Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Heart Valentine's Day

This is not exactly a friendly holiday to folks trying to lose weight. I mean, it can be with the right planning and determination but when you think Valentine's Day thoughts of chocolate and sweets come to mind. Decadence.

I've had a one track mind since last Sunday. I haven't even thought about straying. I know there will be temptations down the line (I'm looking at you, soft pretzel) but for now I'm pretty darn pumped about getting healthy.

Wednesday was my mom's birthday so I had everything planned in my head. I'd pack some snacks for the drive, bring a low carb cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory, and eat a salad from Subway on the way home. Welllllll.......things didn't go exactly as planned but that's ok.

When I got to her house she had ordered BBQ dinners for us. I found the smallest bun and added a tiny bit of chipped beef and several slices of smoked brisket but had no chips or anything else. It was surprisingly filling with all of the brisket. My brother and his wife came over so we had a little birthday party for mom. My sister in law made a cake so we sang happy birthday but I only had a small slice of the cheesecake with sugar free cherry topping. Was very good.
 As soon as we finished eating I got on the road to come home. I guess I got back around 8pm. Meanwhile, a blood glucose meter I had ordered arrived in the mail so I took my blood sugar. It was 99 after about an hour and a half after dinner. I'm not sure if that's good or bad but looking at the normal ranges online it seems to be ok.

Thursday I woke up and had a sweet Valentine's Day surprise waiting for me on the bar. Chuck had bought a bottle of wine and a card. Love the little note on the bottle of wine.
 We really haven't been big into celebrating but it is fun to get a little something. And there is no way we're fighting crowds to go out to eat on that holiday so we went to lunch instead. No crowds!

We got a little tequila on ice.
 I ordered a beef fajita salad with guacamole. Yum!!! And so filling.
 An hour and a half after lunch my blood sugar was still good.
 I don't have diabetes but I can feel that my blood sugar has been a bit erratic. It has not been noticeable since I got back to watching my carbs but I wont to see how different foods make me react. I do have some wicked insulin resistance and PCOS that I'm hoping can be helped by sticking to fewer carbs. Not no carb. Reduced carb. I can't really tell a lot from testing blood for two days so I'll be learning more as I go. And it really doesn't hurt like I thought it would! I'm such a wimp with needles.

Rachel had a Valentine's Dance that Chuck and I were chaperoning. Before we left I made a bunless cheeseburger patty. Love these. So quick, cheap, easy and filling.
 Then off to the dance. The dance had barely begun and a slow song came on and Rachel asked her dad to dance. It was so sweet. I know it meant a lot to him.
I got out there and danced a few times too. Had a blast! Did a conga line. Yeah, I'm still a kid at heart. :)

Today Chuck is getting another steroid injection in the neck so I'll be chaperoning that as well. Ha! And since we didn't go out for a Valentine's dinner, we'll be making our own at home sometime this weekend.

Hope you had a good Valentine's Day, too! TGIF!!! Woohoo! Weekend is here!

PS: Stay away from all of the Valentine's candy that's marked down to ridiculously low prices today. ;)


  1. Good luck to Chuck today. Hope it goes well.

  2. Sweet to see a father/daughter dance. :)

    Wait, did you say V-day candy is half off today??? ::grabs wallet and car keys::

  3. Sounds like you had a great Valentine's day!!

  4. ohh hope the steroid shot works! even though my hubs had the surgery/fusion thing he still has so much pain and problems. Now TRULY, the blood glucose thing doesn't HURT?! I've almost bought one so many times but I am afraid! Tell me tell me.

    1. It really doesn't hurt. I was scared to do it at first and have a crazy fear of needles. But it was nothing. And you hardly need any blood for the meter. My daughter even did it and said it was nothing.

  5. 77 is on the low side for someone who doesn't have diabetes - I start to get shaky below 70. At least you know what your numbers are now though! Hope you had a great weekend!


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