Monday, October 22, 2012


I always look for new things to try/do and I certainly got to do that on Saturday!

Our friends Kyle and Valerie bought us tickets to go with them to the Texas Renaissance Festival. They go every year and have wanted to share the experience with us. It has been something Chuck and I have talked about doing but just always seem to have things going on so we miss it year after year.

Saturday morning was our initiation into the RenFest. I had to sit down and look around to take it all in! There were so many people and things going on. It's definitely a good place to people watch.

There were interesting things to see like knights on horses:
Mock jousting!

 There were buildings that looked like castles.
 There were shows all day long.
 I snuck in a flask (shhhhhh) but they sold much larger ones. And no, I didn't dress up. I wanted to be super comfortable.
 There was a centaur! His back legs were on wheels. Very cool costume.
 Valerie and I had to go meet him. These people really get in to character.
 Most people that dressed up were in regular costumes (pirates, dresses, etc) but some went all out. Not sure how a giant bat fits into the Renaissance period but it was pretty darn cool.
 This guy has an ax to grind. Haha? None of the costumes were very scary but the people were very interactive which freaked me out a bit at first. A couple of people walked right up to me and started talking. After getting used to that (and after a couple of beers) it was fun to talk to folks.
 There were people everywhere and of all age groups. And all age groups were dressed up.
 There were drunk people on top of buildings.
 There was my friend Kyle in period costume with a period cell phone.
 There were demonstrations by very friendly people who were more than willing to tell you about their craft.
 There were falconry demonstrations. This, of course, is not a falcon but a cool vulture that would hop around.
 There were also activities to do like face painting, bungee jumping on a trampoline, elephant rides, and swings. We had a great time.
I wish I had worn my Garmin because we put in some miles that day! And that evening we were exhausted.

Sunday we spent the day cleaning up and fixing some things. It always feels good to get things done around the house.

That evening Chuck grilled steaks and I made sweet potatoes with scary eyes. Cute and tasty!

I need to get in some miles this week if I am going to reach my 100 mile goal of October. This month had flown by!


  1. Looks like fun!! Girl, this whole YEAR has flown by! I can't help but think...if they ALL go by this fast, I'll be retired tomorrow! I WISH!

  2. That looks SOOOOO fun!!! Love the "period costume with the period cell phone!" Hilarious!

  3. That is QUITE the back tattoo in the mock jousting pic! Wow that looks like fun - and would be more fun after some spirits!

  4. Cute and yummy sweet potatoes. Can I have some of those? I'm starving. Ok, I'll just read your blog. Beautiful.

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  5. What year was the Renaissance period in Texas?


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