Thursday, November 15, 2012

Butterflies, Dinosaurs and Gyros

Last weekend I had a friend from high school come visit with her family. I haven't seen her in years! We reconnected through Facebook and she made the trip from Louisiana to Houston for a visit.

What a fun and busy weekend it turned out to be!

Rachel baked a cake for her since the previous weekend was her birthday. So Friday night we all went out for dinner, came back to the house where the kids played video games, and celebrated her birthday with cake.
Saturday we had a full day planned. We couldn't even do half of all I had planned!
We headed out to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. I brought along my chicken which I have named **Cluck Gable. He needs to get out too. He was astonished most of the time.

Lunch time. There's a McDonald's at the museum so we grabbed our lunches and headed outside. Cluck Gable was very upset about the choices.
Then it was time to head to the butterfly center. The kids rode a Texas sized caterpillar. Cluck was scared to death.

Everybody played a game style bug quiz. Not sure who won.
That's Chuck, Charlie, and our friends.
In the butterfly center, there are several types of butterflies flying around everywhere. It's a surreal experience and absolutely beautiful! This butterfly followed our friend Randall everywhere. It would stay on his arm. Very cool. I think this was called a rice paper butterfly.
 Rachel with another butterfly. They weren't afraid of people and would just sit there for you to look at them.
 And if you were lucky, they would land on you for a while.
 Chuck befriended this big butterfly that stayed on his back the entire time we were in the center. We finally had to remove it before we walked out.
 The center is beautiful and weddings are even held here. I can see why. A nice place to sit and relax when it's not crowded.
 Charlie and McKenzie waited and waited for a butterfly to land on them.
Then it was time to head to the new paleontology hall. I LOVE this place. Cluck Gable found it....astonishing.

 Sooooo many fossils.
 This female still had babies inside of her. One in her birth canal. Poor mama.
 A little pterosaur with large teeth. Since they are pointed forward, it is believed this guy would dive into the water to spear its dinner.
 The big guys always draw the kids. Love their little arms. One hypothesis is that they used their arms for "tickling" in courtship. There is also evidence that some had feathers. As a matter of fact, today's chickens are related to T. Rex. Chickens even have the genes to make teeth but they just aren't activated today.
 The crown jewel of the paleontology hall is this near complete skeleton of a triceratops. Not only was this skeleton found but also mummified (not merely an imprint) skin of this dinosaur. The skin showed evidence of quills! I spoke with a museum employee and she showed me the places where the quills came out of the skin. Was truly amazing.
 Then there were the mammalian fossils. This one reminded us of a dog dragging its rear across a floor. LOL Yes, we're juvenile sometimes.
 A shark's mouth so large that it could swallow entire mastodons. It's hard to see the scale of it. Watch out, Charlie!
Before we knew it, it was almost closing time for the museum! Time went by way too fast. We scrapped our other plans and grabbed some food then went home.  While the kids played video games, we sat outside and enjoyed a cool breeze, a cold beer, and good conversation until midnight.

Sunday our friends headed home. We had a great time and can't wait to do it again.

That evening Chuck and I made some paleo/low carb friendly gyros wrapped in lettuce leave. Yum!!!! The tzaziki was so good we were using it as a dip.
Tomorrow we head out to visit my parents and my friend Wendy. Also get to see my brother's new house! And Chuck will be shooting a match in Beaumont. The day after we get home we're going camping for 4 days and will come back home the day before Thanksgiving. So, as you can see, it's going to be a busy time for this Happy Texan.

If I don't get to talk to you before then, I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

**Please refrain from mentioning Cluck Gable's feather loss. He suffers from male chicken pattern baldness and is sensitive about it.


  1. Cluck Gable photobombing your pictures made me laugh this morning! Astonishing. ;)

    The butterfly place looks really cool, and I'm glad you had such a fun visit with your friend!

  2. I'm laughing out loud at Cluck Gable! He's AWESOME!!!! I have a rubber chicken too, lets meet half way and have a chicken fight! Can you imagine the photos on our blogs??? So funny. HAve a great Thursday Kelly.

  3. LOL at Cluck Gable :D

    This sounds like my absolute perfect day. I love dinosaurs and butterflies! What a great day :D

  4. OMG, Cluck Gable made me laugh out loud! Thanks Kelly! Have a wonderful time camping - and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  5. OK, we REALLY need to get together sometime! My daughter and I go to Sea World and take photos with her action figures. I think we could really get into some fun trouble together. ;-) I even made a photo book that includes her blog story with the photos. It's really awesome. Love all of your photos.

  6. Food looks great - fun times!
    Happy T Giving to you and yours, too!


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