Friday, March 1, 2013

Fat Fast Results

Five days of fat fasting are done! I am happy to get to have my bacon and eggs again. Especially since discovering jalapeno bacon. Oh man, that stuff is goooood.

Total lost: 6 pounds in 5 days  I could expect at least a pound lost every time I stepped on the scale.

Blood sugar has remained stable. Another good thing. Still don't know the ketone level in my blood because the darn test strips haven't arrived yet. *(&#^*@#*&

So the weight loss was steady during this thing. Hunger wasn't bad at all which was kind of surprising. I did get hungry Thursday afternoon because I didn't get to eat the way I was supposed to. I was on the run all day and it was just chaotic. But after dinner I was satisfied.

Here are pics of the eats: not pictured are some macadamia nuts and pecans
 Curried Cream of Chicken soup
 Jalapeno Poppers

 Fettuccine Alfredo
 Caramel Coffee
 Lemony Cream cheese (this was really good)
 Asian Noodles (I could hurt myself on these!)
Recipes came from Fat Fast Cookbook which I highly recommend even if you never do a fat fast. But all of the recipes are high fat so if that's not your thing this will not be your thing.

My calories have been around 1000 calories per day with around 88% of those calories from fat.

Would I do it again? If I hit a stall, yes! It wasn't that difficult. The hardest part is preparing a separate meal for the family because I don't expect them to do this.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see my blood glucose remain pretty constant. No low blood sugar at all. It stayed around 80-83 in the mornings.

I've been pretty darn happy and sleeping hard. Like in a coma hard. The food has been pretty tasty but I am ready for some bigger portions and some chicken or steak or something.

Today we're headed to San Antonio to see the "Victory or Death" letter at the Alamo before it's sent back to Austin to be stored away safely again. I didn't want to miss this once in a lifetime chance to see it. It's just a day trip so there will be a lot of time on the road.

Experiment #1 comes to a close. I'm very pleased with the results. I do expect to gain a little weight temporarily when I add some foods and calories back but I also expect that weight to drop again. We'll see if my predictions are right.

Experiment #2 will be starting today but I'll discuss that a little more on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!!! Thank you all for being patient with me and all of my crazy experiments. I feel that each one helps me learn a little more.

PS: if you notice on the top left, my little blog has its own facebook page now. I'll share blog updates and good deals on books and health related products there and some funnies.


  1. I'm glad this went so well for you. It is good to know someone who has done it in case I decide to try it. I need to get on a regular plan and stick to it first. I need some control before I could do a fat fast.

  2. I am glad your blood sugar hasn't dipped low - that's the worst for me. Hope you had a great weekend and look forward to experiment #2!


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