out for a small community race!
 We walked. We ran. We talked. We laughed. Rachel always says she doesn't want to do these but she becomes a different person when it's race day. She was actually talking about doing a half marathon before this race started! I guess these bring out her competitive nature because she took off and left us. You can see Charlie walking back. He'd already run his 1k and didn't want to try to keep up with Rachel.
 Some drummers kept a beat which provided for a perfect pace. Loved having that. I wish they could have followed us the whole course because it really helped to keep a rhythm.
 Getting closer to the end!!!
 The boys discussing important things in life, I'm sure. Like, "Are we almost finished?" and "Why do you keep signing us up for these things?" and "Why is it almost 100* at this hour?"
 YAY! The finish line is right up ahead. After this picture the three of us ran to the finish line for a great finish. And there was much rejoicing.
 Good job, son. Waiting around for the prize drawings.
 Chilling like a boss. Good job, Rachel.
 So they had all these post race snacks. Yes, fruit but also chocolate frosted donuts. I got one with the intention to take a bight and pass it on. Like a joint or something. "Dude, don't bogart the donut."

I took a bite and it was nasty. Bleck. Chuck took a bite and tossed it. But the watermelon slice was divine.

We did it! It was so humid that there was a fair amount of sweating going on.
 Enough of this serious mess.
 After getting cleaned up we headed out for a little celebration. Hello, Blue Moon.  I had one. And yes, it was very good.  And there was much rejoicing.
 It was nap time during a rain storm and then off to help a friend move then discuss things like cholesterol over a glass of tequila. Fun day!

Sunday we headed to my parents' house then Chuck, Rachel and I went to the car races to see an old friend of mine race. OK, he's not old but we were friends back in high school and I haven't seen him since I was maybe 17.

I've never been to a dirt track race before!!
 They had all kinds of cars. It cracked me up when they used huge tow trucks to move the little bitty cars off the track.
 There were wrecks and lots of excitement. I even caught a snake in the women's bathroom! OK, it was a tiny little ribbon snake but you'd have thought I was wrestling and anaconda by the reaction of some folks. :)

And there's my friend Brian's blue car! He did GREAT! This is the first heat.
 He was so far ahead in the first race that the other cars didn't have a chance.
Here's a clip from the first race.

The feature race was a tougher one. All of the big dogs were racing. He still did an amazing job. We thought he was going to win it. But the white care pulled ahead at the very end. He lost by only inches. We were all on the edge of our seats and finally the crowd couldn't take any more and we were all on our feet. A real nail biter.
The ending of the feature race. So close!!! Great driving, Brian.
After the races ended around 1am, we headed to the pit to say congratulations.

Very cool car!!
 Rachel got to climb in and try on the helmet. She was all grins and loved the races so much she's wanting to know when we can go again.
 Mr Brian with his car. Fantastic race!! People were saying it was the best one they had been to.

We chatted a bit then headed to mom's where we finally got to bed around 2:30am.

What a fun and exhausting weekend!! Hope you had a great weekend too. :)


  1. Charlie has great running form! And Rachel doing so well doesn't surprise me after seeing her race at the Muddy Girl...she could totally run a half marathon! Nice job inspiring your kids, Kelly! :)

  2. Woo Hoo...way to go on the run Shumann family! (I got your last name from the fb "thaing" on the side of the blog!) Rachel's socks are FUN!!! Have a happy Wednesday.

  3. I just love how your entire family jumps right in and participates in the races. Although, that does sort of hamper race photography doesn't it?

  4. Wow, what an amazing weekend!! Love how Rachel came around come race day. Holla Blue Moon beer - love it!!

  5. Hey nice post! You guys seems to have so much fun!

    Have a good one!



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