Monday, October 8, 2012

Beach Dash!!!

What a GREAT weekend!!

Friday night we stayed up wayyyy too late acting goofy, watching TV, reading....just having a nice evening at home.

Saturday morning we were groggy from staying up all night so we took a nap then got up around 1pm and got ready for the Beach Dash race in Galveston. It's so strange to get ready for a race in the afternoon. I'm used to races being at the crack of dawn.

We arrived, paid $8 for parking (grumble, grumble), and made our way to pick up our packets.
 There were a lot of people but not as many as there were last year. There are soooo many of these obstacle course races in Houston now I guess people have to pick and choose where to spend their money. It would cost a fortune to try to do them all.
 The DJ was spinning some good tunes and had people dancing to the wobble and the cha cha slide.
 It was such a pretty day. People were scattered everywhere enjoying the beach and the music. Last year Shelley and Jeff did the race with us. We missed them this year.
 It wasn't long before the announcement came across the speakers that it was time for the 4:30 wave to get ready. So we got to the very back of the line and waited.
 Then we were off. We jogged for a while but jogging in loose sand will suck the life out of you pretty fast. Soon we were walking and talking and enjoying the soft breeze.
 Finally we started arriving at signs like this:
 Some of the obstacles really were radical like running across floating barrels or crawling over the top of a wooden structure where I lost some skin from leg.  Others were running up and down hills, crawling under netting, crawling through mud, more hills.

The beach was so pretty that I had to stop and check out the birds and hermit crabs from time to time. We were in no rush.
 Some of the fun obstacles were back like the fire jump. I swear those flames look so much larger when you're jumping across them. Feels like it toasts your buns! Though you can't see it in the pic, we could see the smoke from the fires way before we even arrived at the race.
 As you can see, it's a pretty casual race. You had people who took it seriously and ran the whole thing and people like us who would jog a little and walk the rest while talking and having a good time.
 Then we came to this.
 We were told to keep to the left because a girl was at the base on the opposite side with an injury. So people were waiting in line at the bottom of this thing to climb over the top.

Once you get to the top there is no ledge or anything to hold on to. You just have to get over and slide down. It was pretty precarious. Considering my fear of heights and how slow I am on the tall obstacles, I decided to skip this one instead of holding everybody back for miles. Chuck went ahead and did it and hurt his belly a little at the top. It really was a tough obstacle and a few folks did get hurt.
 Suddenly we were at the end! That was fast. Chuck slid down feet first and I followed head first and rammed into his back at the bottom. We laughed then crawled through the icy salt water towards the finish. If you look closely there is a girl at the base of this with an injured ankle. Medics are on the way. The girl at the top is directing runners to keep to the side.
 Finish!!! Yay!!!!  Since my camera crew was running with me there were no victorious pictures of us crossing the finish line.
 Just look at all those medals. Nice.
 We did it!!!!
 And even have a big smile. Success. It was a lot of fun. I missed the pool noodles that they had last year. And the huge beach balls. But it was still a great time. I liked that they had the race in the afternoon too.
 If you turn in your timing chip you get a free beer. Mmmm. Nice and cold.
 We walked along the beach drinking our beer.....
 ......enjoyed a spectacular sunset......
.....watched other people finishing up the race.....
 ....felt the cool sand on our tired feet.....
 ....and met a friendly trail blazing dove on the way back to the car!
 And the sun set on another perfect day. We stopped at Sonic and treated ourselves to a victory dinner.

Sunday was a bit overcast and chilly. Chuck had to work from home so I changed the snake cage and let him explore in the fake plants.
 Charlie changed his snakes cage and let her explore for a while too.
Twas a nice Sunday at home with the family.

Truly a great weekend. Wish you could have done Beach Dash with us. I think you would have enjoyed it. Maybe next year?


  1. What? No cargo net to conquer?? The thing they replaced it with looks awkward and scary. And the injuries - eek! That is another reason why I'm not doing any obstacle races for a while...been there, done that with getting hurt. Looks like it was fun, but sorry that you didn't get to have your love affair with the pool noodles again, and that we weren't there to share the fun with you guys!

  2. Was that the one you and Shelley did together last year? Or maybe it wasn't even that long ago?

    Perfect weekend to me. My husband isn't too active, so I am jealous of you and Shelley's husband outings!

  3. Way to go Dashers!!! Looks like fun. (except for the high wall) Have a great week.

  4. It almost looks like they tried to make the obstacles more challenging and less fun. These types of races are really popular around here and it seems that the harder they are the more people want to do them!

    It's nice that you and Chuck do it together.


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