Monday, November 5, 2012

We're Gritty Goddesses

How's everyone in Bloggerville? It's been crazy busy around here yet I never seem to really get anything done.

I missed telling you about Halloween (spoiler alert: kids went trick or treating while Chuck and I sat in chairs outside and handed out candy while playing Halloween music) and all of the other crazy things that happen during the week. But I must tell you about a highlight of my weekend.

Saturday Rachel and I did an obstacle course race called Gritty Goddess together in Galveston. I'm so glad I have a teen who doesn't mind doing things with her tragically unhip mom.

We left the house at 7:30am, which is sleeping late for a race, because we were signed up for the 9:30 wave. Each wave is named after a goddess. I chose the Atalanta wave: goddess of adventure. That seems about right for us. According to wikipedia, Atalanta was "a strong yet feminine woman who faced obstacles and backlash for refusing to follow gender norms." Again, sounds like I picked the right wave.

We got our very nice goodie bag, pinned on our bibs which had our names printed on them (VERY cool), and I put on my temporary tattoo. We were ready to go.  The weather was warm and there was a little breeze blowing. Perfect for an obstacle course!
 It's time to line up. They have us dancing and yelling down the countdown and getting us pumped up before we start. He did a great job.
 We're jogging with the group and come around a corner and there is a hill with ropes to climb. Oh, and there's someone shooting foam on it to make it slick. No problem. We're adventure goddesses!

The very next obstacle is going downhill on a giant slip and slide. You've never heard so many grown women squealing and laughing all the way down! It was hilarious. And there's no stopping yourself. You just crash in to people at the bottom. One lady took me out as I was trying to stand up and we laughed and laughed.
 Definitely a giggle worthy obstacle.
 Chuck, bless his heart, followed us throughout the entire race to take pictures. We wouldn't even see him most the times but he was there getting candid shots. Some of the women thought he was a photographer and would run up to him and pose.

We had ropes to maneuver where Rachel tried to be fancy and run over them and suffered a good bruise aka ego deflater.

We're following the arrows on the ground and come to a lazy river pool. Fun!!!! Again, grown women start acting like little kids. It was so fun. There were rubber sharks floating in the pool which Rachel and I played with along the way.
 At first the water felt freezing cold but then we adjusted and went for a little swim. Love this shot! Rachel is splashing but it looks like water is coming out of her nose.

Every woman, regardless of age, became a kid out there. Including yours truly. But it doesn't take much, does it?
 We wondered around jogging and talking and enjoying the views. Walking. Going under and over a few obstacles. Each one was well thought out and had a theme. Then we came to this. We were told the bars and wires would shock us if we touched them! Keep those butts down ladies.
 Checking my rear to make sure I cleared those wires before standing up. My sadistic hubby was hoping one of us would get a little jolt. Sick, I tell you.
 We come to our first water station called Temptation Island. They hand out water, popsicles and cookies!! The sweet gentleman told me there were snacks at the table. I swear to you it sounded like he said sex. I asked him twice. "Beg your pardon?" "Excuse me?" Hahaha! Rachel said it sounded like that to her as well. After we left I said, "Ohhhhh. Snacks!"

Party Rock Anthem started to play (they had speakers throughout the course to keep us pumped up) and Rachel stopped to do the dance. So funny.

Then we came to a very difficult obstacle for someone with no balance.
 I was doing just fine then lost my balance. Then my knees started shaking. A crowd was watching. I almost fell in and would regain my balance. I could hear the people go "ahhhh" as I'd almost fall in several times. I couldn't move! I just got to the middle and stood there shaking. I watched as a crab scurried by under me. This was real marsh water. Finally the lady behind me grabbed my hand and it was just the comfort I needed to make it across. My legs were still shaking when I got to solid ground. I did get a nice little cheer for making it though. I wonder how many girls fell in.

We make our way through some more obstacles and come to a HUGE hill of mulch to climb. Fun, fun, fun. Coming down was a bit of a trick as the mulch slips and slides under your feet.
 After falling down sliding down the hill, we grab a piece of wood and carry it for a while. Because we're tough like that.
 Finally the part I've been dreading. The tall cargo net. I'm afraid of heights. Along the way Chuck kept saying over and over, "You can skip it. It's ok."  Especially after the confidence shaker of the balance beam I just had.

I walk up to the cargo net and Chuck says, "Kelly, don't do it." Which means to me, "I bet you can't do it." Challenge accepted! The faces on the ladies in this picture show the range of emotions as we approach this wall of shifting net.
 Rachel gets to the top and climbs back down. Because before you can crawl back down, you have to crawl across the netting. It just hangs there above the ground. High above the ground. And it shifts. And your butt fall through the holes. And your feet and legs fall through the holes. And it will shift suddenly and feels like you're going to fall down. My face tells the story:
 Fear and determination were in an epic struggle up there. Determination won and I made it over that net. My knees were knocking when I got back on the ground but I love that feeling of accomplishment. I overcame some major fear up there.

Oh, and right under the obstacle is another obstacle. So all of these people are crawling over a cargo net while others are doing this below:

Then it was time to crawl through the same type of black tubes but when you exit you fall into a mud pit. Lots of squealing women again. We crawled for a while through this very dark mud. Occasionally a rock would find your knee. Ouch!!
 When you're this muddy, it doesn't matter any more. Just have fun with it.

 Almost done! We had a wall to climb (not easy!) and then we were shot with colors from water guns. Then it was time for the wall of foam! And yet another place that women acted like kids throwing foam and laughing and having a great time.
 We did it!! Finish line next!!! Woohoo! So much fun.
 We are true Gritty Goddesses. We each got a little dog tag keepsake and a ton of memories. This was one of the best obstacle runs I've ever done. I really wish they had one that everyone could do because I know Chuck and Charlie would love this.
 Afterwards we were given Blue Bell ice cream sundaes. Yum! And there were wine samples at a booth. Wine and ice cream. Can't get much better than this.
GREAT race. I highly recommend it. Rachel was asking if they do this race every year because she's ready to do it again. We weren't timed or anything like that. This is for fun. A nice 5K obstacle course.

We even have our team name picked out for next year: The Mud-staches.  Shirts and costumes are being designed now.

It was a perfect day making memories with my not-so-little girl. We bathed as soon as we got home (poor shower drain) and washed our clothes twice. Then it was time to relax for the rest of the day and go through pictures and laugh all over again.

**PS: A great big thanks to Chuck for following us around everywhere, carrying our bags, helping me apply my temporary tattoo (don't ask how we did that without water), and helping out with every single little detail. I owe you. 


  1. De Nada.
    It was worth it to see you two having such a good time together.

    1. Thanks! I really hope they have a race that you can do with us. I know you'd enjoy it.

  2. Well look at who can comment on your blog FINALLLY! :D Kelly you are the best! You inspire me so very much and THIS MAKES ME WANT THIS FUN RACE/RUN HERE! Memphis? Anyone? (*crickets*?)

    1. HEY!!!!! Look at you go. LOL Glad you are able to comment now.
      I'd love to do a race in Memphis. :) Hmmmm....... *wheels turning*

  3. That race looks like fun! And big props to you for tackling the cargo net - I know you don't like that one, but I have to say, you're getting pretty good at it!

  4. What a blast!!! If Chuck ever wants to quit his day job, he could make a great living taking race photos. They're fantastic. Congrats to you and Rachel!!!

  5. LOVE THIS!!
    and yes.
    thank you Chuck.


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