Friday, February 22, 2013

Fasting Blood Glucose Reading, Low Carb Chocolate Pudding, Asparagus Gratin

Ok, I'll see if I can keep this post shorter today. They've been turning into novels lately and ain't nobody got time for that on a Friday. :)
As I've mentioned, I got a handy dandy gadget called a blood glucose meter to measure what's going on with my fasting glucose (when I first wake up in the morning), after certain meals or when I feel "off".

Since I've been following my low carb eating all week (except for a one meal that I'll tell you about later) I haven't had any episodes where my heart was pounding and I felt anxious and terrible. As a matter of fact, I've been feeling fan-friggin-tastic!

Fasting Glucose numbers:
2/16 83
2/17 85
2/18 83
2/19 68
2/20 79
2/21 80
2/22 130

I was concerned about the 68 but I had zero bad symptoms of low blood sugar and I wouldn't have even known it was that low had I not taken the measurement. So I'm not worried. I felt fine.

On the other hand, I was not feeling fine with the 130 reading. My heart was doing its dance in my chest and I just didn't feel as well.

Here's what happened and I'll try to keep a very long story short: Chuck has had a terrible week at work so I suggested a dinner out. We can still go out and I can order things that won't mess me up. We get to restaurant and Rachel sends a text that she has a prom dance meeting. Forgot all about it. So rush back home, rush to the meeting. Meanwhile I'm really hungry. Meeting lets out at 8pm. I haven't eaten since 11:30ish. So I send Chuck a text to meet me at a restaurant with Charlie. We get there around 8:30 and decide it's a good day to have a drink. Or two. And a handful of corn chips. And two chicken flautas. It may not sound like much but it has a profound effect on me. Why didn't I just get the fajitas or a salad? Because by that time I was hangry.

1 day of strength training and 1 day of having a 30 minute walk.

Feelings: Happy, not hungry unless I go hours and hours without eating, sleeping soundly, no cravings, clear mind

Weight Loss: I had gained back 5.2 pounds of the weight I lost in January. Since last Wednesday I am down 6.3 pounds by upping my fats, keeping protein moderate, and carbs low.

Low carb chocolate pudding made from avocados. Don't think of it as chocolate guacamole. I promise it's really good and creamy and filling.
 Asparagus Gratin. Wow! This is some good stuff! I substituted coconut flour in the recipe and added a little cream to the cheese mixture. Definitely a hit and will be making this again.
 Serve that with a filet mignon from the Sous Vide and you have yourself one happy tummy. :)
I put the steaks on a foil lined pan to torch them so they would have a nice char. That torch melted the foil! Which was kind of cool. Love playing with fire.

It seems counter intuitive to eat more fat to lose fat but it's working. I can't complain.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!!


  1. This is the most excellent manner of eating yet!
    Thanks for doing all the hard work!

  2. Thanks, Kelly for all the info about how low carb is working for you. It gives me incentive to try it again. I just need to be able to get decent food in the house. Great job on controlling your blood sugars.


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