Monday, April 1, 2013

March Results of High Fat/Low Carb/Mod. Protein

Happy April!! Another month, another chance to get it right. It's nice to start with a clean slate each month. At least that's how I like to look at it.

Before I get into results, I have to share my weekend with you. Chuck, the kids and I went out of town to the Texas Hill Country for a weekend getaway. It was a Living Social deal I got but it was only supposed to be a couples' retreat. It has become painfully obvious to me that the kids are growing up way too fast and I want them to go with me on these trips while they still actually want to do road trips with us.

The owners of the inn were kind enough to let me bring the kids after a "small" fee so off we went. Thursday night we all went to my parents' house to drop off Rachel's dog and Charlie's lizard. Ugh, pets are nice but a pain when travelling.

It was nice to give my folks hugs and get to talk and mom showed me old pictures. This is a picture of my mom and dad when they were both 18:
 Friday we arrive at our little room at Utopia on the River in the town of Utopia, TX. It wasn't fancy like a 4-star hotel but there were little details here and there that made it feel like home. We weren't there to spend the whole time in a room anyway.

 They even left a goodie basket in the room which the kids promptly sorted through.
 I had brought a little adult beverage for the grown ups. Vodka. In a water bottle!! How hilarious is that?! Can you imagine bringing this during a race or a hike? Nothing to see here. I hydrate with vodka. hahaha!
 And red solo cup shot glasses. Cute!
 We headed into the town of Utopia to eat at one of our favorite places in the area: Lost Maples Cafe. It was featured in the movie Seven Days in Utopia.
 It's very rustic and everyone knows each other.
 The offspring love it here. But this became the place where we had lunch and dinner the whole time and they may have gotten a little tired of it by Sunday. It's not like there are other places to go in town! I think the gas station down the road sells pizza. :)
 The time was spent driving around seeing the sights....
 like this road where the Frio River flows over....
 beautiful views...
 ....and incredible sunsets.
 At night everyone would chill a little or stand on the porch and listen to the night sounds.
 The property has a deer feeder that the deer would visit every morning.
 The owners are just the sweetest people and make you feel at home. Breakfast is served buffet style and it is a little too good.
 Does this look low carb to you? No! It wasn't! But it sure was good! And my heart was pounding afterwards.
 The dining room has a huge window where the guests can watch the deer and hummingbirds.
 We spent a lot of time by the river. The kids would catch crawfish and frogs and tadpoles and explore. I would search for fossils. Chuck explored and took pictures.

 It really is a beautiful area.
 The property is also home to Texas' third largest bald cypress tree that is 29' in circumference and estimated to be 860 years old!
 The kids weren't ready to leave yet. It was good to see them laughing together and having such a good time. I can't believe Rachel is about to be 18 and Charlie is about to be 13. That went by way too fast!
 We came home on Easter Sunday but I had already bought a few candies before we left. Anybody can get a chocolate bunny but how about a chocolate zombie bunny?!
We were all pretty tired after the trip and were in bed early!
Ok, here's the results I promised you.

Weight lost in March: 7.4 pounds
I was hoping for 10 but I certainly can't complain. I was rarely hungry and didn't exercise but a couple of times at the most.

I was not good with my eats this weekend! I measured my ketones this morning and they were 0.0. My blood sugar was 107. But I'm very happy to be back at it today. Even the kids were saying they didn't feel as good eating other food even if it did taste good.

This month my goal is to stick to it 100% but not weigh every day. The daily fluctuations were driving me a little crazy (crazier?). I'll weigh at the end of the month and will take measurements to compare.

I did notice that I lost some inches last month. I really should have measured. My mom even gave me a hug and said she could really feel a difference. Yay!

I also want to start an exercise routine this month just because it makes me feel better. Exercise is such a great mood enhancer.

I'll see you back here Wednesday with a little giveaway. :)


  1. I can't get over how mature Charlie is looking - your babies really are growing up! ::sniff::

    Good job with the weight loss!

    1. I'm not thrilled with how fast they're growing!! It doesn't seem to slow it down any.

  2. What a fun time!! Love that the kids wanted to tag along. :D That tree is amazing!

    Great job for March - I kinda fell off the wagon these last two long weekends I've had - have to get back at it!

    1. Darn wagons! They're easy to fall off. Let's make April our b****!

  3. Very cool photos- and wow congrats on the total loss for March!! I'm getting back to ketone testing/induction this week after a trip and this post is motivating. Have a great week!

    1. Yeah, this trip pretty much tossed me out of ketosis. I miss it!

  4. What a lovely place to go! Glad your weight loss is going well for you :D

    1. Such a relaxing place to visit.
      I'm hoping the weight loss will be even better in April!

  5. Love the photos Kelly. Looks fantastic. Congrats on the scale love in March!!! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  6. The Hill country cannot be beat... We've spent time on LBJ and in Burnet, Canyon of the Eagles, and loved it! I like how I can go "rustic" in a hotel/condo :) Congrats on a successful March. Looking at the month as a whole is probably something I should consider. Sometimes weekly accomplishments are so small they seem under-whelming. I still cannot get over the fact that I'm eating more fat and losing weight. Eventually my brain will catch up!


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