Monday, November 12, 2012

Support: Where to Get It

"You can do it!!"
"I believe in you."
"Cheering for you!!"
"Go! Go! Go!"
"You got this!"
"You can do anything if you want it bad enough."

support: v. 1. to bear the weight o, especially from below
2. to hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping
n. 1. one that supports  2. the act of supporting

We could all use a little support from time to time. Whether you're just starting new eating habits (aka diet), or taking on a new exercise (zumba, weights, running), or setting a scary goal (running a 5k or half marathon, starting a business, etc). People are social creatures who like to feel connected with other people and have their "stamp of approval."

Negativity is rampant. It's easy to find someone who will criticize your efforts. You know whatI mean because we've  all encountered the person who tells you that there's no way you'll succeed or that everything you do is wrong or that you will fail. There are others who are so apathetic that they couldn't care less what you do one way or another!

Life is short, my friend. I don't know about you but I don't have time for those people in my life. There's a negative person around every corner who will doubt you. I choose to stay away from those sorts. I pity them somewhat because only a person who is very unhappy with his/her own life could be filled with such negativity. Those aren't the people we are discussing today. We want the positive folks!

I'm always looking to do new things, experience new things, learn new things, and set new goals. That could mean one month I'm obsessed with paddling and the next month all I can think about is learning a foreign language. I'll set a goal to run a 5k then immediately search for something new to achieve.

It's been that way as I've learned more and more about eating properly too. There's been an evolution of eating habits and I become obsessed with each new one and experiment to find what works best for me and my family and what is sustainable.

Fortunately for me, I've had incredible support from my husband Chuck. He goes along with everything, encourages me, never tells me I won't succeed, and is there to help me get back on my feet when I do fall. Always positive and very protective of me against those who would be negative towards me. I am constantly amazed at the spouses out there who are not supportive. 

But the good news is that no matter who you are or what you want to accomplish (assuming it's nothing sinister like world dominance) you can find support and encouragement. I'll share a few of my favorite places and others that I have heard work well for other people.

Spouse/significant other: Only you know if your partner is going to be supportive. Express your needs and let him/her know that you really want to succeed and need support and positive encouragement.

Blog: Start a blog. There are blogs about just about anything you can imagine: getting out of debt, training to run marathons, losing weight, saving money on groceries, etc. People who are struggling with the same thing will visit your blog and encourage you. It's a great support. I've met some good friends through this blog right here.

Facebook: There are friends and groups who will cheer for you. Make your goals public so others can cheer for you at every milestone.

Forums: There are so many web sites for whatever your interest may be. I have had support from running forums, low carb forums, Whole30 forum, strength training forums, car repair forums (yes, I just said that), paddling forums, camping forums. People, for the most part, are very helpful and you may even find a buddy to help keep you accountable.

Work: Often times there are people at work who will encourage you. My brother got in on a bet at work as to who would lose the most weight. He won! There are little groups of people who will go walking at lunch to get exercise, start a potluck day for a particular way of eating, or even train for events together.

Friends: This is a great one! I've met some very encouraging friends through this blog. There are also friends outside of blogging that are very encouraging. Make your goals known. Making it public helps keep you accountable too. I've enjoyed the support from my friends and enjoyed giving support as well.
Web sites: There are several web sites that offer a sense of community. For those who are trying to get healthier there are web sites like Spark people.

Yourself: YOU can be your greatest support. Speak kind words to yourself. Yes, I know that sounds a little hokey but do it. Don't be so hard on yourself. When you look in the mirror don't notice all the faults. Stop the negativity. Keep a journal of your progress and make a positive note each day.

People who do not accept failure as an option succeed far more than those who doubt themselves. It's a fact. So be positive. Seek support. No matter who you are or what your goal, encouragement is available to everyone.

So where do you go for support?
Me? Spouse, friends and my blog. And I want to thank all who have given me support here through the years.

Happy Monday and positive thoughts.


  1. What a supportive post & topic! :D No pun intended actually. Like you, I am UHhhhhMAZED when a spouse doesn't support the thirst and quest for ever more knowledge and attainable goals! It doesn't matter how many times I "start over" or evolve with a new goal my husband is there for me. Are we truly the lucky ones (having such great spousal support) ??? If we are that's just sad to me.

  2. My husband has been absolutely amazing during my weight loss journey. Always supportive, never pushes food on me and keeps all the junk far away. He tells me I'm beautiful no matter what! I agree girls. We have it very good...because I know a women whose husband would rather reap the benefits of her good cooking rather than encourage her to eat and cook better for both of them. Sad.

  3. I love this. And agree that life is too short to be brought down by the nay-sayers. I get support from my family, my real life friends and my blog friends. And I feel very lucky. Have a great week Kelly.

  4. <3 I'll always support you! You are such an inspiration and a wonderful friend to have!

    you dont know it but I get lottsa support here from YOU YOU YOU.



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