Friday, April 12, 2013

Fashion Friday (and a discount for you!)

I'd just like to say right now that I am still not thrilled with how I look in clothes. Or out of them. Guess that will take some time. But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to try to dress better.

Here are a couple of outfits that I got recently.

I love navy blue. It's my favorite color. I added some tangerine for a little splash of color. I was also happy to get a shirt that would actually button across the chest! It's a little sheer so I wore a cami underneath.
 Leopard watch and tangerine necklace: Charmin Charlie
Cami: JCPenney $8
Navy blouse: JCPenney $16 (no longer available)
Jeans: Dress Barn (I really need some new ones!)

I think this one will look really cute once I can drop a few more pounds. Still better than wearing race tee shirts everywhere!
Fringe Purse: Ordered online at DSW last year
White bubble necklace, silver watch and sunglasses: Charming Charlie
Chambray shirt: JCPenney $25
Tangerine tank top: Kohls (no longer available)

Speaking of Kohls, a nice representative from there emailed me and wanted to offer you all a little discount as a gift!

Go to and use code BLOGS10 to get a 10% discount! Only good until May 10, 2013 so don't wait too long. That was very nice of the folks at Kohls.

I've been enjoying finding things here and there on sale or clearance. Slowly, piece by piece, the wardrobe is changing and I am very happy about that.

Hope you have yourself a wonderful weekend! I'm trying something new tonight: A murder mystery dinner at a place in Houston called Birraporetti's. Should be interesting. It will have an Italian buffet which could be very bad for someone trying to lose some inches. ;)


  1. We used to have a Birraporetti's here in Dallas, but never a murder mystery! Hope it's fun!

    I think you look great...Consider how much more pleasing your clothes look compared to your 'before' photo. You're right...the navy/tangerine combo looks great! I, too, like to do the over-shirt on top of a cami or t-shirt...Makes me feel less self-conscious about my mid-section, which still has lots of flop-over rolls when I sit down.

    I've been trying to increase my fat intake, but I'm not losing any pounds. I need to measure my waist instead, but quite honestly, I am so embarrassed about how big it is, I don't like to do it. Maybe I'm just going to have to force myself.

    Keep up the great shopping!

  2. Blue is my favorite color too, but when I look at my clothes, almost everything I own is black or grey - time to buy me some clothes with color!


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