Monday, April 29, 2013

Suddenly Exercise

I'm trying to get myself on an exercising schedule. Once it becomes a habit it's pretty easy to maintain. You feel like you're forgetting to do something if you skip a workout. Actually setting up that habit is an entirely different case!

I did pretty good on the exercise front last week. But I tend to overdo it getting started. Guess what. You can't catch up on all of the missed exercise sessions in one day!! Yet, there I was.

My goal is to walk or bike at least 5 days per week and throw in some strength training twice a week. Maybe do some interval training once a week.

So all is going well. I'm walking and enjoying my time outdoors listening to music. You gotta have music! Tuesday was my scheduled strength training day. No problem. I'm going to start out slow because I don't want to be too what I should have done. But nooooo.......

Tuesday morning I do my strength training reps but need something to work as a pull up bar for some of the exercises. So I do what I can at home then take off for a mile walk to the playground to use that as my gym.
 Wow, pull ups are difficult! I've never done one but I'm trying to get strong enough to eventually accomplish that little feat. And playgrounds make a pretty good gym!

Ok. All done. Little sweaty from the walk and exertion.
 I'm feeling pretty good so may as well mow the grass. It needs it pretty bad.
Starting the mower turns out to be its own workout. And apparently the power assist isn't working and the left tire is leaning in. All making for a pretty tough workout.

Then the back yard grass has gotten out of hand so it creates another good workout. The mower dies a couple of times so I have to struggle with starting it again. Yeah, work that core! Finally realize it's out of gas. Did you know a mower will not start when it's out of gas no matter how many times you pull on that darn string? True.

I'm mowing and sweating. Even go inside once to help Charlie with his math. That's right...I do it all. Then the mower dies again! I figured it got bogged down in tall grass so I keep fighting to restart it. Nope, out of gas. Again.

By this time I had been outside for hours and sweat was in my eyes and I'm covered in grass clippings. My legs were a little shaky.

So the best way to get back in to an exercise habit is not to try to do everything in one day. Did you know that? I do now!

I had trouble walking for a few days. Actually I had trouble even getting out of bed without groaning in pain.

Lesson learned: take it slow! But keep it steady.

In case you are interested, Mark Sisson at Mark's Daily Apple has a free exercising schedule and recommendations called Primal Blueprint Fitness. I'm following it and hoping to see the great results he has.

Now that I'm able to walk again, it's time to get right back on schedule. But no more trying to do it all in one day!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Activities Report

April is flying by and I haven't accomplished many of the things I wanted to do. I've got to get going!!

I did go for a run last week and a few walk which was nice. But strength training is so important. And it's not like it takes that long! Just need to do it. Maybe I'll put it on the calendar as appointment. I'll put a time for it and everything. No excuses.

The eats have been off and on. I've been good and bad. For instance, the in laws took us out this weekend to celebrate Rachel getting her driver's license. I got a fresh basil and sausage flatbread appetizer pizza. But I only had two small pieces. They're really small. So portion control. Yay me! But I also had two beers. Not so good.

There was a lot of eating out over the weekend. I'm not eating a lot but the choices haven't been the best. Last night I cooked and will be cooking for the rest of the week. I'm serving my belly an eviction notice. It's got to go!!

Clothes are fitting decently. I mean, there's always room for improvement but I'm not fretting over it too badly.

Looking for fun ways to stay active. Saturday Rachel and I went for a hike at a state park together. It was such a pretty day and I enjoyed spending time with her.
 My phone doesn't take the best pictures but we got to see a couple of alligators and several birds.

 And black bellied whistler ducks all in a row.
Mostly we just enjoyed listening to the sounds of all the song birds and feeling the sunlight.

I'm loving the longer days!!!! Spring is my time of year. I feel motivated to get out there and run and walk and bike and enjoy life. to do that strength training. I have an appointment. :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Another Random Post of Randomness!

What a week. It's time to play a little catch up.

I now am the owner of two beautiful pistols so Friday I went out for some target practice which is a blast. *buh dum dum* The Texas edition Sig is beautiful but I have to say that the HK is my favorite. I'm not great with either but it's fun to practice. The HK is on top and the Sig P226 is on the bottom.
 I enjoy learning how to do new things. Friday I learned how to field strip my pistols and clean them!
 That night was a night out on the town. I love going in to the city (especially downtown) but Chuck doesn't really like the city. I like both: the country and downtown. Both are so much fun in their own ways. I used to want to live far away from the city but I've since changed my mind. I like being close to the restaurants, night life, museums and culture.

During the day I'm Annie Oakley; at night I'm ready for the town. Wore a black maxi skirt, purple tank, and denim top. Hair pulled up from the sides.
 And Houston. I love this city.
 Found the way to the parking garage and got to witness an amazing sunset. I wanted to just stay and watch it. There's something mesmerizing about being a few levels off the ground. I used to work in a building in the Galleria area. It was so hard for me not to just stand and stare out of the window. The world looks so beautiful and peaceful up there.
 Chuck and I make our way downstairs of Birraporetti's and find a seat. This is a murder mystery dinner!! I've never done anything like it.
 We're treated to an amazing non-low carb dinner.
 The place is packed! This was a sold out event.
 There's a bar.....
 And after three tequila on ice......
 ....we all became a little friendlier at the table. I forgot this guy's name but he had a role in the murder. At the end we found out he was the murderer!! Yes, this is an audience participation thing.
 I even got a part. Oh yeah. I was Lotta. Lotta Mouth. And I had to go up front and read my lines in character. It was filmed but no one shall ever see that video. Ever. Three tequilas is not good for an acting performance. Or maybe it is. Let's say I made up some stuff that wasn't in the script but it did get laughter.
 It was a lot of fun. I would love to do it again.

The lines for the elevators were crazy afterwards! We finally crammed into an elevator with other people and I think I was shaking hands and introducing myself. There was one guy on there who had been at a zydeco festival and for some reason he was bleeding out of his ear. I patted him on the back and wished him well.

And I did not drive home. But arrived safely. Was such a fun time!!! Wish you could have been there. So much laughter and good food.

The next day I get a big box in the mail. What could it be?!
 Tons of shirataki noodles I got on sale!!! Cluck Gable is impressed. Zero carb. These are so good once you get used to the texture.
 Monday I got to have lunch with a friend which was helpful for boosting my mood after dealing with a lot of negativity Sunday night. I needed that time out. I mentioned that I felt like it was time to start running again. After lunch I found out about the terrible things that had happened in Boston. Wow. What a senseless tragedy!!

Tuesday I was feeling so good and happy, despite the horrors in Boston, that I actually started walking again. Start back slow, ya know? My daughter went with me and we got to have a nice mother/daughter talk that I doubt most parents get to have. I'm glad she can come to me with any problem and we can talk openly. It was a great day. And the wildflowers were blooming everywhere.
 Still feeling really happy Wednesday. I want to start running again. So my first day running in 2013 was in memory of those who suffered in Boston. I enjoyed the time out listening to music.
 3.8 miles. I wanted to keep going because I felt so good. But I didn't want to overdo it.
 I forgot how much I enjoyed my time out on the streets listening to my music and being alone with my thoughts. I didn't want it to end.

Other things going on include taking graduation pics. Is this really happening? Is this the little girl I carried? Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Swiftly fly the years. One season following another. Laden with happiness and tears.
 Wait. That's not all. Today, Friday, she took her driver's test. I was so nervous for her! She was shaking though.
Of course, she passed. I just can't believe that the little girl who was only 5 pounds 12 oz is now almost 18 and graduating and taller than me!

My life is changing. I'm not going to fight it though. I'll accept and embrace each change. I'm very happy for the kids and very happy for myself. Looking forward to tomorrow and everything it brings.

So life is very good for this Happy Texan. I'm smiling a lot and taking things as they come. Life is way too short. A lifetime just doesn't seem long enough.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Remembering Boston

Wow. How do you even start talking about Boston?

Monday I was pretty busy so I was going to write an evening blog post about all the fun stuff I got to do over the weekend and some low carb goodies I got. I was feeling pretty darn happy. I even told a friend that I was feeling the urge to run again.

Then Boston happened.

Writing a post about my weekend seemed trivial after something like that. I joined the rest of the world in trying to find out what was happening and why and being in an overall state of shock.

On the one hand I was feeling very happy about my own life and on the other hand I was just sick to my stomach about the senseless tragedy happening.

I'm not Boston Marathon material. I've never even had hopes of making it there. But I know people who have run it. I knew of people running it that day. I've run a few half marathons and several 5ks and other distances. This strikes close to home. WAY too close to home.

It made me reflect on the times that my own family has been there waiting at the finish line at a race to cheer for me. My kids running up to me as I finish my first half marathon.
 Friends who have been there cheering.
It's all too close to home and I'm hurting for those people in Boston. Who bombs runners?! They're just running a race and having fun. I'm so angry over this.

I have a weakness for cute little boys. Geez, that sounds terrible!!! Let me explain. The little Boy Scouts selling things at the store entrances, I give them money because they're so darn cute and remind me of my little boy. As a matter of fact, Chuck and I were going in to Bass Pro Shop this weekend and there were little boys collecting money for a baseball team but I didn't have any cash. Chuck knows I can't resist and says, "Oh boy. Here we go." I said, "I'm just going to go straight in without even looking at them. I don't have any money."

We get in the store and I ask, "Were they cute?" He says, "Oh yeah. Good thing you didn't look."

I just think they're so adorable! Makes me feel guilty when I don't have any money. I hate to see the disappointment in their eyes. What can I say? I'm a softie. Chuck did give me a dollar to give them when we left. :)

What does that have to do with Boston? This.
Oh, geez, why?! It just tears me up. That sweet, sweet innocent child died because some idiots decide to send a message to the US? What message? That they're asshole cowards?! What the hell is wrong with people? I will never understand the cruelty of some people.

Originally on Monday, I wanted to start running again because I was feeling happy. By the end of the day I wanted to start running again as a way to flip off the those who were responsible for hurting so many people.

Tuesday morning I started slow and just went for a walk with my daughter. It was good to be on the streets again. We had a nice, long talk. We both felt great afterwards.

Today, Wednesday, I will go for a run in memory of those who were killed or hurt in Boston. There will be people all over the world who will be doing the same. Will you join me? You don't have to run the whole time. You do what you can. Whatever distance you want.

Check out the Run for Boston Facebook page.
1) Pick a place. Gather some friends.
2) Run wearing yellow or blue.
3) Take a picture and upload it to the Facebook page.

It really won't change anything that has already happened but it is a gesture of solidarity. A way of showing that even though there are evil people who try to strike fear, we can not be stopped nor will we give up.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Fashion Friday (and a discount for you!)

I'd just like to say right now that I am still not thrilled with how I look in clothes. Or out of them. Guess that will take some time. But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to try to dress better.

Here are a couple of outfits that I got recently.

I love navy blue. It's my favorite color. I added some tangerine for a little splash of color. I was also happy to get a shirt that would actually button across the chest! It's a little sheer so I wore a cami underneath.
 Leopard watch and tangerine necklace: Charmin Charlie
Cami: JCPenney $8
Navy blouse: JCPenney $16 (no longer available)
Jeans: Dress Barn (I really need some new ones!)

I think this one will look really cute once I can drop a few more pounds. Still better than wearing race tee shirts everywhere!
Fringe Purse: Ordered online at DSW last year
White bubble necklace, silver watch and sunglasses: Charming Charlie
Chambray shirt: JCPenney $25
Tangerine tank top: Kohls (no longer available)

Speaking of Kohls, a nice representative from there emailed me and wanted to offer you all a little discount as a gift!

Go to and use code BLOGS10 to get a 10% discount! Only good until May 10, 2013 so don't wait too long. That was very nice of the folks at Kohls.

I've been enjoying finding things here and there on sale or clearance. Slowly, piece by piece, the wardrobe is changing and I am very happy about that.

Hope you have yourself a wonderful weekend! I'm trying something new tonight: A murder mystery dinner at a place in Houston called Birraporetti's. Should be interesting. It will have an Italian buffet which could be very bad for someone trying to lose some inches. ;)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Raccoons, Crawfish and Guns

Well if that doesn't sound like the title of a redneck post, I don't know what does! OK, I am not a redneck. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Please excuse this random post of randomness. A lot of randomness happens in my life and I had originally started this little blog as a kind of journal for my activities. I wanted to be able to look through what I've done and write little things about adventures. It was all of that but became a lot more. Became a journal about the struggles and joys of losing weight and getting healthy.

So I'm going back to the roots of this little online journal and going to share a few things that will probably bore you to tears but are meaningful to me. :)

Last week I went on a day trip to see my parents. My mom, bless her heart, has a need to have things need her. Especially baby animals. Since I was a kid people have brought little animals over for us to raise and release. The owl was my favorite. That owl hated men and would attack them.  Once the phone repairmen came out and that owl swooped down and attacked him (just a little screech owl) and he ducked and said, "That's the biggest damn parakeet I've ever seen!" Oh, we laughed so hard at that.

Anyway, some baby raccoons were rescued from a construction sight and mom took them in to raise them. Four of them! They are cute but I'm glad they're not here. Lots of work and very messy. I didn't know that they purred! Love to watch their little hands.
Saturday I had to take a 5 hour class to renew my CHL (Concealed Handgun License). The range where we are members hosted it so that was convenient. As convenient as a 5 hour class can be.
I did fine and passed. I shot with a larger gun than I carry because my little Sig P232 kicks and hurts after a while. I enjoyed shooting Chuck's 9mm Glock so much that I decided I wanted my own. Except I got a Sig P226 Texas Edition. He has a Sig 1911. Mine is one the bottom. :) Very pretty. Haven't shot it yet but I did learn how to take it apart and clean it! Think I'll get an HK USP 9mm next.

 I know some folks are afraid of guns or see them as bad. I've been around guns since I was a kid. We always had a gun by the back door because various animals would try to kill the chickens at night. It was just part of life growing up in the country. Chuck used to ride through the school parking lot on his bike with a shotgun across the handlebars when he was a kid. He would be on the way to go dove hunting and the cops would just wave. It was a different time, I guess.

So in this house, they're used in competition and for fun at the range. The only thing that gets shot is paper. They would be used in self defense as a last resort and I hope I never ever have to use one. I hope the CHL that I carry was the biggest waste of time in my life.

Sunday we all went to Pearland's first Crawfish Festival. It was packed! Here's a picture from the ferris wheel.
 I'm afraid of heights. I'm trying to get over it but it's just not working. I thought it would be fun to get on this ferris wheel with Charlie, my son. No! That boy taunted me the whole time. He would reach for the gate or shake the car or play with the bolts. I even threatened to ground him but he just laughed at me. Not cool!
 The best part was watching the kids laugh and have fun.

 This one looked like fun!
 Charlie wanted to play some games. He was going to win a stuffed animal for me. Guess who was the only one to win a stuffed animal? Me! LOL

 We got Charlie, Rachel, her boyfriend and me inside a Tilt-a-Whirl car. Now that was fun!!
 That evening we got cleaned up and decided to try something new: Thai Food. Was really good! Not low carb at all!

And that concludes the random post of randomness. I'm working on a few recipes to make low carb. Two recipes will be in the new Low Carbing Among Friends cookbook. I want to start creating my own stuff for the blog. Get creative. Right now I'm working on dan dan noodles, a sausage cheese quiche and crawfish cakes. Stay tuned! :)

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Blood Glucose/Ketone Meter Giveaway

I know this was a little weird for a giveaway but I know there are a few folks out there that like to monitor your numbers like I do. :)

And the winner is.....*dramatic drum roll*......

Kaki at Formerly Fit by 40!

Congratulations! Email me you address at

I'll be having some cool giveaways in the near future for y'all and a more in depth blog post Wednesday.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Strategies for Success

I'm certainly not perfect in the weight loss arena but there are a few strategies I've learned along the way that have helped me out time and again.

1. Don't rely completely on the scale for input. It doesn't tell the whole story and can be frustrating as water weight can vary as much as 5 pounds daily. And muscle gain can look ugly on the scale but take up less room on the body. Take measurements and photos for progress feedback.

Don't believe me? This is Deb Hunter. She is the exact same weight in both pictures but a size 12 on the left and a size 6 on the right. I'm not kidding. If she only relied on the scale she would have been frustrated that she was working hard but making no progress. Measure and go by how you look. Not just that silly scale number.

2. Plan ahead before going out to restaurants. Try to find their menu online. Decide before you go what you'll order and don't stray. See if their nutritional info is available online. Ask the waiter/waitress to take away any chips or bread (unless you're with other people who may not want you to send it away.) Deciding what I'll order before I go has really helped me. Otherwise, I tend to stray to the dark side.

3. Keep a list of restaurants that are friendly to your way of eating. For instance, I know I can eat at Chipotle easily. Also, Red Robin will wrap any burger in lettuce and I can get steamed broccoli instead of fries. Carl's Jr has a low carb burger.

4. If you know you'll be on the road and eating fast food, check the nutritional value of items before you go. Often chicken salad looks like it'll be a good option but they can be high in carbs and calories because they brine the chicken in a sugar mixture. Sometimes I'll get a burger and toss the top bun. Or crumble the burger meat and cheese into a side salad. Just have a plan.

5. Again, if you know you'll be on the road, bring along some snacks. Some of my favorite non-refrigerated snacks are nuts and beef jerky. I also will put a little ice pack in a lunch bag and bring olives, cheese and/or a guacamole pack. I've also brought deviled eggs, boiled eggs and slices of cooked chicken before. You do what you gotta do.

6. Make a menu. It can be for the week or for every 3 days. Whatever works for you. If you know exactly what you'll be eating day to day, all of the guesswork is taken out and you're not standing in front of the fridge at 6pm wondering what you're going to cook for dinner then throwing your hands up in the air and just going out instead and then ordering bad stuff. I know. I've done that a couple of times this week. Shame shame! I've found that the more I plan (including breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner) the better my success.

7. Always, always keep something that's easy to grab and eat in the house. Something that doesn't require cooking. I like to have some strips of bacon, boiled eggs, jerky, cheese, olives, nuts and fat bombs at the ready. That way there's never an excuse even though I can probably find a way to make up an excuse.

8. Don't wait to lose weight before you start taking care of yourself. This is my newest lesson learned. Don't wear something just to cover the mass.....dress nicely. Care for your skin and hair. Put on makeup if you wear it. Don't just wear race tee shirts out (that was about all I wore). Don't wait to lose the weight before you start caring for yourself. Do it now. Life is too short to wait anyway. And it'll make you feel better about yourself. You'll care about what you put on the inside when you care about the outside.

9. Go for a walk. My doctor told me to walk 15 minutes every morning when I was diagnosed with insulin resistance/PCOS.  Walking is easy on the joints, requires no special equipment and makes your muscles more sensitive to insulin for hours after the walk. It also releases feel-good hormones and makes for a happier day. 15-30 minutes. Also, if you happen to monitor your ketones, exercise raises your ketone levels.

10. Don't give up. If you mess up don't just throw in the towel for the rest of the day and go crazy. It's like dropping your cell phone and then running over it with a truck instead of just picking it up. Get right back on the wagon, don't beat yourself up, and move forward.

11. Recreate favorite restaurant recipes at home. It's fun and you can control the ingredients. I'm currently working on transforming a very high carb meal from Pei Wei into a low carb option for a cookbook. Yay! More info on the cookbook later. I'm just contributing.

12. You haven't failed as long as you don't give up. That was a hard one for me to accept. Each diet that I failed? No, they failed me. But I learned something along the way and it finally led me to what works best for my body.

13. Don't worry about what everybody else is doing. Do what will work for you! I'm low carb because that's what works for me. Optimally, low carb/paleo works the best for me. But that may not be best for you. Especially if you can't sustain it. I had to find something that would remove my cravings otherwise I felt weak when around the stuff I normally wanted like soft pretzels and pizza.

14. Be patient!! Worry about being healthy and being hot will be a side effect. Work on health and everything else will fall in place.

15. Strength train. Two-three times a week. You can even use body weight exercises. It's easy to find things. You can go to Mark's Daily Apple and on the right side is a place to subscribe and you will get a free ebook about Primal Fitness that goes over easy body weight exercises you can do.

16. Don't skip meals just to cut calories. You'll end up hungry and overeating. Lesson learned there!!

17. Don't be afraid to experiment to find what works for you. You'll learn a lot.

18. Keep a positive outlook! Self explanatory.

These are things that help me. Do you have any tips to help?? Please leave them in the comments. We can all learn from each other.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Giveaway! Giveaway!

If you want to get straight to the giveaway stuff, scroll straight to the bottom. It's ok, no one will see you and it won't even hurt my feelings. ;)

You may already know about these but they are new to me and I'm pretty excited. Apparently it doesn't take much.
 Snack packs! Of guacamole! These are so perfect for on the go or when I really don't want to smash up avocado. I've discovered there's a very narrow window for avocados: one day they're perfect and the next day they're over ripe. So I buy them hard as little rocks and wait patiently. But these snack packs are always ready. Yay!

Check out the ingredients and all those good fats. You can actually read the ingredient list. Perfect for low carb or paleo. Or low carb paleo!
 Kind of like Go-gurt except with guacamole. Ha! That doesn't sound appetizing at all but they really are good. Anyway, I found them min the refrigerated produce section with all of the other Wholly Guacamole stuff.
 Last night I made a sort of deviled egg with them. Just use the guacamole instead of mayo for deviled eggs. Then I topped them with a little piece of bacon. Yum! Good stuff, I tell you.

There's these little things I keep hearing about called "fat bombs". Want some extra fats? A sweet? Little something something? How about a fat bomb? Think butter, coconut oil, almond butter, sweetener and cocoa and you've got it.

There are many recipes out there but I tried the one from My Low Carb Road to Better Health. Look how perfect they look!
 Look away if you're afraid of fat because these beauties each have 14.7g of fat. And they taste like dessert.

I got the 24 silicone candy mold at Michael's in the cake decorating aisle. It was about $10. If you do decide to make these (they're so easy....I was done in less than 30 minutes....just do it) put the candy mold on a cookie tray before filling them. Trust me.
Giveaway!!!! Giveaway!!!!!

I LOVE giving gifts. This is probably only going to appeal to a few of you unlike some blog giveaways that feature fancy blenders or stacks of great cookbooks. Me? I give away blood meters. Hahaha!

So you've seen me measuring my blood glucose and ketones for a while. I like to know the numbers. Have the fasting glucose numbers dropped? (Why, yes they have. Thanks for asking.) Have my ketones risen to the .5-3.0 level of nutritional ketosis? (Yes, again!)

If you are wanting to know your numbers, you are in luck because I am giving away a meter that can measure both!
You'll get the meter, a few glucose test strips, a control solution (to test to make sure the meter is giving accurate measurements), and two ketone test strips.

Entry is easy peasy:
1) Leave me a comment stating that you want this handy dandy gadget
For an extra entry:
2) Become my Facebook friend. (You can always unfriend me later even though it might hurt my feelings. And if you're already my FB friend just leave a comment stating such.)

That's it! Not hard at all.

I'll announce the winner on Monday, April 8. The winner will have 48 hours to get back with me before I draw another name.

I've enjoyed monitoring my progress with my fasting glucose and ketones. I've noticed my weight drops the best when my ketones are up and my glucose is down.

This is also useful for seeing how your body reacts to certain foods. For instance, I have some low carb tortillas and if I want to see how I react to them I'll eat one, wait about an hour, take my blood, then take it again at 1.5 hours to see if I have a major spike in blood glucose.

One thing you should know about this meter is that it will give a reading of LO if your ketones are below a certain level. I'm thinking it's .5 but I'm not positive about that.

Have a wonderful day!! See you back here Friday.

Monday, April 1, 2013

March Results of High Fat/Low Carb/Mod. Protein

Happy April!! Another month, another chance to get it right. It's nice to start with a clean slate each month. At least that's how I like to look at it.

Before I get into results, I have to share my weekend with you. Chuck, the kids and I went out of town to the Texas Hill Country for a weekend getaway. It was a Living Social deal I got but it was only supposed to be a couples' retreat. It has become painfully obvious to me that the kids are growing up way too fast and I want them to go with me on these trips while they still actually want to do road trips with us.

The owners of the inn were kind enough to let me bring the kids after a "small" fee so off we went. Thursday night we all went to my parents' house to drop off Rachel's dog and Charlie's lizard. Ugh, pets are nice but a pain when travelling.

It was nice to give my folks hugs and get to talk and mom showed me old pictures. This is a picture of my mom and dad when they were both 18:
 Friday we arrive at our little room at Utopia on the River in the town of Utopia, TX. It wasn't fancy like a 4-star hotel but there were little details here and there that made it feel like home. We weren't there to spend the whole time in a room anyway.

 They even left a goodie basket in the room which the kids promptly sorted through.
 I had brought a little adult beverage for the grown ups. Vodka. In a water bottle!! How hilarious is that?! Can you imagine bringing this during a race or a hike? Nothing to see here. I hydrate with vodka. hahaha!
 And red solo cup shot glasses. Cute!
 We headed into the town of Utopia to eat at one of our favorite places in the area: Lost Maples Cafe. It was featured in the movie Seven Days in Utopia.
 It's very rustic and everyone knows each other.
 The offspring love it here. But this became the place where we had lunch and dinner the whole time and they may have gotten a little tired of it by Sunday. It's not like there are other places to go in town! I think the gas station down the road sells pizza. :)
 The time was spent driving around seeing the sights....
 like this road where the Frio River flows over....
 beautiful views...
 ....and incredible sunsets.
 At night everyone would chill a little or stand on the porch and listen to the night sounds.
 The property has a deer feeder that the deer would visit every morning.
 The owners are just the sweetest people and make you feel at home. Breakfast is served buffet style and it is a little too good.
 Does this look low carb to you? No! It wasn't! But it sure was good! And my heart was pounding afterwards.
 The dining room has a huge window where the guests can watch the deer and hummingbirds.
 We spent a lot of time by the river. The kids would catch crawfish and frogs and tadpoles and explore. I would search for fossils. Chuck explored and took pictures.

 It really is a beautiful area.
 The property is also home to Texas' third largest bald cypress tree that is 29' in circumference and estimated to be 860 years old!
 The kids weren't ready to leave yet. It was good to see them laughing together and having such a good time. I can't believe Rachel is about to be 18 and Charlie is about to be 13. That went by way too fast!
 We came home on Easter Sunday but I had already bought a few candies before we left. Anybody can get a chocolate bunny but how about a chocolate zombie bunny?!
We were all pretty tired after the trip and were in bed early!
Ok, here's the results I promised you.

Weight lost in March: 7.4 pounds
I was hoping for 10 but I certainly can't complain. I was rarely hungry and didn't exercise but a couple of times at the most.

I was not good with my eats this weekend! I measured my ketones this morning and they were 0.0. My blood sugar was 107. But I'm very happy to be back at it today. Even the kids were saying they didn't feel as good eating other food even if it did taste good.

This month my goal is to stick to it 100% but not weigh every day. The daily fluctuations were driving me a little crazy (crazier?). I'll weigh at the end of the month and will take measurements to compare.

I did notice that I lost some inches last month. I really should have measured. My mom even gave me a hug and said she could really feel a difference. Yay!

I also want to start an exercise routine this month just because it makes me feel better. Exercise is such a great mood enhancer.

I'll see you back here Wednesday with a little giveaway. :)