Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Races and more Races

Car races and running races. That was my weekend in a nutshell.

Friday night the whole family went to Battleground Speedway to watch a friend race.

 There were so many cars and when they were all running it was a deafening sound.
 This is my friend's car. He did very good. Go, #88!!!!! It was fun cheering for someone I know.
I think we got home sometime after 1am and passed out.

Sunday morning Chuck and I were up a little after 5am. I'm so glad I got my stuff together Saturday night because I'm walking around half asleep on those early morning runs.
 We arrived 30 minutes before the race started. I usually like to arrive an hour before the start but we were having trouble getting ourselves together and out the door. Ok, truth be told, the snooze button was hit on the alarm a few times. But we made it!
 Ah the port-a-pottie lines. Not as bad as last year though.
 At this time last year I was running with PearlandFit running club. I had a running partner and we did the 5 mile relay for this race. Not this year! This is my partner in crime and we trained by doing a couple of 5K's and decided to do the entire 10 miles instead of the 5 mile relay. (I told him not to talk when I take pictures but does he listen? Noooo.)
 Time to line up. Temperature was in the upper 70's. Humid. We got this.
 It was such a pretty morning. We ran across the bridge of Armand Bayou. Perfectly calm and a great place and time to paddle. This brought about a discussion: Would you rather be paddling or running this race right now? Would you rather be at work or run this race? Hospital or race? In bed or race? Broken leg or race?
 Ahhh. Time for our first water break.
 At this point we are waaaaay in the back. I think there was maybe one person behind us. But do we care? Maybe a little. We stop to take pictures anyway. We're laughing and just having a good old time.
 At mile 5.5 there is another water station with one of my favorite signs. Hilarious! They also had mimosas so we stopped to enjoy one of those. Nice and cold.
 We're still alive! If you're familiar with Houston, I think this was on NASA Rd 1.
 Crossing another bridge where a dragon boat team was practicing.
 We were on the home stretch now. We passed up one older man. So we knew there were at least two people behind us at this point. A cop did come along and told us they were picking up cones behind us. Uh oh. The sag wagon cometh. But then he said they'd leave them up for us. I had emailed the organizer of the race and he said there was no time limit.

We also passed a walker who was sitting by the side of the road. She wasn't doing too well. But suddenly she got her second wind and blew past us.

There were still lots of people there when we crossed the finish line. And we got the exact same medal as the people who crossed the finish line in 5th, 10th, 20th, etc. place.

We kept walking and moving after crossing the finish line and drinking water because we knew that as soon as we stopped our muscles were going to want to seize up.

Here Chuck is either:
a) showing you the new medal
b) strangling me
c) showing you the new medal he is using to strangle me
The beautiful new bling. Love it. I don't recommend doing a 10 mile race without any training but it can be done. Well, we did do a half marathon in April so I guess it wasn't a huge deal. But I'd definitely recommend some sort of training!
 And even though I wore my favorite bad-ass Experia socks, I still got a few blisters. Here:
 Inside of big toe. Ouch.
 And a nice blister on my heel. This one hurt the most.
After breakfast and a shower we watched Felix Baumgartner complete the world's highest skydiving jump. Then we toasted our race and took a nap.

Today is two days after the race and it hurts to move. I'm walking like a polio victim around the house. It's kind of funny to watch.

My agenda includes lots of stretching and maybe some walking. There's a half marathon in two weeks and I want to be ready. Ha!


  1. Way to go Kelly. But OWCH! I LOL at the signs. The one about the parade, and the one that says "you are NOT almost there". Hilarious. Enjoy your Tuesday.

  2. you are BADASS KELLY!!!!
    and tough.
    and hard core.
    and I in awe :-)


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