Friday, February 1, 2013

Sunsets and Pizzas

Happy Friday!

There hasn't been a lot going on lately yet I have been pretty busy.

Yesterday Charlie had piano lessons. He's doing well with playing but lately he's been getting a little bit of an attitude. I guess it comes along with being a 12 year old. He can be a little curt and not always sympathetic.

So after lessons yesterday I took him to pick up a couple of pizzas for the homeless that live at an overpass. I want him to see how fortunate he is and how he can do something kind for people. Just to open his eyes a little.

I told him what we were doing and his attitude changed immediately and I could see that he was thinking. He started asking questions and smiled. He was actually excited about doing something for someone else.

I ask the guy at the pizza place if they have any pizzas they would want to give away because we were going to bring them to the homeless. He said they throw the pizzas away that aren't used (seriously? You couldn't just give them away?) but he would give us a couple of bags of garlic breadsticks. We paid for the pizzas and he shook Charlie's hand and said, "We need more people like you." Charlie's face turned red but he had a big smile on his face.

We brought the pizzas and Charlie took them to the place where they live and left them. His attitude seemed improved after that and he was talkative and in a great mood.  I hope to make this something we do more often. I hate to think of those people out there hungry. Makes you realize how fortunate you really are.
 Charlie and I were treated to a beautiful sunset.....
 That just kept getting more beautiful.
 I realize I won't be able to teach my kids everything. My main goal is to teach them how to learn, where to go for answers, how to think logically and for themselves, and to be compassionate to others. That's not too much to ask, is it? :)
On a totally different topic, I LOVE Valentine's Day. Sappy, romantic, lovey dovey stuff....yeah, I'm all over that. I don't know why but I just am. I've hung some hearts in the dining room and my mother in law gave me a beautiful Valentine table runner. It's starting to look a lot like love. :)

Meanwhile, in Texas.
 Nothing says love like meat.
My in laws gave me an old Food Saver they weren't using. I had fun vacuuming sealing everything.
I'm so weird with new gadgets. I have to read everything about it and watch videos before I attempt to use them. I guess I'm afraid of making mistakes or something. So after reading all about this vacuum sealer I was ready. It's really easy though!!

I needed the vacuum sealer to go along with another kitchen gadget I got. I won't tell you what it is until Monday (dum dum dummmmmm....cliff hanger) but I've read and read and watched several videos and I think I'm finally ready to try it. Hehehe So excited! Several pictures coming Monday. Hope it turns out good. :D

Other than that, not too much going on. I'm in a great mood but having some issues with nasty headaches the past couple of days. Probably hormones. Darn them.

Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend. Planning on having a little Super Bowl Party this Sunday but going to do my best to make it a low carb one and just not tell my guests. :) We'll see how that works out. It will involve garlic parmesan wings.

And for a little football humor since we're talking about Super Bowl, check out this funny video of bad lip reading.


  1. awww you seriously make me want to go out and get some pizzas for homeless around here. you and Charlie are the best! We're on the same wavelength or something with the foodsaver. I just bought a hand held one and have yet to open the package and actually USE the thing! What's wrong with me??? As for me (since I have no blog except for tumblr)...February 1 begins NO SCALE CHALLENGE for me. I'm going to try and learn how to live without those dang numbers making me feel so bad about myself. I'm almost finished with Week 3 in Couch to 5K! Farthest I've ever made it! YAY! And true confession: my Super Bowl Sunday will not be low carb. oyyyy! :D

  2. Very very sweet lesson for Charlie to have learned! He's lucky to have you Kelly. Have a great weekend.

  3. Maybe you could find a regular volunteer opportunity like that for Charlie? Or maybe Charlie could start something with other homeschooled students. I know we have a group around here who specifically serves homeless men and they collect packages of underwear and socks and distribute them with thermoses of soup. Might be a great project for him. You are a smart (and good) mama to teach him a lesson without him even realizing it!

    I'm going to try a garlic-black pepper dry rub wing at my house :)

  4. That is great! Lots of homeless folks... very good for Charlie to get involved with something...And I love that Food Saver.... thinking about getting one meself!


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