Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Remembering Boston

Wow. How do you even start talking about Boston?

Monday I was pretty busy so I was going to write an evening blog post about all the fun stuff I got to do over the weekend and some low carb goodies I got. I was feeling pretty darn happy. I even told a friend that I was feeling the urge to run again.

Then Boston happened.

Writing a post about my weekend seemed trivial after something like that. I joined the rest of the world in trying to find out what was happening and why and being in an overall state of shock.

On the one hand I was feeling very happy about my own life and on the other hand I was just sick to my stomach about the senseless tragedy happening.

I'm not Boston Marathon material. I've never even had hopes of making it there. But I know people who have run it. I knew of people running it that day. I've run a few half marathons and several 5ks and other distances. This strikes close to home. WAY too close to home.

It made me reflect on the times that my own family has been there waiting at the finish line at a race to cheer for me. My kids running up to me as I finish my first half marathon.
 Friends who have been there cheering.
It's all too close to home and I'm hurting for those people in Boston. Who bombs runners?! They're just running a race and having fun. I'm so angry over this.

I have a weakness for cute little boys. Geez, that sounds terrible!!! Let me explain. The little Boy Scouts selling things at the store entrances, I give them money because they're so darn cute and remind me of my little boy. As a matter of fact, Chuck and I were going in to Bass Pro Shop this weekend and there were little boys collecting money for a baseball team but I didn't have any cash. Chuck knows I can't resist and says, "Oh boy. Here we go." I said, "I'm just going to go straight in without even looking at them. I don't have any money."

We get in the store and I ask, "Were they cute?" He says, "Oh yeah. Good thing you didn't look."

I just think they're so adorable! Makes me feel guilty when I don't have any money. I hate to see the disappointment in their eyes. What can I say? I'm a softie. Chuck did give me a dollar to give them when we left. :)

What does that have to do with Boston? This.
Oh, geez, why?! It just tears me up. That sweet, sweet innocent child died because some idiots decide to send a message to the US? What message? That they're asshole cowards?! What the hell is wrong with people? I will never understand the cruelty of some people.

Originally on Monday, I wanted to start running again because I was feeling happy. By the end of the day I wanted to start running again as a way to flip off the those who were responsible for hurting so many people.

Tuesday morning I started slow and just went for a walk with my daughter. It was good to be on the streets again. We had a nice, long talk. We both felt great afterwards.

Today, Wednesday, I will go for a run in memory of those who were killed or hurt in Boston. There will be people all over the world who will be doing the same. Will you join me? You don't have to run the whole time. You do what you can. Whatever distance you want.

Check out the Run for Boston Facebook page.
1) Pick a place. Gather some friends.
2) Run wearing yellow or blue.
3) Take a picture and upload it to the Facebook page.

It really won't change anything that has already happened but it is a gesture of solidarity. A way of showing that even though there are evil people who try to strike fear, we can not be stopped nor will we give up.



  1. All I can say to your sentiments is "ditto".

    Run for Boston, take a picture with that message and your city/state, and upload it to the FB page.

  2. Well said Kelly! I did my run today by myself for Boston before I read about the Facebook page. I think its what is in our hearts that counts. The evil people who did this cowardly act will not stop us from running and loving our sport!


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