Monday, March 18, 2013

What Does One Eat?

Everything is going well with this low carb, moderate protein, high fat stuff. I'm definitely in ketosis because the blood tests have shown me in the "zone" every morning. Plus I'm not hungry at all!

Saturday Rachel and I went out shopping. That morning I had blended some coffee with coconut oil, cream and a little hazelnut sweetener. That kept me full until 4:30! Speaking of shopping......I'm still waiting for my clothes to get here but I did get some accessories while out.

Got a hat, two bubble necklaces and earrings, watch, aviator sunglasses and some undergarments from Victoria's Secret not pictured
 I love this watch! Got it at Charming Charlie. It looks a lot like a Michael Kors watch that I liked but wayyyy cheaper. I haven't worn a watch in so long. Don't we use our cell phones for the time?

Ok, so what does one eat when living like this? Do I just eat a tablespoon of coconut oil off the spoon? Sometimes. That's normal, right?

eggs scrambled with a little cream topped with cheese and hot sauce, bacon and a few strawberries.
 I keep a mason jar with bacon grease. To save the grease, I put a coffee filter on top and secure it with a rubber band. Then just pour the grease in the filter. Great for sauteing. 
 Here I took some bagged coleslaw mix and sauteed it with bacon grease, onion flakes, and garlic. Added a little coconut aminos and a cooked, chopped hamburger patty. Salt and pepper and lunch is served. Was very tasty! Simple, quick and easy.
 I put a flatiron steak in the Sous Vide then used my handy dandy kitchen torch to sear it. I LOVE playing with fire! Check out that flame. How cool is that?!
 That steak was so tender. It would just fall apart. I topped a salad with it for a great steak salad.
 I made guacamole!!! I'm only recently a convert to avocados. I can't recall ever making guacamole before but this was so good and filling. I ate it right out of the bowl with a spoon. Garlic, avocado, little olive oil, little onion, salt, pepper, lime and cilantro.
 Saturday's lunch was a few jalapeno poppers: Halve the jalapenos, scrape out seeds, stuff with cream cheese mixed with bacon, broil until bubbly.
 Friday night Chuck and I had gone to Floyd's Cajun restaurant and sat outside. We didn't realize until Sunday that he had left his credit card there. Big oops!! So we figured we'd have lunch there Sunday when we went to get his card.

We sat at the bar and watched the guy shuck oysters.
 Ordered a tequila with lime. It was St Patty's Day, after all! Our first order of oysters arrive: shucked and topped with Parmesan then put on the grill.
 One tequila led to several more. Not good. But at least I didn't stray and order hushpuppies or a bunch of fried onion rings or fries! I kept the course.

The next order of oysters had shrimp, crab meat and cheese. These were incredible!!! I've never been a big oyster fan but these may just convert me.
 Yum!! These are perfect. I'm so glad I'm trying new things!
 Using shirataki noodles, I can even have spaghetti. This was so filling I couldn't even finish it.
It was such a beautiful weekend that we sat outside and soaked up some sunshine. Ahhhh. It's a tough life but I manage. (pay no attention to my yard that needs some TLC. That's next weekend project)
 The food is good. I really don't have any complaints. I'm satisfied. I did walk past a Cinnabon and it smelled good but I wasn't tempted. Sometimes fries do smell good but it's not enough to make me want to cave in. If I want pizza, I can make a low carb version. I wanted spaghetti and I made it work.

For me, I think something has to take away my cravings in order for it to be sustainable. Whole9 did remove most of my cravings for the most part but it took a long time. And I really didn't want to give up cheese and dairy completely.

I don't have any splurge meals planned. Honestly, I don't like the way I feel afterwards and that's a big deterrent. I'm sure there will be a splurge here and there but they will be worth it. Not a trip to McDonald's! Though they do have some good fries. ;)

After my weigh in last Wednesday my weight did bounce back up a little. I really expected that though. So I'm not expecting any grand numbers this Wednesday. The clothes continue to fit better and the inches continue to come off. I've had zero slip ups since I started this on March 1. Yay!!!

On a completely different subject, I saw a way to fold clothes on Pinterest that made them easier to find in a drawer and fit better. I've had such a hard time fitting all of my race tees and tech shirts in the drawer but this way made them fit! AND I can find them so much easier. Love this! Here's the blog that showed me how to do it.
I'm trying to get away from so many tee shirts and start wearing nicer clothes. I'm working on getting my fashion sense back. It's been dormant for so long that it may take a while.

Getting new clothes and accessories has done wonders for my determination to lose weight. I want to look better! I'm getting there. It's a slow process but I'm one determined woman.
How can I gain 10 pounds in a week yet it takes over a month to lose it? Doesn't seem fair.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Yeah, it's Monday but we have another weekend on the horizon. :)


  1. Well, I can attest that the food you've been preparing has been awesome!

    I can also attest that you are losing inches.
    Well done! I am proud of you!

    1. Thank you. I know you keep telling me to measure. I need to do that. Because sometimes the scale doesn't show the whole picture.

      You're doing great too! This is the lowest you've been in over 13 years. Your belly is completely flat!!

  2. I love that way of folding I just need a drawer!

    Your accessories are cute - and I agree, a watch is for fashion at this point. Can't wait for the fashion show!

    1. Why had I not known about folding shirts like this? Lol So nice not to have to search for things.

      Eek! Fashion show. Still at that point that I don't like seeing myself in pictures.
      Wish those clothes would hurry up and arrive!

  3. Yes, figuring out what to eat sometimes stumps me, especially when trying to be protein moderate. Jalopeno poppers and shiritake noodles are now on my must-try list

  4. I love those necklaces! I need to go to Charming Charlie. I've never been.

  5. Charming Charlie's is awesome! Quick question about the bacon you use? Do you bake a whole bunch of it at one time in the oven or are you using bags of crumbled bacon from Costco? I'm trying to use only nitrate free bacon but it's hard to find and definitely not inexpensive. Anyone know a good source for nitrate free tasty bacon? I bought the last one at Whole Foods - yuck. Almost zero taste. oh hey - do you like spaghetti squash? we had spaghetti this weekend like that. Husband hates it. I love it. Figures. Did I tell you I broke my dang toe??? No more running. couch to 5k kaput! DAMMMMNNNN IT! I was on such a roll.

  6. I have serious "warm enough to sit outside" envy!!! And I also have watch envy! LOVE that!!!! Hope you've had a wonderful Monday Kelly.

  7. Love. This. Post. Thank you so much.

  8. "How can I gain 10 pounds in a week yet it takes over a month to lose it?"

    If you ever figure this out, please share. It happens to me and makes me so mad!

    1. And the tee shirt thing? Genius. It's one of those "Ah-Ha!" things where I smack myself on the forehead and wonder why I've never thought of it before!

  9. My grandma used to keep a container of bacon grease on her stove at all times - she made the best pan fried potatoes with the bacon grease!

    I am the QUEEN of folding clothes. In high school I worked at Benetton - remember that place? That's all I did all day was fold clothes and put them away!

    And I am jealous of your weather - it was 14 degrees when I woke up this morning - gah!


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