Monday, February 4, 2013

Food, Food and MORE Food (and a kitten)

Why is the weekend so short? It was a good one but busy one.

I battled with a massive headache all weekend. It's better now but not completely gone.

Got the windshield replaced on Rachel's car and they broke off some of the molding that goes around the windshield but refused to replace it. They said it happens sometimes but the windshield won't leak. Really? Come on. So not thrilled with that but I'm not going to let it ruin my day. Glad to have one more thing checked off of my list.

Chuck's parents caught a feral kitten at their house. They have been trying to catch it for a few days but it's fast. Charlie found that it has been living in a hole in some bushes. The kitten was finally caught and I got to spend Saturday holding it. It calmed down pretty fast and was so sweet and pretty. As far as I know, they've found a home for it.
 It's a beautiful kitten. I think Chuck was even thinking about keeping it. The last thing we need is another critter though. I'm glad it'll have a home.

Let's talk about food. Friday morning I made some sausage. It's ridiculously easy to make.
 Breakfast Sausage
1 pound ground pork
1 tsp salt

1 tsp sage
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp cayenne
1/2 tsp nutmeg

Mix dry ingredients then mix with pork. Pan fry as patties or crumbles. Easy!
Chuck made breakfast quesadillas on low carb tortillas with the sausage and some eggs and cilantro. Yum!!!

Now I want to tell you why I needed the vacuum sealer. This is so cool.

I bought 4 cheap top sirloin steaks for $9.45. Not a bad deal. I made up some Montreal Steak seasoning and sprinkled some on the steaks.
 Then I vacuum sealed them with a pat of butter.
 I put the sealed steaks in a water bath at 138* that morning in my new......
 Sous Vide!! Ahhh! I'm so excited. Chuck had sold something and had some extra money and wanted to get me one of these. It benefits all of us. It's so neat! I can't overcook meat. I set the temperature and the meat wont go over that temp. It won't burn or anything like that. If I want medium rare steak it will be medium rare regardless of how long I leave it in there. It may change texture if I leave it in there for 24 hours but it won't burn.
 This was my first time using a Sous Vide so I wasn't sure what temperature I would like best for the steaks. I chose a temperature between medium rare and medium. I think I'll drop the temp a couple of degrees next time.

When I removed the steaks from the water bath, I just pat them dry and sear them quickly in a hot skillet. I don't want to cook them; I just want a nice char. You could also use a torch to do that. How cool would it be to torch your meat?! Yeah, a torch is next on the list of wants.
 It's the same color pink throughout the entire steak and so tender I could cut it with a fork.
 Look at that texture! I just put them in the water in the morning and they're ready by that evening whenever I decide to have dinner. Love it!
 It was a nice dinner. More on the paleo side than low carb, I'd say. Sweet potatoes, spinach and a big steak. We all had happy tummies that night.

Sunday was all about the Super Bowl. I had intended to try to make it low carb but in the end I decided to use some of the many recipes I've pinned on Pinterest.

Caribbean Martinis: Yum!!! Mango vodka, coconut rum and a bit of pineapple juice. Coated the rim with shredded coconut and garnished with a coconut rum soaked pineapple. So very good and love that it came from a parenting web site. Haha!
 German Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars: Oh my. Yes, these are very good too. A little too good. Easy to make. You make a chocolate shortbread crust, then top with chocolate chips, then top with a pecan pie filling that also contains coconut. Bake.

 Horseradish Roast Beef Rollups: These are really tasty and really easy to make and low carb since I used low carb tortillas. Makes a great snack.
 Coconut Rum Soaked Pineapple: Very easy to make. I just drained two cans of pineapple chunks and poured a pint of coconut rum over them and let it set in the fridge overnight. Couldn't be simpler. Then you can save the rum afterwards. I used the pineapple as a garnish on the martinis. This would be so good at the beach or sitting around a pool in the summer.
 Jalapeno Popper Dip: I love jalapeno poppers or stuffed jalapenos or whatever you want to call them. This takes the idea and turns it into a dip. It's very good and a bit addictive. You've been warned.
 Ham and Swiss Sliders: Holy moly! These are insane. Everybody loved these. I'd say they were the best thing I made all day. All weekend! They're easy to make too. If you're looking for a crowd pleasing recipe, this is it. Ham and swiss on Hawaiian rolls topped with a mixture of poppy seed, butter, little onion, mustard and worcestershire sauce. Bake and you've got magic.
 Not pictured are some store bought cupcakes, some queso dip and crockpot meatballs. The meatballs were also very good and easy but I'm just not a huge meatball fan. Or meatloaf fan. The meatballs called for a cup of grape jelly and 1 1/2 cups chili sauce melted on high in a crockpot. Add some cooked meatballs from the freezer section (around 30) and turn crockpot to low. They can keep in there for up to 8 hours.

We only had another couple over so there was waaaay too much food but I wanted to have a variety.

Good times with friends and lots of laughter.
The food and company were great but I paid for it that night. My heart was pounding and I had some anxiety. I did not sleep well at all. So it's back on the wagon for me!

In other news, my friend Allie had left a comment last week that she is only going to weigh once in February so the scale doesn't drive her crazy with its ups and downs. That sounds like a brilliant idea to me! I think I'll join her. So you won't be seeing Weigh In Wednesdays for a while but at the end of February I'll be reporting from the scale. We could all use some peace and sanity sometimes. :)

Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. My Superbowl food was mostly brought on by Pinterest too lol! I decided at the beginning of the year that 'if' I weighed myself at all it would be once a month. A half pound or even pound a week can be discouraging but let me see 4 pounds at once on the scale and I'm happy. So dumb isn't it?

  2. Oh my oh me, super bowl food hangover. Mostly salt. UGH. It's a double-ugh Monday for me. Yay! I'm glad to have you join us in No Scale February! Let's start a revolution, ladies. And gentlemen too. Let's not give our power and control to a thing on the floor that tells you one thing only. :D It sure is "freeing" isn't it? To let that number just go and take that power away from it and keep it to yourself. Hope you know what I'm trying to say. Coconut rum soaked pineapple??? Sounds better than sex! TBH I have always wondered exactly what that super secret contraption was for (sous vide). Now I know. Thank you Kelly! That looks interesting, intriguing and perfect for my wish list.

  3. AWWWW....that kitten?! OMG, sooo cute. Glad it has a home. AWWWW! :) Have a wonderful Monday Kelly.

  4. Ahhhh!! That kitten! So cute :D But then I am a sucker.

    I wondered if you got a sous vide machine when you had the food sealer. That is cool that it holds the food at temp without burning or drying out.

  5. Glad I wasn't the only one who nibbled a bit too much yesterday! And you know what, when I was working out at lunch today, I decided I am not going to weigh in until March 1 - I am in!

    I love my food saver bags - no more freezer burn!


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