Friday, March 22, 2013

Fashion Friday

Hey, remember yesterday how I said the scale suddenly dropped over a pound? Well, forget about that. I seriously hate weight fluctuations. That's one of the hazards of weighing daily though. Honestly, I think the best thing to do is weigh monthly but I'm terrible with that. If I think I have a whole month before a weigh in I'm thinking, "Oh let's go have some Bombay Pizza with Gateway of India toppings! I have a month to burn it off." See? I'm irresponsible like that. Weekly is good too but....anyway, I'm checking the scale daily. 

No worries though! Inches still coming off although slowly. Grrrrr. Come off, already! Geez.

Ok, before fashion stuff I have to share my Thursday evening. I got some great seats for the Aeros hockey game through Living Social. Got 4 seats and a parking pass! We were right against the glass! Corner seats.
 We got there early. Rachel and I goofed off.
 We were so close the guys were slamming into the glass right in front of us!! So much testosterone on ice. Love it love it. There was even a fight right there in front of us.
 The Aeros did great! They won 4-1. Rachel and I even made friends with the Zamboni driver and he would look for us and wave every time he came around. :)
 Charlie got one of the shirts tossed into the audience and after the game he was given the puck used in the game!! Omg, how awesome is that?! You can see by the smile on his face that he's pretty happy about it too.
 I found an Aeros koozie so I got a little goodie too. One of the better games I've attended. Really a lot of fun.

OK. How about some fashionless Friday. Hey, I'm getting better with all this dressing up bit. It's making me feel like the old Kelly. The pre-fat Kelly. And that's a good thing. Still working on getting my groove back but I guess that takes time. The self confidence and stuff will happen.

Outfit number 1 is a casual fun piece great for al fresco dining.....who am I kidding? Let's just get on with it.
I do love this little getup but I'm not ready to wear it belted yet. Another 10 pounds down the road and I think it'll be fine.
 Hat and glasses: Charming Charlie
Necklace with matching earrings not shown: Charming Charlie $13
Silver watch: Charming Charlie $15
black v-neck tee: JCPenney $8
brown leather belt: JC Penney $18
moor green cargo shorts: JC Penney clearance $14

Ensemble #2

This looks much better on. The skirt is a black maxi and is so long it sweeps the floor a little. Also has a slit up each leg. Tres sexy. But it's also a little sheer meaning some legs shows in the sunlight. Oops. I tuck the shell in to the skirt and wear the brown leather belt above.

I can't button the shirt up over the girls though. One of the downsides of being "gifted" up above. Actually it kind of sucks. I love button down shirts. Oh sure, it buttons just fine above and below that area! But the buttons are holding on for dear life if I am able to button them at all. Looks terrible!

My solution is to wear a tank or shell under the shirt and button down from right below the girls. That's about all I can do. Any suggestions?

And please keep in mind that this looks much cuter on.

Necklace and matching earrings: Charming Charlie
black maxi skirt: JCPenney clearance $30 (it shows more online but in the store it was $30)
chambray shirt: JCPenney $25
Coral shell: I got it at Kohls two years ago.

Ensemble #3: My favorite colors!!! Olive green and coral. LOVE these. I think my wardrobe in high school was almost all olives, corals, kahki, peach and white.

I think this is my favorite so far. I got it to go with white shorts but they haven't arrived yet and quite honestly a big butt doesn't look so chic in white. Again, can't button the shirt at the top so I have to use a tank underneath.
bubble necklace and earrings: Charming Charlie
tortoise shell watch: Charming Charlie $20
white spaghetti strap tank: JCPenney $8 (this is see-through! Wear a nude bra.)
oregano shirt: JCPenney $16
denim shorts: a hand me down when Rachel lost weight
brown leather belt: JCPenney $18

Did I mention that I love everything about that outfit? Also looks very cute with the little hat from the first picture. And the shirt is so soft! Feels like silk.

I wasn't going to get anything else until next payday but I saw a dress on Pinterest then saw it was on sale then saw that it said there were limited quantities......I had to have it.
Love the color. Love how it flows. It's just so pretty and ladylike and classy.

Dark green dress with bound waistline: Oasap $108 (It was $115 just two days ago! I'm trying to get the better sale price now. LOL)

Sorry I didn't get to model them for ya so you could see what they look like on a person but I just didn't get to play dress up and take pics like I had planned. I'll try to get one or two put up soon.

I have been wearing oversized clothes for so long I had just become accustomed to it. I needed a little nudge to start dressing how I used to dress before I gained weight. When I was really heavy the only goal was to find something to cover my body. The biggest shirts and pants would do. That phase of my life is over and gone forever. It's way past time to be who I was before fat interrupted my life.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend!!!


  1. I do much better when I wear clothes that are a little fitted. When I don't have much wiggle room, I tend do keep an eye on my food better :D

    Love Penneys! I was just there twice this month rooting through the $5 clearance rack.

    1. They really do have great prices! I've been having a great time visiting there.

      Yah, fitted clothes tell you real fast if you've been in the cookie jar too much. ;) Plus they seem to look better, ya know? I'm just trying to get used to fitted again. I've been wearing huge stuff for so long!

  2. I feel like we just got a fashion show done by Flat Stanley...girl, put on the clothes so we can see what they really look like!!!

    1. Flat Stanley!! Omg, that cracked me up!!

      Yes ma'am. I'll put them on. :)

  3. Okay, you have shamed me into dressing nicer Kelly - thanks! Seriously though, my daughter has the fashion sense, it skipped a generation, or I blame it that my twin sister took it all.

    In high school, my sister used to spend TWO HOURS getting ready for school. Me? I wouldn't get up until I heard her boyfriend honk the horn to pick us up! (I would wash my face though, but I did mostly go to school in the sweats I wore to bed!).

    It used to get her so pissed when people would call her Biz thinking it was me!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time had

  5. It's hard to make clothes look cute while they're laying down or hanging...I will admit that I'm reluctant to post pictures of myself on my own blog :) A few weeks ago, I tucked in a shirt for the first time in almost 20 years! On the blog, I only showed a photo of the waist-area and the belt...I couldn't bring myself to do a whole-body shot!

  6. nice outfits! i started about six weeks ago dressing nicer and its helped me with a better attitude!! love your choice of colors!


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