Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Truth Hurts (and motivates)

So far I've been great with the eats even though it has been another busy week. Exercising? Not so much.

I've felt so motivated to lose weight and get healthy lately that it hasn't even been difficult. It's funny how once you set your mind to something, it becomes easy. There are fewer temptations because you're in "the zone." Granted, I'm only a fairly new convert to the wagon but I have no desire to get off. Zero. I have a goal in my sight and I crave it more than a cheesecake brownie.

I even have candy all over the house right now thanks to Valentine's Day being around the corner. Haven't even touched a tiny piece of chocolate. Don't want it. I find that if I eat enough fats and high quality food that I don't have room for desserts. Go figure. Maybe that's a strategy?

Of course, when I feel all good and motivated I need to tell people. I told a friend a couple of days ago that I was determined (again) and was told that I've said the same thing in the past. At first I was offended but when I thought about it, it was so true. I've been here on this blog too long to have not reached my goals. It's embarrassing even. And it's something I've known but just haven't admitted. I've said it before. Same motivation. Same everything. And here I am repeating the same darn thing again. Over and over. Are you as sick of hearing it as I am sick of saying it? I see you shaking your head at me. Go ahead. I am too.

It takes a good friend to be honest. Even when the truth hurts. Instead of weakening my resolve, it only strengthened it. So I won't say, yet again, that this is the time when I succeed and this time is different than all the rest. But I will say, "Watch me." I'll just be quiet about it and do it.

Today I will be on the road a lot! I'm not even sure what time I'll get home tonight. I have an appointment around 1pm and then come home to get Rachel and we're on the road to go see my mom whose birthday is today. Happy birthday, Mom!!!! Love you! I bought her a small low carb cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory and we'll sing happy birthday, hang out for a little while then I'll be back on the road to come home. So maybe I'll be back around 8:30ish tonight? Maybe? That means I'll be eating on the road. No problem. I've got it planned. I'll just stop at a Subway and get a salad. Easy.

One of my biggest problems with "sticking to it" is lack of planning. Guys, I've been on the road a lot lately. And I did not plan. Not even a little. Friends were in town and I tossed caution to the wind know the story. I'd say for a good two weeks I've been "off".

I love my new Sous Vide. Ok ok. I know I keep talking about it. You're sick of hearing about it. But it's just so easy for me to toss some meat in there from the freezer that I have presealed and seasoned. Then I can go about my day and dinner is done! As a matter of fact, I'll be putting in a nice T-Bone for Chuck before I hit the road today so he'll have a steak dinner when he gets home. I have mashed sweet taters, cauliflower and salad in the fridge. Done and done! Seriously, I got a ton of meat on sale at the grocery store. Made up some Montreal steak seasoning.
 Then seasoned the steaks and sealed them up. Tossed them in the freezer and they're ready to go whenever. I need to get chicken ready too.
What was I saying? Oh yeah. Sous Vide. I'm loving how I can toss in any tough piece of meat and it comes out so tender. I made up some steak and baked faux-tato (cauliflower) stuff on Monday. Yum!
 The baked potato stuff was soooo good. I cooked some cauliflower florets, put them in the blender with butter, garlic powder, sour cream, salt & pepper, and a little coconut milk and a splash of vinegar (to cut the sweetness of the cauliflower) and whirled it up. Then topped with cheese, bacon and chives.

The steak was so tender that Chuck could cut it with a butter knife. Then to show off he cut it with a fork.
 Tuesday was lunch with a friend and I got a salad like a good girl. It was really good! Shwarma meat and Mediterranean salad.

I was on the road a lot yesterday and had intended on cooking up chicken but in the end I wanted something super quick so I made cheeseburgers. I found an angry pickle in the condiments. Sour puss.
 Cheeseburger low carb style. Maybe overkill on the cheese but oh well. And notice the bacon. Bacon makes everything better. :)
So that burger was enough to fill me up all night and there were no sweets cravings at all. Winning!

I'm thankful for the support I have and I'm thankful for friends that tell it like it is. No matter what, I'm never giving up. Love you guys.

**Disclaimer: the stuff I have pictured is considered low carb but not Paleo. If you're sticking to Whole30 or Paleo, just leave out the dairy and you're good to go. But don't leave out the bacon. One should never leave out the bacon.


  1. That's right! You are NEVER EVER EVER giving up!! ...because this is the rest of your life. The sooner we all acknowledge, accept and absorb that the better. THIS is the rest of our lives. That "zone" is so elusive for me when it comes to the food parts. The working out part I have down fairly well as long as my knees play nice. Ok ok seriously you do have to stop talking about the sous vide or you're going to make me blow the already stupidly ridiculous tight February budget. :P

  2. The words "one should never leave out the bacon" made me smile.

  3. Well let me tell you that you are not alone!! I have been blogging for probably at least 3 years or more and I am still no where close to my weight loss goal. I have said the same - over and over - this is it, this is the time ... I have tried and failed several times but the most important part is that we get back up when we fall down. If you give up that is the ultimately failure and quite frankly it is just not an option. Keep doing what you can and keep working towards that goal, you will get there! I know you can do it and so can I - so we can both "quietly" do this and prove to ourselves and everyone watching that we finally did it! I believe in you ;)

  4. When we make changes to get healthy, it's a process. I don't beat myself up about times of struggle and "backslidin'" because I never let it be PERMANENT. Still on the forward path, even with a few detours. :-) I have no doubt you will continue to do what you need to do for a healthy life!

  5. Its good to have people who will tell you the truth. We need it sometimes. Im new to your blog and needless to say I stalked around LOL. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS had never heard of it before the doctor rattled it off any way love the blog I will be following along. Good luck with the weight loss!!


  6. LOVE the zone! I myself am in it! Day 46 of limited sugar and carbs. I have had a few false starts myself but this time I will taste success! You will too if you keep on doing the things this entry shows you doing. Off to read more of your blog now :)

  7. It's funny Kelly, because I thought starting a blog would "force" me to do well and get to my weight loss goals. Guess what? It's 4 1/2 years after starting my blog and I weigh 2 pounds more than I did then!

    Hang in there, I think you are doing great and looking good! Have a great weekend and Happy B-day to Momma!


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