Monday, September 24, 2012

WW3.5 Obstacle Course recap

Now THAT was fun!!!!

Saturday morning we headed to a field in Winnie, Texas not knowing exactly what to expect.

I've never been so ill prepared for a race/run. I didn't even get my clothes and shoes together the night before. I wasn't nervous at all.

During the drive to the race I started having some nervous doubts as I finally decided to look at the rules and pics of the race. It looked like there were some serious obstacles!

We arrive to a field where we had to pay $10 to park. Seriously, guys? I don't believe in paying to park for a race. Especially when it's in a hay pasture. But whatever.
 We pick up our packets and walk around. There was a lively atmosphere and people were dressed up in various costumes and laughing. Music was playing and the DJ worked hard to pump up the crowd.
 With bibs pinned and ready to go, we explored. Loved the random UFO.
 Bathrooms are kind of a big deal at races. This one had plenty of clean (that's a relative term for a port-o-pottie) restrooms and even stations to wash your hands! I loved the hand washing stations. What a great idea to have soap, water and paper towels at these things.
 The race begins with everyone on bouncy balls.
This was some hilarious stuff. People were bouncing everywhere and falling off balls. And when it was our turn to bounce I realized what a workout this was! Heart racing and we are just getting started!
We had a little more time before our 11am wave started so we walked around some more and enjoyed seeing others having so much fun and stared at those who had just finished and were caked with mud.

There was a cockpit that housed the DJ and equipment.

 Finally the 10:30am wave was off and we had to put cell phones and keys away.

We started off near the back on our bouncy balls. Neither of us fell off but there were a couple of close calls. One lady bounced on my foot which messed up her balance and she fell off. Just a casualty. WE have to move forward.
 The beginning is pretty non-eventful. We come to a few round bales of hay we have to climb. I thought it was soft on the other side so I bounced on my rear and thought I would then do a little graceful hop to the ground. Nay nay. That hay was HARD and I landed hard on my rear. No bouncing. Ouch! Tailbone and spine were not amused.
 We climbed and waded and crawled through mud pits and laughed as we both fell and slipped in nasty muddy water.

We jumped over hurdles. Ok, I crawled over them.

We used a rope to pull ourselves across a very nasty,deep pond. At least it was cool and we could wash some of the mud off ourselves.

There were long stretches of nothing in the back of the pasture that felt like taking a hike. No spectators, no cheering people, and all of the runners were gone. So it was just Chuck and I walking around a pasture and hoping we were still on the right path.

Every single obstacle was tackled and accomplished including a belly crawl through mud and climbing over a wooden wall, a cargo net crawl to a school bus, a plank walk over nasty mud pit to a plane part, a wall with a tiny board against it perched precariously over a foamy mud pit, a slippery log balance walk over another mud pit (this was the most worrisome obstacle for me), a dark tunnel crawl that ended in the engine compartment of a car, and others! I think they get some of their ideas from Wipeout.

All along we are laughing and having a great time. We even came up with ideas for future extreme obstacles like "Find the Hay in the Needle Stack."

One of the last obstacles was a tire crawl up the side of a boat then a climb down.
 Not quite finished with the mud yet! A belly crawl through some of the thickest mud ever. My arm was even getting stuck in it.  When we reached the end we made mud angels, gave each other a nasty high five and a hug then proceeded to the very last obstacle.
 Last obstacle included a muddy crawl through a tube, more mud.......
 ....crawling among huge beach balls then through one last muddy tube.
 Then we received a very cool medal. LOVE IT!

 The aftermath. Yeah, we were pretty gross. Even if we wanted to run this whole thing the muddy shoes were like carrying around cinder blocks. You'll notice I didn't call this a "race recap." We took our time and just enjoyed ourselves.
 The shirt started out as a normal sized cotton shirt. It stretched and became a dress during its abuse on the course. Can you see my bib barely hanging on? I think I left a couple of safety pins somewhere on the course. That was probably not a happy find by other contestants. By the way, I'm wearing a sacrificial pair of newtons.
 Time to get hosed off by well water being pumped from underground. Now that's cold!!! Sometimes the pressure would build up and the water would almost knock you off your feet. I got to hold the hose for a while and it was really difficult to keep a grip.

Time for beer and bbq which were all included in the cost of the race. Cheers! To the race and good times.

Some advice for these mud runs: bring a change of clothes, extra shoes, a hat, a towel, a garbage bag and a sheet.  The garbage bag is for your nasty clothes and shoes. The sheet is for a makeshift changing room around your open car doors. Yep, you change right there in the middle of all the cars but you're so tired you really don't care.

Hey! Did you know that the mud is moisturizing? And that the soft skin sticks to leather seats in the car? There was much pain as I peeled my leg off the seat once at home. I left behind a lot of Kelly. OUCH! That's skin, not mud.
 Then it was time to get cleaned up, wash off the mud from clothes and see what was salvageable, then head out for a celebratory dinner.

What a great time. If you'd like to participate in WW3.5 check out their web site for upcoming races. It really was a lot of fun and something that we both look forward to doing again. It is for ages 15 and up and a blast!


  1. That looks like so much fun!! Love it! I saw this article and immediately thought of you - there might be a bacon shortage in 2013 - no!!!!,0,6240960.story

  2. That race looks fun, and I love the start on the Hippity Hops!

  3. That looks like a blast! Well, except for the mud part :-)


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