Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Activities Report

April is flying by and I haven't accomplished many of the things I wanted to do. I've got to get going!!

I did go for a run last week and a few walk which was nice. But strength training is so important. And it's not like it takes that long! Just need to do it. Maybe I'll put it on the calendar as appointment. I'll put a time for it and everything. No excuses.

The eats have been off and on. I've been good and bad. For instance, the in laws took us out this weekend to celebrate Rachel getting her driver's license. I got a fresh basil and sausage flatbread appetizer pizza. But I only had two small pieces. They're really small. So portion control. Yay me! But I also had two beers. Not so good.

There was a lot of eating out over the weekend. I'm not eating a lot but the choices haven't been the best. Last night I cooked and will be cooking for the rest of the week. I'm serving my belly an eviction notice. It's got to go!!

Clothes are fitting decently. I mean, there's always room for improvement but I'm not fretting over it too badly.

Looking for fun ways to stay active. Saturday Rachel and I went for a hike at a state park together. It was such a pretty day and I enjoyed spending time with her.
 My phone doesn't take the best pictures but we got to see a couple of alligators and several birds.

 And black bellied whistler ducks all in a row.
Mostly we just enjoyed listening to the sounds of all the song birds and feeling the sunlight.

I'm loving the longer days!!!! Spring is my time of year. I feel motivated to get out there and run and walk and bike and enjoy life.

Now....off to do that strength training. I have an appointment. :)


  1. I love the park shots. Have a great day Kelly!!

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  3. I've never seen a black-bellied whistler duck! Cool!

  4. Giving your belly an eviction notice...love that! I'm enjoying Spring also, but need to make more of it and get outside. I'm uncomfortable being in public, but this year I will conquer the fear and start walking.

  5. That's one of the things I miss most about Hannah being gone - no more long walks together! And Tony? Um, he doesn't walk because of his knees, he's got bad arthritis in both of them so after working the only thing he wants to do is sit. :(

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