Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Biking, Cookbooks, Pepperoni Chips

Normally today would be Weigh In Wednesday but after my little weekend derailment I've decided to avoid the scale until next week. No sense in getting down about a number and I know I would. So next Wednesday I'll be reporting. No more derailment.

I mentioned feeling stressed in my last post and that a nice hike in the woods helps ease that stress. Monday I put the bike carrier on the car, aired the tires on the bikes, kind of fixed my rear brakes, and smashed my finger loading the bikes. Off to Brazos Bend State Park we went. Just me and the two kiddos.

The sun was out occasionally and the weather was warm and a nice breeze was blowing. Perfect!
 I didn't expect to see many alligators but they were everywhere lying in the sun enjoying the pretty day.
 I stopped to say hi to this guy but he just closed his eyes. Did you know alligators start to lose their appetite at around 85* and stop eating around 73*?
 Charlie is pretty close to this one but you can read their body language to tell if they are nervous or not. This guy had his legs stretched out. If he was upset he would stand up and/or hiss.
 We stopped at water fountain for water and a little break.
 The picnic and playground area of 40 Acre Lake is so pretty. Love the big oaks and Spanish moss.
 Love this! It was like the two gators posed for the sign.
 This one was just walking out of the water to lie in the sun.

 This pier used to have a gate on the end. One time while we were camping there were a bunch of people trapped on the pier because an alligator had crawled up onto the entrance of the pier which also happened to be the exit! Someone had a cell phone and called a park ranger and they got the gator to move. After that they had installed a gate so the gators would crawl up there.
 There are two in this picture.
 Oh no! My bike overdosed! I guess the wind had knocked it over and a pill bottle fell out of my bike bag. Charlie had taken a water sample to look at under the microscope.
 We had such a good time. :)
 A couple more small gators. They really were everywhere. I'm not even showing you all the pictures of alligators I took. After a while I stopped taking pictures altogether.
 The Spillway Trail between 40 Acre Lake and Elm Lake.
 We stopped to watch this great white egret choke back a crawfish.
 We only biked 6 miles but it was a much needed trip for all of us. The kids were laughing and having a great time and we all slept very good that night. I didn't even have any anxiety in the middle of the night! Maybe I should go on hikes or bike rides in the woods more often.
Guess what!!! I got a new cookbook in!! Low Carbing Among Friends Volume 3!
 Guess what else! I have a couple of recipes in it! :) I'm pretty excited. I loved volume 1 so much so to be a part of volume 3 is a big honor.
 Chuck was already picking out recipes he wants me to make. The first one he wants is Kent Altena's Whoopie Pies.

If you would like a copy, you can order from Amazon or HERE.

Can't wait to try out some recipes. Would it be weird to autograph my own copy? Ha! I'm joking.

If you are looking for a grain free, dairy free paleo dessert book, I really do like Indulge by Carol at Ditch the Wheat blog. It's only on sale until January 31 so time is running out if you want it but also want to save a couple of dollars.  If you're looking for low carb recipes, I don't think it would be difficult at all to switch out sweeteners in most of the recipes. I'm going to try that anyway. But if you are more paleo, you're already set.
How about some recipe ideas?

Recently I made enough pulled pork to feed a small army. So I'm trying to be creative in how I use it up. Yesterday for lunch I made Jalapeno Cheddar Pulled Pork Quesadillas.
I took low carb tortillas, spread one with some jalapeno cheddar dip, topped with pulled pork and Monterrey jack cheese, and another tortilla then cooked in a little butter like you would a grilled cheese. Sliced in quarters and topped with a little sour cream, jalapenos, and salsa. It was SO good!!! This is low carb but not paleo.

Pepperoni Chips (low carb)

These are so easy to make and very satisfying when you want a little something crunchy.

Put a paper towel on a plate and top with deli sized pepperoni slices. Top with another paper towel.
Microwave for about 1- 1 1/2 minutes. They will crisp as they cool. Tada! Pepperoni chips!
You can even use them with dips. They're a little fragile so they won't stand up to a heavy dip. This is with a little french onion dip.

Hope you're having a great week!! I'll see you Friday.


  1. I love those pepperoni bites!

  2. I biked 10 miles at lunch yesterday - I slept like a baby last night!

    I forgot about those pepperoni bites - my brother used to make them when he was doing low carb. Congrats on getting in the cookbook!

    I am glad you ditched the scale this week too!

  3. I wish my eating was regulated by temperature! I'm having a bad week, so I might just skip the scale on Monday. Love reading your blog!

  4. Now, if only you could have lo carb alligator pie!

  5. HOLLY MOLLY :| Those alligators are right there a couple of feet away from you! And they are huge. I'm scared of small lizards, I think if I ran into one of those I'd run so fast it'd take them a couple of days to stop me.

    Have a good one!


  6. I LOVE the gator pictures. And love the sunshine you have. We are in dark and gloomy winter weather here in Vancouver. If we HAD gators up here, they'd be hibernating like the rest of us!! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us Kelly. Have a good Thursday.


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