Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 2: Mostly about feelings

Believe it or not, I'm a private person who guards her feelings. I've had some let downs in the past (who hasn't?!) and prefer not to make myself vulnerable to avoid future pain. There are a very select few that I trust enough to expose myself. Ha, and not expose myself in a flasher sort of way. I mean my feelings and such.

But I want to be open and honest here in case someone else is going through the same thing so he/she doesn't feel alone. So I'll share a few feelings that I'd normally prefer to keep to myself.

Making lifestyle changes is not exactly easy. I've made huge progress but I'm still not where I want to be. I have a goal in mind and I'm getting closer but definitely have a way to go. I've always just eaten what I wanted and exercised when I felt like it. That just won't work to achieve my goal of health and I know that. But it's easier said than done when you enjoy life and all of its tasty morsels.

I decided at the last minute of 2012 to start another Whole30 program to kick start my 2013. It's a strict program but I had such great results and felt fantastic after completing it in August.

I knew that I would feel like crap the first few days but I didn't think I'd feel emotional. I mean, I had some food anger issues with food last time but this time I'm just feeling downright sad. I don't want to do anything. I don't want to leave the house. I'm just sad.  Last night I was angry with food. I didn't want what I cooked but ate because I was hungry. I was angry at McDonald's fries. I was angry at the pizza commercial. But mostly I was sad.

This is Happy Texans. Not sad Texans. I hate feeling sad. Hate it. I really don't know if it's because of the diet change (this girl had a goooood time in December) or what. I have a good life and I know that. My husband treats me like a queen who can do no wrong. Boy, do I have him fooled! I have great kids and a great house. Great friends. Sure, I have problems like anyone: truck is broke, few things need repairs, a bill I really want to paid off. But I have it good.

I'm hoping it's just the diet change and I'll be back to my perky self soon. Just please hang in there with me until I get there. Normally I'd head to my happy place, the woods, for a hike when I get down but the weather has been super nasty here lately. Soon! Instead of dwelling on bad feelings I'm going to focus on everything positive in my life.

Sorry for the downer post but I do this blog to chronicle my life with its ups and downs. I don't want to pretend that there's never a down moment because that would be a lie. Things will turn around soon. I know it.

Now that we got the touchy feely part out of the way, let's talk about eats.

I wasn't hungry for breakfast but ate 2 boiled eggs with hot sauce and a cup of coffee with coconut milk.
I ate one before I remembered to take a picture. :D
 Lunch was leftover beef stew. This stuff is truly incredible. I need to keep this in stock. Seriously good eats. It doesn't look pretty but the flavor is fantastic.
 Dinner: green beans, spinach and No-Fuss Salmon Patties from It Starts With Food.
 The family liked the salmon patties but I thought they were nasty. They tasted weird and fishy to me. This was my first time dealing with canned salmon and I was not amused. It comes out in a log with bones and skin. I dissected everything and even rinsed it in water. I think this would probably be very good with tuna but I was not a fan of the salmon. Bleck!

I won't include a recipe here because I'm not going to have you make something nasty from here.

And completely off topic, I saw this chart for a little savings plan and thought I'd do it. Sounds easy enough. And each little bit adds up!
Again, I'm sorry for a downer post. I want to be honest with you guys here so you're going to get the truth.  I'm sure as I ease into my "healthy eating" and exercise routine things will get better.

You notice how "healthy eating" can have so many different meanings? To some it means vegan, others it means raw, others it means low carb, others it means low fat, etc. I guess my definition has evolved as I read more and tried different things.

Hope you're having a great 2013 so far!! I have a lot of plans for mine.


  1. We'll turn that frown upside down this weekend, madam. Not sure what we'll do yet to get you smiling, but we'll figure something out.

    And in a week or so, you'll look back on this and be much happier for making the first step.

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Maybe I just need some sunshine and to get used to eating better again. :) Thanks for all you do. I'm not in a deep, dark depression. Just a little down.

  2. Awww....hang in Kelly, may you feel back to happy Kelly soon!

  3. I don't think it's strange if you are feeling down. Especially if you have cut out all sorts of carbs recently. Carbs release dopamine and you're probably going through withdrawals... I have no science to back this up.. but I'm pretty sure about the dopamine.

    And yes sunshine is a huge factor!!! I can feel my mood change on a dime when the sun goes away.

  4. Hey, Kelly! I totally understand how you feel right now. Giving up carbs is sad :( But once you get over them, you'll be fine. Making total eating changes is HARD. Even if we know it's good for us. Hang in there. I'm hoping for some sunshine soon, too!

    Oh, and thanks for sharing the saving thing. I will so be doing that!

  5. I'm so sorry you're feeling a little down Kelly. But you know what? Your posts ALWAYS perk me up a bit. :D And where on here was the recipe for the amazing beef stew??? I wanna make it this weekend and have it for lunch next week at work.

    1. You're so sweet. Thanks!
      Do try the stew. I love it!!
      Recipe is here:

  6. Work through those feelings - between the cold weather and the diet change, I suspect that's what is contributing to them. Hang in'll make it through this rough patch!

  7. I'm surprised It Starts With Food would have a recipe with something canned. They are so pro fresh food and food that is in it's whole form that they make me feel guilty for making a "paleofied" waffle.

    1. They use some canned things but not many. Coconut milk, for instance. This recipe used canned salmon and canned sweet potatoes without sugar. It's mostly about reading ingredients. I just wasn't impressed with these.

    2. Oh, and I think they're only strict about the paleofied stuff during those 30 days. It's pretty strict. I'm not as strict as they are. I made a paleo style biscuit last time and survived. Lol


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