Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

*girl's  That drives me nuts!

You probably (whoa, that word looks really weird! Ever look at a word and think, "Surely that's not how you spell that"? Maybe I've been touched in the head by the ADD fairy.) already know that I've been eating low carb. Whether it be paleo or whatever. I've been trying to stick to this because, honestly, it's just works best for my bod.

What you may not know is that I can pack on the pounds quite easily. I am soooo efficient at storing fat. If there was a gold medal for fat storage it would be mine. I'm confident. I have an allergy to carbs. It makes me break out in fat. Where am I going with this? Well, the Happy Texan plumped out over Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've been hesitant to post numbers but let's just say it was 208.9. I kid you not. Wish I was. Go ahead. Shake your head in shame at me. I can take it.

My recent efforts have been to eat high fat, low carb, moderate protein. Yeah, I was already pretty low carb (at least since my debauchery during the holidays) but now I've been concentrating on keeping the fats high and the protein moderate. In other words, I can't sit down to a 24 oz T-bone steak. Let's do 6 oz instead. But add butter a la Paula Deen style. Let's add coconut oil to all the things. Let's have avocados and olives and cheese and sour cream. Do I need to mention bacon?

It truly sounds counter intuitive to some of us folks who have done the low fat scene for so long. I know this. But do some reading on modern research and you will find that dietary fat is not a contributor to serum cholesterol. I should add that is the case if you are eating low carb. I've read some scary stuff about fats and a high carb diet. Is it true? Dude, I'm not a doctor or a scientist. I am without a clue.

Anyway...before I totally lose your attention....I've been eating this high fat, low carb, moderate protein since March 1. I think I strayed once? Can't recall. But I've been doing great! Cravings are gone and I am just not hungry at all. I have to make myself eat.

I have been in a state called ketosis where my body uses my fat as fuel. And I certainly have enough fuel for a small village. Ketosis is perfectly safe for people except type 1 diabetics. You guys have to be careful. This is not ketoacidosis which is deadly. Google is your friend with this one if you are interested in learning more.

I know I am in ketosis because I bought a handy dandy blood glucose/ketone meter from Amazon pretty cheap. The test strips, on the other hand, are not cheap! The cheapest I found was in Canada at a place called the Universal Drugstore. $2 per strip, y'all. Yikes! But I like to see a number give me confirmation that everything is going the right direction. Blood ketone measurements are much more accurate than the Ketostix that requires a urine sample. Let's just put it that way.

The happy zone for nutritional ketosis is between .5-3. I forget the units of measurement. Sorry. I could look it up but I'm feeling lazy.
My measurements:
Tuesday: 2.1  yippee!
Wednesday: .9   meh but still in the happy zone

So I'm a fat burning machine! Can I get a high five? No? Don't leave me hanging!

Oh, and those meters require a nice sized drop of blood. The little strip sucks it up like a greedy vampire. It doesn't hurt. I promise. And I'm a wimp with needles.

Now the fun part! The scale numbers.
Last Wednesday: 201.6
Today: 195.8
down 5.8 pounds!

For most of the month I've been going up and down with the same 2 pounds but finally things broke loose and I started going down. Yesterday I dropped 3.4 pounds! Just in one day. I know! I got on the scale three times to make sure. I looked to make sure it was level and everything. I'm not stupid. I know that after such a mega drop that it will probably go back up a few pounds and then gently start to go back down. But I did do a little happy dance after seeing the drop.

I'm really, really hoping that all of this effort (though it's not hard at all) will heal my insulin resistance and PCOS. I think I'll do a separate post about PCOS Friday because it affects more women than you might think. Around 10% of women have it and many don't even know it. I actually saw the cysts on my ovaries during an ultrasound. I thought it was cancer and was scared to death! I had never even heard of PCOS. Another story, another day. :)

Anyway, after such a big drop in weight, let's not expect anything quite so dramatic at the next weigh in. I'd be happy with any drop. I'm lying. I want to see some nice numbers and will be disappointed if I don't. Being honest with ya. And I had waaay too much tequila last night. So that will give me a couple of pounds tomorrow. What? I like tequila. Good tequila. None of that stuff that used to make us pray to the porcelain god. You know what I'm talking about.

Fun stuff! I got my hairs did! Wanna see? Ok!
Before and after. Ok, ok. It's nothing dramatic. I got some colors and a trim and she curled it a little. But something about getting the hair done makes a girl feel good.

That's it for today. In a very optimistic mood. Tummy is shrinking. I'm happy. I'm definitely not hungry, which is a nice side effect of ketosis. Things are going well.

I will give the standard disclaimer. This is not right for everyone. As a matter of fact, it can be dangerous for some. Don't just dive into something without reading about it and knowing your body. Talk to your doctor if you have any doubts at all. I'm merely sharing what works for me. Seriously, be careful out there. And that goes for any new eating plans, not just nutritional ketosis.

Nutritional ketosis, as opposed to the scary ketoacidosis, is being used to treat Alzheimer's, seizures, diabetes, insulin resistance, PCOS and possibly cancer. Cancer loves glucose. So studies are underway at Duke to see if starving cancer of glucose will help.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy week! Find what works for you. :)


  1. I like that you are sticking with something that works for you!

    And don't even get me started on the cost of test strips - even with my insurance, a 100 test strips costs me $40. And I test myself up to 8 times a day!

    And insulin? I just picked up 5 insulin pens that will last me about 2 weeks - $40, my insurance saved me $317! I don't know how people without insurance can afford to be diabetic. :(

    Great job! After my birthday next week, I am contemplating going back to low carb/paleo. I'll be coming to you for ideas!!

    1. Seriously! I priced the stuff at the store. It was crazy expensive. I really don't know how people afford it. Have you looked for better prices online? Either way, it still costs an arm and a leg.

      Low carb/paleo is pretty awesome stuff for us folks with insulin issues. My "problem" now is that I am never hungry. Like at all!

  2. Finding what works for you, and sticking with it - that's the way to a healthy's different for everyone, but it's out there!

    Your hair looks gorgeous. :)

    Did you get my cake decorating email last night?

    1. Darn yahoo put your email in my trash box. How rude! I replied. :)

  3. Yay you Kelly! The plan works for you, and in those photos, you are GLOWING! Your hair looks GREAT!!! Have a wonderful Wed.

    1. Thank you, thank you!
      Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday too. :)

  4. Thank you for posting; I'm happy to see that getting back into ketosis 'works' at lower weights, too. I'm on week three of very low carb and love the lack of hunger, not to mention 10 lbs in two weeks. Keto Strips here are sold by the bottle of 50 for under $20 so I've been checking every 3-4 days- right now it's 'fun'.

    1. Lower weight? That made me giggle. Thank you!

      10 pounds in two weeks? Nice job!! *applause*
      It's very nice to meet you and I'll be following your progress.

  5. congrats on the loss

  6. Here's another recipe you might like!

    1. That looks wonderful!! I've been a little allergic to shrimp but I'll pop a Benadryl for these! :)

  7. I am following the low/no carb and high fat diet too. It really seems to be agreeing with me. I am not hungry either. I don't even think about food as much. Do you worry about overall calorie intake? Or is the theory that since you are not hungry you naturally eat less? Thanks for any pointers.

    1. I was logging everything and watching calories but it was driving me crazy so I'm letting hunger be my guide. Some days I'm hungry and some days I don't want to eat ,ugh at all. I'm also monitoring my blood ketones to make sure I'm in the happy zone. The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance suggests playing with your protein intake to find the right amount for you. I know jimmy Moore's intake is less than 100g per day but that's what he needs to do to lose. His intake is around 12% of his daily calories.

      Have you read either of the Art and Science of low carb books? So much good info there!

  8. Thanks for the advice. I still can't get my mind around the fact that calories in/calories out might not be right. I've been trying to use hunger as a guide, but since I was really restricting calories before, I find myself eating things just because I CAN, not because I'm hungry. I guess I'm just going through the transition phase to low carb, and I'm not quite sure how to do it yet. You're right, I need to read more about the low carb life. I'll take a look at Art and Science. Love your recent pics, beautiful!

    1. For a long time I wore a bodybugg like the folks on Biggest Loser wear. I tracked every bite and every calorie expended. The numbers just never really matched what the scale would show. It was frustrating! Sometimes I would lose and sometimes nothing.
      There have been studies done using subjects on 100 calorie diets. One had 90% calories from fat, another group on 90% carbs, the final group on 90% protein. The ones on 90% carbs GAINED weight. The ones on higher protein lost some weight but by far the ones who lost the most were eating 90% fat.

      Now that kind of eating isn't sustainable but that wasn't really the point. It was to show that not all calories are processed the same.

      The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance is kind of like the Cliff Notes version of the Art and Science of Low Carb Living. Both are interesting books. Just depends on how much you want to learn.

      Once you enter ketosis (become fat adapted) your hunger issues should dissipate. If you're still hungry after eating a meal, it is suggested in the books to eat more fat. Avocado, cream cheese, coconut oil, bacon, etc. For your eggs, use a couple of whole eggs and a couple of egg yolks if your find you're still hungry at bfast. But the fats should really keep you satisfied. The transition stage to ketosis sucks! The books will go into all the reasons why it sucks. It will take 2-4 weeks to become fully adapted.

      It all sounds opposite of what we've always been taught. All I can say is that for me, things are going quite well so far. I finally don't have crazy cravings! My blood sugar is stabilized. No hunger.

      Jimmy Moore has been doing his NK experiment for 300 days. He has a lot more info on his blog called livinlavidalowcarb. I've learned a lot there.

  9. I will take a look at livinlavidalowcarb. What a clever name! I also came across, a Dr from Sweden who supports lchf. I find the science fascinating!


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