Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Raccoons, Crawfish and Guns

Well if that doesn't sound like the title of a redneck post, I don't know what does! OK, I am not a redneck. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Please excuse this random post of randomness. A lot of randomness happens in my life and I had originally started this little blog as a kind of journal for my activities. I wanted to be able to look through what I've done and write little things about adventures. It was all of that but became a lot more. Became a journal about the struggles and joys of losing weight and getting healthy.

So I'm going back to the roots of this little online journal and going to share a few things that will probably bore you to tears but are meaningful to me. :)

Last week I went on a day trip to see my parents. My mom, bless her heart, has a need to have things need her. Especially baby animals. Since I was a kid people have brought little animals over for us to raise and release. The owl was my favorite. That owl hated men and would attack them.  Once the phone repairmen came out and that owl swooped down and attacked him (just a little screech owl) and he ducked and said, "That's the biggest damn parakeet I've ever seen!" Oh, we laughed so hard at that.

Anyway, some baby raccoons were rescued from a construction sight and mom took them in to raise them. Four of them! They are cute but I'm glad they're not here. Lots of work and very messy. I didn't know that they purred! Love to watch their little hands.
Saturday I had to take a 5 hour class to renew my CHL (Concealed Handgun License). The range where we are members hosted it so that was convenient. As convenient as a 5 hour class can be.
I did fine and passed. I shot with a larger gun than I carry because my little Sig P232 kicks and hurts after a while. I enjoyed shooting Chuck's 9mm Glock so much that I decided I wanted my own. Except I got a Sig P226 Texas Edition. He has a Sig 1911. Mine is one the bottom. :) Very pretty. Haven't shot it yet but I did learn how to take it apart and clean it! Think I'll get an HK USP 9mm next.

 I know some folks are afraid of guns or see them as bad. I've been around guns since I was a kid. We always had a gun by the back door because various animals would try to kill the chickens at night. It was just part of life growing up in the country. Chuck used to ride through the school parking lot on his bike with a shotgun across the handlebars when he was a kid. He would be on the way to go dove hunting and the cops would just wave. It was a different time, I guess.

So in this house, they're used in competition and for fun at the range. The only thing that gets shot is paper. They would be used in self defense as a last resort and I hope I never ever have to use one. I hope the CHL that I carry was the biggest waste of time in my life.

Sunday we all went to Pearland's first Crawfish Festival. It was packed! Here's a picture from the ferris wheel.
 I'm afraid of heights. I'm trying to get over it but it's just not working. I thought it would be fun to get on this ferris wheel with Charlie, my son. No! That boy taunted me the whole time. He would reach for the gate or shake the car or play with the bolts. I even threatened to ground him but he just laughed at me. Not cool!
 The best part was watching the kids laugh and have fun.

 This one looked like fun!
 Charlie wanted to play some games. He was going to win a stuffed animal for me. Guess who was the only one to win a stuffed animal? Me! LOL

 We got Charlie, Rachel, her boyfriend and me inside a Tilt-a-Whirl car. Now that was fun!!
 That evening we got cleaned up and decided to try something new: Thai Food. Was really good! Not low carb at all!

And that concludes the random post of randomness. I'm working on a few recipes to make low carb. Two recipes will be in the new Low Carbing Among Friends cookbook. I want to start creating my own stuff for the blog. Get creative. Right now I'm working on dan dan noodles, a sausage cheese quiche and crawfish cakes. Stay tuned! :)

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. What a great weekend!
    And I am so happy that you have come to the dark side of recreational firearm shooting!
    I can't wait to start training with you.

  2. I like your random posts of randomness Kelly.

  3. Random posts are fun! Keep em' coming! I admire your ability to be comfortable around guns. I'm a grown woman, and I'm still afraid. My mother (a bit nutty..OK, a lot nutty) carried a gun all of the her purse, in her car, kept one under her pillow, and I actually saw her aim it at someone once. I guess it scarred me for life, because they scare me to death!

  4. I love roller coasters, but no one else in my family does, so I ride them with strangers! :D

    Can't wait for the sausage cheese quiche - yum!


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