Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Biking and Shooting and Star Dust (oh my!)

Good Wednesday to all my friends in Blogville.

Part of October's goals was to exercise more so I intend to get in 100 miles. Boy, has this month been flying by!

*Got out Monday for a 5 mile bike ride. Yesterday was beautiful and I got in an easy 10 miles.
 I have a little bag on the front of my bike where I stash my phone and set it to Pandora and listen to music as I pedal along. Monday I put on Louis Armstrong and it was one of the most relaxing bike rides I've had in a long time. LOVED it!

*I always seem to forget what a mood enhancer exercising is. I feel great after a walk or bike ride.

*So I don't run an entire race but I don't walk the whole thing either. I guess I'm not really a runner nor can I say I'm a walker. I have no idea what I am. I do have two races this coming weekend and I plan on walk/running both. More walking on the 5k since I need my legs ready for the half marathon on Sunday.

*Allergies suck! I've been battling sneezing, watering eyes and nose all week. Not fun. Last night Chuck wanted me to take two Nyquil gels. I usually only take one. I passed out! Working through the Nyquil hangover today.

*Last weekend we took Rachel and her beau to the shooting range. Chuck is playing with his toy.
 Rachel trying out some big, black rifle as boyfriend watches.
 Me? I was reading a book on quantum physics. I just can't wrap my head around some of that stuff.

*Monday Chuck wanted some more range time so I tagged along but did some sudoku.
 The blurry ones are so much more difficult. *snicker*

And I got to see a lovely sunset!

*I made up a cleaning schedule and put it on the fridge. For 15 minutes we clean the hell out of one part of the house. Feels good to accomplish things. A clean house is a peaceful house.

*The Orionid meteor shower occurred last weekend. The earth plowed through the debris field of Halley's Comet and we got to see the fireworks from it. I say "we" but this chick went to bed early and missed it all. BUT I'll show you how to collect meteorite dust! It's so easy.
1) Turn a plastic zip bag inside out and place a strong magnet inside.   2) Locate your drain locations from rain gutters. Or place a pie pan outside for a while if you don't have gutters.  3) See the black particles? Run the magnet over them a few times.  4) The black particles attached to magnet or tiny bits of meteorite dust. Turn bag inside out again and save them.

An astronomer at George Observatory taught me how to do that a few years ago.

Tonight I'm going to try a recipe for salmon patties. I'll let you know how it turns out.

That's pretty much my life in a nutshell right now. Nothing too thrilling but I'm happy.

I haven't been stepping on the scale. Clothes are a tad bit tighter so I need to buckle down again. Ugh, stupid weight.

Hope you're having a fantastic week!


  1. Hi Kelly. WOW...that meteorite thing is amazing!!!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. It IS cool, isn't it!? Try it! It really works. You can even set a pan out for a while and it will collect the meteorite dust.
      Happy Wednesday to you, too!

  2. I can tell you home school your kids with all the little random bits of knowledge you share with us. Meteorite dust? I would have never known.

    I would agree that you are not a runner. There are lots of folks who like shiny medals and participating in races. They finish by hook or by crook but they aren't runners. It's one of the reason I also believe the obstacle races have gotten so popular. You don't really have to run.

    1. Lol Thanks, Helen. I wonder if Jeff Galloway and John Bingham would be considered runners by definition. They use walk/run/walk method too. Doesn't matter. I'm out there doing it and having fun no matter what others think of me. ;)

    2. I wasn't trying to insult you I was agreeing with you. I can look back over many of your blogs and see you say, "I didn't run." "I didn't train." True?

      In his heyday, Jeff Galloway could run a mile in 4:28. In 1970 he won the Peachtree Road Race, one of the most famous races in the USA. At age 29 he ran the Honolulu Marathon in 2:23. At age 35 he ran the Houston Marathon in 2:17ish. Jeff Galloway is a runner. While Bingham was never that fast, there was a time when he was doing marathons in the 4 hour range. He didn't even start running until he was 43. Galloway, who is the one that invented the run/walk method to prolong his career still did his marathons in the 3:30 range after he started using it. Did you know he considered it a run/walk because he ran to each water stop then shuffled through them instead of running through them? Most of us can't even compare to that in any way. There's not a thing wrong with feeling and/or saying you like to participate in events but you're not a runner. My husband runs a couple times a week and does not call himself a runner. To each his own.

    3. Oh, Helen, it's all good!! Conversations like that just get ya thinking: what is the definition of a runner?

      Is it frequency? Is it mileage? Is it a race entry? Is it the shoes? Is it mileage run before walking? Is it being able to run a certain distance without walking? Is it sprinting the whole time? Is it pace? Is it the pompous deginition by Pearl Izu

      It makes me wonder: because I didn't train like most people for a 10 mile rac am I no a runner? Or do I define myself by what I do and dismiss the labels of others? I mean, I run but not as often as I used to.

      Yeah! I've read about both Jeff Galloway and Jonn Bingham. Amazing men who have done a lot to promote running with mere mortals like myself. I used Galliway's book as a bible when I started out running at 12 second intervals at 250 pounds. He was an inspiration to me and his book convinced me to run my first 5k.

      Then I got Binghams book and it made me feel that I could run a half marathon
      And here I am with two half marathons under my belt and several other races. Never thought I'd be here!!

      Anyway, the conversation made me start to wonder who is a runner? I've met some very fast runners at races (top pace group folks) and they've never had an "us and them" attitude.
      Just thinking out loud. All this running talk gives me an itch to go for a run. :)

  3. When I was a kid, I had a coach that told me that when someone asked me if I was an athlete to never look at my feet and reply, "Yes". Rather, I should look them square in the eye and say, "Yes".

    You will give yourself credit where credit is due. You run. You run far more than the majority of the people in this nation. To say you are not a runner is incredulous (big word for the day).

    So.... are you a runner? YES. You are a runner.
    Let's go running this weekend.

    1. Thanks! Your supposrt in all my little "fancies" means a lot to me.
      Let's run this weekend! How about a 5k and a half marathon?! Woohoo! I've got the Garmin charged and ready. :D


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