Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Adventures in Fats

I've done a lot of stupid things in my life. Let's not say stupid. That sounds so harsh. Let's call them ignorant things.

In my dieting file of stupid ignorant things, I've tried fun things like:
  • a tuna fish diet (eat dry tuna and green beans)
  • severe calorie restriction (doesn't matter what I eat as long as I keep my calories around 1000 but let's see what happens when they're 500)
  • LA Weight Loss (my mom worked there and gave me the plan...hardly lost anything)
  • Grapefruit diet (ewww, but I don't like grapefruit)
  • Almost zero fat diet (lost some weight but was hangry most the time)
  • raw food diet (let's only eat raw fruits and vegetables. The cravings were debilitating. And I gained weight)
  • Juice fast for 2 weeks (let's juice fresh fruits and veggies and only live on that. I gained 5 pounds living off juice)
  • The "I have no clue what I'm doing anymore so let's just eat stuff out of the Hungry Girl Cookbook" diet (lost 25 pounds. Still hungry)
  • Weight Watchers (grab bag of success and failure. Even when following it perfectly sometimes I would gain or would only lose .2 pound. It was frustrating to try so hard and never know what results I would get. I did lose some weight. Was hungry often times. Got discouraged and quit)
  • Clean Eating (No changes in weight either way. I loved being able to eat brown rice and grains!)
  • Low carb (Much success! But was rebelling because I had to do it according to my doctor and I hate being told what to do)
  • The 4 Hour Body experiment for a month (Success with weight loss but not sustainable for me. The cheat days put my weight up so high that I had trouble losing the gain before the next cheat day. Learned a lot though)
  • Whole 30 (For a month in August. Much success. Had some bad cravings that went away. Experienced a lot of positive health benefits and weight loss. Also experienced some severe headaches and fatigue and mental fogginess starting out. But I believe it's a great plan though hard to stick to for a cheese lover)
  • Paleo (Great stuff here. Weight loss depended on how "free" I felt within the paleo rules. I know I can't do paleo desserts because of the sweeteners and my insulin resistance. But I could easily go overboard with the fruits and sweet potatoes. I think a low carb paleo would be the best for a person like me. Very pleased with paleo. Learned a lot.
You can see there has been a learning curve. I'm sure there's more that I've forgotten about. Remember the Maker's Diet? Yep. Tried that too. No success on that one.

And now I'm eating a mix of low carb and paleo. I do enjoy my dairy so I've decided life isn't worth living if I can't have cheese. That may be a bit dramatic. Let's just say I'm going to have cheese.

I'm making a conscious effort to increase my fats and cut way back on carbs. I realize carbohydrates are not an enemy to most people but if you could see how my body reacts to them you would know this is best for me. Your mileage may vary.

The goal right now is to get this insulin resistance and PCOS and thyroid issue under control. I asked paleo fitness guru Jason Seib about fueling recommendations before and after certain workouts. His advice to me was not to worry so much about that right now. He said I should concentrate on getting my metabolism working right. So here I am.

I have a new experiment planned for the month of March. I'll go over the details as the time approaches. You know I love experimenting. I learn so much in the process. This will be a number intensive experiment though and I'm not looking forward to tracking every little thing. But if I learn something new it's all worth it.

Here are a few things that a person trying to increase fats eats/drinks:

Coffee blended with 2 tablespoons cream, a little flavored sweetener, and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. It's like getting a latte from Starbucks. It's tasty and filling.
 There are several sugar free sweeteners you can find down the coffee aisle at the grocery store.
 The whole egg. Don't toss that yolk. Liquid chickens are good for ya. It's hard to see but this egg has a Harry Potter lightning bolt on it. Cluck Gable thinks it is the chosen one. The one who will stop the production of chicken nuggets and save the chicken race.
 Totally yum "macaroni" and cheese. Don't you distrust any food that comes with quotation marks? These are shirataki noodles which I have hated in the past but this is really good.
 Pizza bake. I topped it with homemade pizza sauce, Italian sausage, cheese, and fresh basil. Also a sprinkle of garlic powder and oregano. So easy to make.
 Can one ever get too much pizza? No. The answer is always no.
 The fam reaching for a scrap of sausage left. Yes, they loved it and ate all of it. Oh, and we also had salad.
 Lunch can be leftovers like this chicken parmigiana from the Valentine's dinner. I think this stuff is even better leftover.
 What you are not seeing is all the fresh produce that's being eaten too: cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, salads, etc. I had to go to the grocery store and saw this guy. Now normally I don't take pictures of people's asses but this guy has Jesus on his butt. The power of Christ compelled me to take a picture. You're welcome.
 The Sous Vide is making my life a lot easier preparing dinners. I vacuum sealed some chicken with salt, pepper, garlic powder and butter.
 Dropped it in the water oven at 146* for about 3.5 hours. Poor Cluck Gable. He was traumatized when I asked if he wanted to get in the hot tub.
 One thing I have is more energy lately. So I decided to go visit a new meat market in my area. They have chocolate covered bacon!
 Lots of meats including cabrito (baby goat), elk, rattlesnake, boudin, venison, turtle, rabbit, buffalo and regular stuff like pork, chicken and beef. I bought a pound of alligator meat!
 Several sauces and spices.
 Did I mention chocolate covered bacon?
 I got some for the family and Cluck Gable dove into it. Crazy chicken. He approved. I had a bite of a strip and it was excellent.
 Dinner was my Dijon chicken that I make often. Everybody loves it. I used the chicken from the Sous Vide, topped it with the dijon sauce and cheese then put it in the oven for 10 minutes foe everything to melt. Then I used my new torch to brown it a little. Served over cauli-rice with a salad. It was so tender! All agreed that this was the best it had ever tasted. Success!
I have had zero headaches, zero mental fog, and zero fatigue since restricting my carbs and upping the fat. I've also had zero cravings which is nice. When I have restricted carbs in the past or even started a new Whole30 I would have about a week of bad headaches, fog, fatigue, cravings, etc but I haven't this time.

I'm supplementing with electrolyte capsules that I take when doing half marathons. Also taking magnesium citrate before bed which has the added bonus of helping me sleep even better. So maybe the electrolytes are helping with the "carb flu"?

I can tell you there has been a big difference between restricting my calories/eating low fat and restricting my carbs and eating high fat. I'm satiated and the cravings are gone and I'm in a fantastic mood and sleeping soundly.

Jimmy Moore described it best what happens when I restricted my calories/fats (this is pretty much exactly like my progression through it):
  • Cuts calories by eating smaller portions
  • Preferentially slashes fat because it has 9 calories per gram
  • Increases (cardio) exercise to “burn” more calories
  • Insulin and leptin resistance issue not addressed
  • Increased exercise causes hunger
  • Musters up the willpower to not eat despite hunger
  • Anger, irritability and outbursts become the norm
  • Metabolism slows, causing sluggishness and fatigue
  • Forces exercise to produce calorie deficit
  • Resists natural urge to eat, sleep enough
  • Despite cutting calories perfectly, scale stops moving
  • Frustrated by weight loss stall, gives up
  • Concludes s/he’s genetically programmed to be fat

  • I have finally had the energy to exercise. I actually want to move! How about that?! So yesterday I did a strength training exercise. You know, the usual stuff like squats, push ups, planks, etc.

    Anyway, you gotta find what works for you. We're all here with the same goal in mind: get healthy and feel good and live a long life. Whatever gets you there is what you need to do. My results may not match yours. But we can still support each other even if we're doing different things to reach the same goal.

    I'll be back Friday with some fasting glucose numbers.

    PS: Cluck Gable has his own Facebook page if you would like to follow his adventure and wisdom:


    1. Kelly, I think you have outdone yourself. This may be the most helpful, informative post I have ever seen of anyone, anywhere on the bloggosphere! Your experiments sure go a long way in helping moi. And I cannot wait to see the details for March. Your timing could not have been more perfect for me. And you know what I think is one of the most interesting facets of what's not plainly said in your diet history? Chuck! He's been there with you, every step and pound and lesson learned along the way. That speaks volumes! There's a gold mine in the family support and you are lucky to have it. :D

      1. No weighing until March still? :)
        Chuck and the family have had to endure all of this, they've gone along but have certainly voiced their opinions bout which they liked and which they hated. Lol So far I'm getting a thumbs up right now.

      2. *hanging head low in defeat?* no. an intervention occurred a couple of days ago when I was sitting on the couch and felt the weirdest sensation around my waist. OHMYGOD IT'S A ROLL OF FAT. It had previously disappeared and now reappeared. Bottom line: had to dust scale off and get immediate battle report in black and white. Not good! I'm at war once again. And until a truce has been called I am going to need that scale weapon to keep things in check. (Have to say the little taste of freedom from it was sweet indeed. apparently TOO sweet)

      3. Some of us (me) need a scale to stay on track. No biggie. You're back at it. That's what matters. Right?! :D
        I have more rolls than a bakery. Maybe because I ate rolls from a bakery? Either way, at least we're in losing mode.

    2. great nutrisystem ? ...I'm with you on the cheese...I mean what's the point without any cheese...Will need to re -read this post another time...

    3. I never did Nutrisystem because I didn't want the prepackaged meals. I couldn't afford it and knew there was no way that would work for me. I can't cook a separate meal for the family.

    4. Your Hungry Girl assessment made me laugh (lost 25 pounds, still hungry)! More power to ya that you keep trying - it will be interesting to see what March brings you!

      P.S. Gator meat? But you love the gators! How can you eat one?!

      1. I know. Why do we always eat the ones we love?
        I was just ready to try something new. We'll see how it turns out. I'm hoping it doesn't taste like a giant lizard. Not that I've ever eaten a giant lizard but I have an idea in my head what that would be like.

      2. Ack, giant lizard?! I was thinking of the ubiquitous "tastes like chicken"!

    5. What a great post. For the record, I'm a little in love with Cluck Gable! :)

      1. Cluck Gable is quite a character. He's always shocked at the new things he gets to do and see.

    6. Oh Lord, I could add some to your list... *think Cabbage Soup Diet* lol!

      I think what really matters is that you are honest with yourself and that you keep trying to figure out what works, even if you can't have your carbs and eat them too, sigh.

      1. Oh my goodness, how could I have forgotten about the cabbage soup diet?! The more you eat the more you lose. Yeah, right! Yes, did that one too. There have been so many.
        I also forgot using the Bodybugg to track calories burned versus calories consumed. Had some success but again it was hit or miss.

    7. Replies
      1. Yes. Crazy chicken. He's always posting pics of his adventures and chicks he likes.

    8. I am most interested in hearing about your fasting blood sugars. I do agree that healthy fats added into your diet do keep you satisfied longer - and for the record, I think I've done every diet you mentioned at least for a few days - the grapefruit diet was my favorite because I love grapefruit!

    9. Kelly, I've tried all those diets too with little success except with moderate carbing. I'm going to try that again now. I will be watching to see how you do and wishing you well.

    10. Love Cluck!
      And LoCarb - what can I say that you didn't already say!
      I'll just add my heart-felt "YUM!"
      And hugs to you!


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