Monday, January 7, 2013

Biggest Loser 2013

Biggest Loser was on last night. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love seeing people transform their lives and gain confidence. I hate the drama and game play and eliminations.

Jillian was back and people tend to love her or hate her. I love her. She's pretty rough and tough but she's also a softy and gets results.

As usual, the show was pretty emotional. For me it has even more emotion. A few years ago I had stumbled across a video on the internet of a recent finale. I decided to watch it. At this time I was around 250 pounds. Seeing the transformations just hit me hard. I had been in denial but seeing those people was like a mirror being held up to my face. It woke me from my stupor and helped me make the decision to make some changes.

Since that day, there has been progress and set backs. Kind of like a roller coaster. But I never give up and there has been a downward trend. So when I watch the show it serves to motivate me to get working even harder.

Still doing good with the Whole30. I really shouldn't call it Whole30. I had a glass of wine. I added some queso fresco to a salad. Definitely not Whole30! But I'm sticking to the principles 100% other than that. So call it what you wish. Sugar detox? I am getting rid of those nasty cravings.

Feelings: The magic finally hit! I'm feeling a bit more energetic and the headaches are gone as well as the mental fog. The crazy cravings are gone. I was around pizza and I didn't even want to grab a piece. Victory!

I had a great weekend. Got to go to a hockey game. It happened to be on the same night as the Cotton Bowl so there weren't nearly as many spectators as usual.

Stretching on the ice must be cold!
 Game on! Or practice. The whole game was like a practice. They did terrible!
 But we all had a great time! As usual. And Rachel got to wear her Aeros jersey she got for Christmas.
 And on the "not-so-fun" side, I had to go grocery shopping. I shopped the sale and clipped coupons and ended up saving $96.92! I was pretty darn happy with that.
 Ready to see something nasty? My toe is turning black from the half marathon last month. I knew it would. It was numb for way too long. Ewwww.
 Oh, and here's a picture before heading out to the hockey game. Was so excited.
 The eats included thins like......

eggs and bacon with a dash of hot sauce. Chuck cooked breakfast.
 When I cooked breakfast it looked something like this: homemade sausage, scrambled eggs and spinach. With a dash of hot sauce. It doesn't look pretty but it's good and filling.
 A carnitas salad from Freebirds Burritos.
 Tuna patties that Rachel made, some sweet potato medallions and spinach. Yum!
 Sunday night Chuck and I got in the kitchen to cook together and played Glenn Miller. No comments from the peanut gallery about listening to old music. And no comment about using words like peanut gallery. Hahah! Oh, I suddenly feel older.

It was a pretty fun cooking experience. We whipped up some red curry chicken with bell pepper, broccoli and pineapple over riced cauliflower and topped with chopped macadamia and cilantro. It was really good! No real recipe Just tossed it together.
Hope your weekend was great. It rained here a lot so most of mine was spent indoors around the fireplace which isn't such a terrible thing.


  1. I have the exact same sentiments/love/hate thing for Biggest Loser. I did watch it last night too - haven't in years. I hate the eliminations/game play as well. I want to hear and see how sore they are the next day after their first work out. I want to know precisely what they are told about eating/calories/hormones/fat/macronutrients, etc. There's a lot of things that bug me about the show, always have since it started...but I am appreciative of the inspiration it creates. look just pretty as all get out in that selfie you took! you are positively glowing! Your toe: OUCH!

    1. You're just so sweet. :) thanks.

      I know! I was trying to see if they were grunting or having trouble walking after the workout. I know they spend hours in the gym each day. And if I remember correctly the calories for each person was based upon factors like age, weight, sex, etc. it was different for different people. I think I remember one contestant saying hers was around 1300 calories? Then they wear bodybuggs to monitor.

  2. whoopsie...I clicked it before I meant to send it: your toe: OUCH! I have BRUISES from hula hooping on my ribs and hips! I think a black toe from a half is a badge of honor and cool. Bruises from learning how to hula hoop? EMBARRASSING!

    1. No! I had the same thing happen with hooping! I used a weighted hoop and it tore me up. I know what you're talking about. Lol

  3. I DVR'd Biggest Loser - need to watch it soon. I like it, and get some motivation from it, but also cringe at times when I watch.

    Pretty picture of you! Glad you are doing better. P.S. Can't believe you didn't stay home to watch the Cotton Bowl... ;)

  4. I cant wait for the husband to TRAVEL so I can watch BL on the DVR.
    and yet I also DVR because Im still on the fence about the show.


  5. I'm watching the Biggest Loser right now..I have only watched it off and on the last few years--I just got burned out. I also t don't always click with the contestants and I get po'd at the show for doing a disservice by not showing more about the day to day / the actual food plans/ etc etc........oh and the black toe, I put the brakes on while riding a bike and eventually the nail fell off. I recommend you buy some cute bandaids to help it hang on once it starts falling off . the longer it's on the better..

  6. I missed the Biggest Loser premiere! I do love Jillian- completely agree on that. You're breakfast looks soo good!! I will have to try the egg scramble with sausage and spinach.


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