Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Easiest Baked Chicken

Low carb. Paleo. Whole 9. Primal. Whatever. I just need to eat stuff that doesn't make me feel like crap afterwards. Unfortunately, that is not always what I want. I'm looking at you, pizza.

I just haven't been in the mood to spend hours in the kitchen so I've been looking for quick and easy. The easiest thing I can make is baked chicken and veggies.

Easy doesn't have to mean nasty. This stuff is really good and ready in 35 minutes. Make up a bunch and you have chicken for wraps, soup, salads, snacks, etc.
Ok, corn chould not be on there but don't judge.
You can also serve the chicken with any of your favorite sauces.

Easy Baked Chicken
chicken breasts
garlic powder
paprika (I use smoked paprika)

Sprinkle chicken on both side with all seasonings. Bake at 400* for 35 minutes. Done!

That's it. See? Crazy easy.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going out to lunch with my lunch buddy. We only get to go about once every month or so but it's always fun. We are both trying to watch the waistline so we both has salads with shwarma meat. Soooo good. This thing was huge! No way I could finish it.

Let me tell you, it's not always easy to stick to healthy eating when going out. This place had an entire display case of baklava and I love that stuff. And dolmas stuffed with rice. Yum. We decided to come back at a later time and have a lunch of shwarma and dolmas and baklava.

It was a nice lunch and conversation is better than food anyway, right? Right?!

I've sometimes been given a hard time for taking pictures of my eats but it doesn't bother me (much). So what if I take pictures of nearly everything I eat.

Totally off topic but my mother in law gave me a couple of festive table runners over the weekend. I used the chicken one on my bar counter. Isn't it cute?
You probably didn't know I love chickens. :)

Not much else going on around here. Just getting ready for Christmas and the end of the world. Wondering if the kids should open presents before Friday so they can enjoy them before the end of the world. Hmmmm. (I don't really believe in the whole end of the world thing on Friday. Just playing along.)

Friday morning I'll be driving to Humble, TX to run a half marathon. It's the End of the World half marathon and it promises to have a nice medal at the end. Then that's it! I'm not doing another race until next year! It'll probably take that long to recover.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to be all good with my eats and Rachel is baking tons of goodies. Temptation.

Have a wonderful End of the World on Friday!! I'll see you back here afterwards. Give those you love a big hug. You know......just in case it's the end of the world.


  1. Enjoy that race - just the website for it alone was hilarious, so I bet the race will be great fun!

    1. Thanks! I think it'll be a lot of fun. Not thrilled about getting up so early to drive there but I'm sure it'll be a race to remember. :) Pictures to follow.

  2. Can you post a recipe next on how to make a cup of tea. Might be a little more complicated than the chicken, although.... Hmmm

    1. Sorry, Alan. That is much to complicated for a blog like mine. Maybe I'll send them to your blog and you can do a post on making tea. Lol

  3. I'm pretty smitten with that chicken table runner!!!

    1. Thank you, thank you. Wait until I display the penguin one. :)

  4. you and I ARE SO SO SO SO SO ALIKE in the kitchen :-)

  5. eating clean and changing my diet over the last 3 years is GREAT and kind of a bummer, now when I WANT a yummy... I have to think of the stomach ache that will follow... dang!!

    but I am sticking to this!!!

  6. I actually have some chicken breasts to use up and I think I'll do this - did you pound the chicken thin, or just leave it the way it was?

    Have fun baking with Rachel!!

  7. Looks like The Doctor saved us. My sister lives in Humble! She's currently in Austin enjoying her new granddaughter, though. Love the Morpheus photo. And the chicken table runner is very cute! Merry Christmas, fellow Texan!

  8. Oh, meant to ask, is the place you lunched a local place or a chain that I might also find in San Antonio? That looks REALLY yummy!

    1. It's a place called Phoenicia Deli in Houston. It's not a chain but really good. I'm sure you'd find something similar at any Mediterranean restaurant.


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