Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weigh In 1 of 2013

So as much as I hate to be tied to the scale I do plan to use it to make sure I'm going in the right direction. And part of my accountability will be to report to you right here how I'm doing.
*drum roll*

Weigh in Week 1: Down 3.2 pounds

Not bad. Not bad. I'm happy with that. Chuck, on the other hand was down over 6 pounds! Wow!
Next weigh in will be on the 15th.
Had a nasty anxiety attack last night. I woke up at 2am sweating and heart racing. I realized that my baby girl is graduation high school in 4 months. Four months! I started thinking about her growing up and eventually leaving the house. I love having her here. She's such a beautiful person. So I freaked out a bit and tossed and turned for a little over an hour. Today I'm wearing bags under my eyes.

I know they grow up but the proximity of it really hit me last night. How did this happen?! It seems like she was just born yesterday. I still have the scars on my belly! But she's grown into a beautiful young lady both inside and out. She's smart and I think she's ready to tackle the world. I just never thought all of this would happen so fast.

Ok, no more talk about that before I get all teary eyed. I wonder if I can get some Xanax for the graduation....
Let's talk about food. Stress leads to food, right? haha.
I have been so bad about breakfasts. I keep reading how important they are but I'm usually not hungry for them. I need to change that.
Lunches have been leftovers. Red chicken curry is so so good. Even the tuna patties were really good leftover. Sorry, no pictures.
Monday night dinner was at a place in Houston called Phoenicia Deli on Westheimer. Love this place! I got a small beef shwarma salad.
You order and pick out stuff behind the glass that you want. They are known for their incredible shwarmas which is a pita sandwich.
They have a section to lounge in and enjoy coffees and gelatos.
The main dining room with cool lights.
The vertical roasters are where magic happens. They have lamb, beef, and chicken. Yum!
It's nice to still be able to go out to eat and stay "on plan".
And last night's dinner was a favorite: beef stew. I made this last week too but the weather being rainy and nasty it just seemed like a perfect time to make it again. Plus it's just soooo good!
 I'm going to share one of my absolute favorite snacks besides a cheesecake brownie because the brownie isn't happening right now: unsweetened sunbutter (made from sunflower seeds) on a honeycrisp apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon. This stuff is so incredibly good! Like crazy good!  I found the sunbutter in the "healthy section" of Kroger.
Do you have any great snack ideas? I'd love to hear them.
Have yourself a fantastic day and I'll meet you back here Friday.  



    Hefty calories....

    1. Yes sir! That's why I didn't get a sanwich, even though I'm not counting calories at this time. The salad was incredible though! Just the meat and veggies and a vinaigrette.

      The kids, however, were treated to chicken shwarmas. ;)

  2. Who cares about calories? I don't. I have been packing away the groceries over this past week, eating more than I did the week before. Your body is different, Miss Kelly. You know that, and I know that... so does your doctor.

    This works. It's healthy. And it's good.
    Keep it up. I follow your lead when it comes to the arena of eating and exercising. It certainly makes me feel better.

    1. I don't think we can sit with a tub of butter and chow down. Calories still count but I think we're being sensible. Otherwise your weight wouldn't have dropped the way it did! Dang!! This is the lowest you've been in at least two years. Good job!

      You bring up exercise.....guess it's time to add that to the mix. :) asked for it. LOL

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss. I know that feels good physically and mentally.

    I love shawarma - I actually posted a recipe for a lower fat one on my blog a couple of years ago. It's a chicken version but you might want to make it for your kids.

    1. Thanks, Helen! Most definitely going to try that recipe! It'll probably be on the menu this weekend. Yum!

      The Sharma sandwiches this place makes are filled with potatoes that have been cooking under the chicken so it's filled with drippings. And instead of tzaziki they use a garlic mayo. It's sooo good and soooo not on my plan at the moment. Lol

  4. I remember having several teary episodes when my oldest son was getting close to high school graduation - yes I know, it's what is supposed to happen, but it's still hard. And when they leave? Weird. So weird. Hopefully she won't leave just yet.

    Congrats on the loss! You and Biz are WL twins this week - glad the new eating plan is working out so well!

    1. It's just so tough to see them grow up. I love having them around. Makes me realize I need to call my mom more often.

      So far so good on the weight loss. The goal is the same but sometimes ya just gotta make adjustments along the way to get there. :)

  5. schwarmas, curries, tzaziki...I need a translator! I have never seen these things or tasted them except for some curry powder I added to something once and my husband made a horrid face. O.o Oh my goodness, Kelly, I remember the fear, trepidation, anxiety and just wondering how the heck did my daughter suddenly turn 18 and graduate from high school! (I still have my belly scar too :D ) Now she's 22, 23 later this year, and ummm, errrr, there seems to be a little trouble with that baby bird leaving our nest. I'm more than READY for my house to be all mine again. hahahaaa Hey - before I forget: there's a new green tomatillo/avocado medium salsa made by Rojo at Costco. I think the ingredients are all ok for you? It's really spicy and I think you'd love it. Tried to find a link/pic and came up empty. And lastly: could we ask Chuck to explain to my hubz how this whole support thing works and that it really is ok to join me 100%?!

    1. Shear as are a middle eastern sandwich that uses pita for the bread. Tzaziki is is a yogurt based sauce with cucumber, mint and garlic. It's soooo good!

      I hope my daughter wants to stay home a while. I just can't imagine life without her here. :( But I have to let her go when she's ready. I asked for a hug this morning.

      Oh, I do love spicy salsa. Costco is way on the other side of town for me. So I'll have to try to find it locally.

      Chuck and the kids are benefitting from this too! Tell hubby to get on board. He might like it. :)

  6. Im so boring
    OSTRICH JERKEE all the way :-)

  7. Congrats on losing weight! I'm waiting a few more weeks to step on the scale....

  8. I hate when men lose weight at 2x the rate! Great job though!

    My daughter moved out last summer, and it was a tough adjustment, especially walking by her empty room. But, she's only an hour and fifteen minute drive from me, she's loving her life and we talk, text, skype like crazy.

    It is weird being 44 and having an empty nest though - I have high school friends on facebook that have kids that aren't even in 1st grade yet!


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