Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday: #3

Weigh In: down 1.1 pounds for a total of 6.1 pounds this year

Not the best weigh in but it's still going in the right direction and I had two splurges instead of one. Not happy about that but it is what it is so we're just going to move forward and put that behind us.

I've started adding a little exercise in the mix. Monday I rode my bike 3.5 miles but then suddenly got a splitting headache and came back home. I took a couple of ibuprofen and a lot of water and it subsided after a while.

While riding I thought I saw Chuck pull into the neighborhood so I stop the bike and put my foot on a curb and wave and smile. Wasn't Chuck. I have no idea who it was but I did get a strange look. Ugh. I hate doing stupid stuff like that.

That evening I decided to head back out since the headache was gone. This time was walking. Chuck decided to join me and we walked a 5k. Perfect evening for a walk.  I got in 6.6 miles total that day and got to see a gorgeous sunset.
 Tuesday I had to go to the grocery store. It's January here, folks, but it was almost 70* outside. So I dropped the top on the car and cranked up the radio and enjoyed my ride. Love it!! Nothing like the sunshine and some good music to set the mood for the day.

I didn't really make any spectacular recipes to share so far. Just things like baked chicken and boiled eggs.

Now I have a little mini rant I need to get off my chest. I've noticed on Facebook and elsewhere that people are really getting uppity with their eating and exercise and just about everything.

For instance, one author has some wine and cheese and people get all up in his business telling him he's not paleo. Others criticizing when another isn't low carb enough. Still others feel they need to police blogs to make sure they really are Whole30 compliant on everything. And if you don't exercise like they think you should then you're wrong.

All of it is nonsense. Geez! Chill out and let people eat and exercise how they want. We don't need food police. Do what works for you. I just don't understand the need to tell others what to do.

So I am officially not paleo, low carb or any other label. I have paleo and low carb tendencies but do my own thing. Take that, food police. I'm Kelly.

That being said, I will say if recipes are low carb or paleo or whatever. I can't give Weight Watcher points because I really don't know how the points are figured.

Ok. Got that off my chest.

Wishing you a very happy Hump Day and don't listen to the haters. Do your thing if it works.


  1. The rant.... THAT is why I quit the RANT RACE and called my blog *hip hop happy*....
    I once thought LoCarb people were the tuffests mudders in town.... nope - those Paleo Folks will let you have it!
    Awesome job walking!

    1. It's all silliness in my opinion. I don't have time or energy for food police. There are way too many other things to occupy my time than worrying about what everybody else does. :)

  2. I think if you label yourself anything, the police will be looking to dispute what you do. I agree, I'm just ME. Of course, that probably frustrates people who come to my blog and want to know exactly what I did (I get emails, boy do I get emails) to lose the weight so they can copy me. It's not that simple - what works for me might not work for you. Pretty sure that's what makes us individuals. :)

    LOVING THIS WEATHER. It's supposed to be 76* today - the sun is making me feel like I can do anything!

  3. I need to move to Texas. The weather in Seattle is a bit warmer this week, but still too cold for this gal. Congratulations on the loss, you are doing great this month!

  4. congrats on the downward pointing scale. PS: I loved your rant!!

  5. Sounds like a great day you had. It was in the 40s and 50s here but it was sunny and beautiful. Not bad for this time of year in Tennessee. I'm glad to see you around. :)

  6. Crazy food/diet/exercise police! Think they can tell everyone what to do! And the bottom line is, I can't stand UPPITY! LOL Funny story, my daughter drives a lime green Ford Fiesta and she and my husband drive a similar route to their work locations. Along the road, he THINKS it's her and will wave and honk and it NEVER IS, so we figure there's some poor gal out there thinking she's being stalked by an old man in a silver Ford Edge and we wonder if she has PTSD and gets nervous every time she sees one. And there are a LOT of silver Ford Edges around here, so she's probably a wreck! LOL


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